25+ Gorgeous Mid-Century Kitchen Ideas To Style Up Your House

There is no proper words to describe that mid-century style is the timeless choice of a room’s layout. Yeap, no matter how modern furniture, decor items, and accessories invade the home improvement trend, the mid-century option never loses its popularity.

Though it has been ages ago that the mid-century look was discovered, it still apparently becomes everyone’s favorite up until today. Lots of homeownersA�have decided to go with such style to make their home look and feel inviting.

The mid-century layout is always applicable to almost every kind of room of a house. From the living room to the kitchen, the mid-century theme never fails to give such a stylish nuance beautifully.

Luckily, the internet has provided us thousands of inspiring ideas of mid-century look. They are so tempting to copy to bring the style of our home to a whole new level.

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Here, we have picked some tempting mid-century kitchen ideas which are totally worth to include in your inspirations list. You will be amazed by how stylish they look to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Mid-Century Kitchen Ideas

Go with Vibrant Touch

mid-century kitchen ideas 1-min

If you think that mid-century theme is always about the earthy or neutral-colored layout, then you are totally mistaken. This one shows the awesome vibrant color combination with the mid-century style which is so inspiring to try.

Obviously, the flooring becomes the major focal point which adds the style to the whole kitchen. Then, the other kitchen furniture is kept simple with an all-white finish to neutralize the room.

Add Some Extra Features

mid-century kitchen ideas 2-min

Having a kitchen with some additionalA�features is surely every homeowner’s dream. In this mid-century kitchen, the stylish kitchen island with vintage style stools is added to give a chich touch and also a better enjoyment.

Then, the shelf for cookbooks also works to provide some extra convenient storage. Moreover, you can also see how the combination of earthy wood and navy finish gives the kitchen a totally mesmerizing look.

Naturally Refreshing Overall Look

mid-century kitchen 3-min

It’s always a great option when you want to make your mid-century kitchen look as earthy as possible to make it so inviting. Here, the kitchen features, furniture, and flooring are all finished in wood look to create an ultimate natural atmosphere.

Besides providing their basic functions,A� modern stools and chrome-finished refrigerator also give a modern touch to the room gorgeously.

Brightly Dazzling White

mid-century kitchen ideas 4-min

This beautiful kitchen combines two everyone’s favorite room style; mid-century theme and all-white nuance which make it so worth to include on your inspiration list. To add a touch of color, the natural brown is chosen which is simply applied to some furniture around.

It’s also a good reference for you who want to remodel your narrow kitchen to a mid-century one without making it look stuffy.

Make Lots Of Gathering Spots

mid-century kitchen 5-min

Some experts of home improvement often call a kitchen as a hub of the house where you can do lots of things with your beloved family and friends. This mid-century kitchen perfectly represents such saying in its layout.

Besides the kitchen island with some stools, a 5-piece dining set is also provided to create a cozier seating spot around. The kitchen also has a nice mixture of modern and old-fashioned color.

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Allows the Clear View

mid-century kitchen 6-min

It’s perhaps safe to say that installing huge glass walls is one thing that you have to consider when you want to have a perfect mid-century kitchen. Obviously, the glass walls will bring the style of your kitchen t a whole new level and create an ultimate coziness that everyone can enjoy.

Mix with Industrial Look

mid-century kitchen 7-min

The brightly sleek mid-century kitchen with a small touch of industrial touch due to its lighting and furniture choice. Yeap, the dark grey cabinet, kitchen island, and black steel lighting are some features which add another style to he room.

It’s a simple yet totally admirable mid-century kitchen that you can easily copy to make your own.

Naturally White Layout

mid-century kitchen ideas 8-min

The mesmerizing combination of white and natural finish of this mid-century kitchen is totally mesmerizing. It creates a very inviting atmosphere that everyone would love to stay around.

Again, the extra-seating spot and huge glass windows are chosen to make the room become way more exhilarating.

Fill it With Black

mid-century kitchen 8

For you who want a more dimming mid-century kitchen with an elegant look, this one is surely a great inspiration. It has a gorgeous combination of natural nuance with some touches of black.

Decorate the Wall

mid-century kitchen 9-min

As we all know, decorating the wall is always the easiest way to influence the overall look of a room. Here, an old-fashioned geometric backsplash in teal become the catchiest part which styles up the kitchen attractively.

Moreover, the open shelves are neatly installed on the walls to add some convenient storages to its narrow space.

Stay Neutral

mid-century kitchen ideas 10-min

The neutral-colored layout will never fail to make your kitchen look fashionable. In this mid-century kitchen, shades of greys dominate the whole room with a small touch of white to create a superbly neutral-colored layout which you can copy.

Then, to brighten up the room optimally, huge glass walls and some windows are built which let the natural light comes through appropriately.

Soften the Color

mid-century kitchen 10-min

The cozy mid-century kitchen with brightly pastel cabinets which makes the whole kitchen look gorgeously inviting. It works well for you who have a small kitchen to not make it look narrow.

Keep the Grain

mid-century kitchen 11-min

Creating a festively beautiful mid-century kitchen doesn’t always relate to the choices of color. Here, the cabinet and kitchen island with its wood-grained walnut finish makes the kitchen look festive in a beautifully natural way.

Then, the modern yellow stools style up the room to make it way more stylish.

Add a Touch of Contrast

mid-century kitchen 13-min

At the first glance, you would know that the key to making this kitchen look stylish is the touch of vibrant blue in its stools and backsplash. Yeap, it’s uniquely and beautifully colorize the neutral-colored kitchen which makes it way more attractive.

Contemporary Rustic Layout

mid-century kitchen 14-min

This stylish kitchen is filled with the furniture and features all in unfinished look which is so tempting to copy. Then, it’s combined with white which makes it look beautifully bright.

It can be a nice inspiration to make your narrow kitchen look wider in a very beautiful way.

Decoratively Vibrant Layout

mid-century kitchen 15-min

The superbly attractive mid-century kitchen which is totally worth to include in your inspirations list. As you may have noticed, the decorative backsplash and flooring become the main factors which make the kitchen look so festive.

The other kitchen features, features, and accessories are kept simple in the natural wood finish which creates a distinctively stylish combination.

Give a Rustic Touch

mid-century kitchen 16-min

The simply adorable mid-century kitchen with the beautiful combination of white and wooden look. Then, to style up the room, one of the wall sections are made in a rustic look, such a simple way to remodel your all-white kitchen.

Warmly Festive Mid-Century Kitchen

mid-century kitchen 17-min

Here, the shades of wood finishes are chosen which make the room look naturally elegant. The combination of walnut and oak of the room pops up the warm nuance which provides great coziness for the homeowner.

Furthermore, the brick pillar, exposed beam, and 3-piece lighting add such a decorative touch to the kitchen’s layout stunningly.

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Wooden Mid-Century Kitchenmid-century kitchen 18-min



Yeap, wood is still the most popular option when we are talking about the layout of the mid-century kitchen. In this idea, the flooring, ceiling, stools, kitchen island, and cabinets are all finished in natural wood look which is definitely stunning.

Go with Teal

mid-century kitchen 19-min (1)


One color options which never fail to make your kitchen look so stylish is definitely teal. Here, the shade is applied to all kitchen cabinets which influence the overall look of the room attractively.

Then, the white stools with red cushion beautifully add a contrasting color to style up the kitchen more.

Feminine Mid-Century Kitchen

mid-century kitchen 20-min

Another great inspiration for you who prefer a mid-century kitchen with a festive look in vibrant color. This kitchen is dominated by dazzling red which is applied to its furniture.

Then, the other elements which also work as the focal point of the room are finished in white to calming the nuance beautifully.

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Contemporary Blends

mid-century kitchen 21

It’s always a good idea to make a nice blend of two styles in one layout to create such a catchy look. This one is the good inspiration to combine a natural atmosphere with the beauty of contemporary touch.

Orange and white are combined stylishly with the wooden flooring which makes the room look so fresh.

Narrowly Comfortable

mid-century kitchen 22

The most difficult to do when you have a narrow kitchen is providing the great comfort to enjoy it. Well, this idea can be a good alternative for you.

Here, the homeowner builds a small kitchen island behind one of the kitchen’s pillar. The island is enough to provide a space for two to have some joyful dinner.

Exposed the Beam

mid-century kitchen ideas 23

Exposing the beam can be one way to create a chic industrial look of the room, and this mid-century kitchen applies that notion awesomely. You can see how the beams are exposed a lot and become the key element to make it look distinctively stunning.

Grey and white then dominate the layout to keep the beams to be the central attention of all the stuff around the room.

Go with Darker Shades

mid-century kitchen 23

Another great inspiration for you who like a dimming layout for your mid-century kitchen. Here, black is the main color which colorizes the furniture in the wood finish.

Due to its dark look, the homeowners install lots of lights on the ceiling to provide a proper light and keep the room’s coziness.

A Touch of Yellow

mid-century kitchen 24-min

As you may have noticed, there are some mid-century kitchen ideas which basically has a neutral look but then colorized by a single color to create a more attractive layout. Here, yellow gorgeously colorizes a grey and white kitchen which totally works very well.

Open-air Mid-Century Kitchen

mid-century kitchen 25

Building a high ceiling can be a good option to make a kitchen feel and look much wider and, of course, comfortable. This idea shows a stylish mid-century kitchen with the extra raised ceiling which is definitely inspiring to copy.

Display the Decor Items

mid-century kitchen 26-min

A huge open shelf among the cabinets with lots of colorful vases is made as the focal point of this adorable mid-century kitchen. It’s always a good idea to display the decor item in a room to make it look beautifully decorative.

Purely White Layout

mid-century kitchen 12-min

The jaw-dropping all-white mid-century kitchen with a small touch of wood for you who are looking for a beautiful bright layout. To give an extra brightness to the room, the glass window and door optimally let the sunlight to come through.

Build a Fun Bar

It is so undeniable that a bar table is a must-have furniture when it comes to a fun kitchen to enjoy. This mid-century kitchen definitely has a complete feature to provie maximum joyment for everyone.

The bar table complete with the dining set are totally enough for the kitchen to make everyone feels fun to spend times around.

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Mid-Century Kitchen pinterest-min

So those are some inspiring mid-century kitchen ideas that you can include in your inspirations list for your kitchen remodeling project. You can use them as some kind of ultimate references to make your kitchen look way more stylish.

Choose the one which suits the overall layout of your kitchen, needs, and budget. Keep in mind to create a nice harmonious look with other rooms of the house.

Well, happy remodeling your very own kitchen then!

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