Top 5 Wonderful Modern Faux Leather Living Room Sets On Amazon

Creating the unique living room with your own style is the best idea ever. You can express yourself through the unique furniture inside the living room. The style that you love will make your living room have more character which then makes it look way more inviting.

You can add the furniture with different materials than the usual. For example, if you like the wooden living room style you can add the furniture and the decor which made of wood as the main material. It is not a bad thing to try.

Nowadays, most of the people make the leather as the trendy material for the house furniture. The leather for the furniture actually will add more characters and make the living room look more stylish.

If you love the leather as your style, you can make it as the material for your living room set. The modern faux leather living room sets are going to make your living room more wonderful. You will not go to regret it if you try it now.

Now you may have more interests in adding the modern faux leather living room sets to your living room, and you should choose the best one to get the best look. If you feel a bit confused in choosing the best one one the many catalogs, here we have some recommendations for you in choosing the best modern faux leather living room sets.

We have summarized some great products so you don’t need to be confused with the product you will add to your living room. So here they are Top[ 5 Wonderful Modern Faux Leather Living Room Sets On Amazon. Keep improving the living room!

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The 5 Wonderful Modern Faux Leather Living Room Sets On Amazon

Baxton Studio Siskal Modern Cube Ottoman 

Genuine Leather Living Room Sets

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The Baxton Studio Siskal Modern Cube Ottoman has the square box or cubes design which features the button tufted surface. This is the simple and minimalist white modern faux leather living room sets that look beautifully dazzling. 

Below, you will find the black fabric-lined with the black plastic legs that give a gorgeous contrasting appearance to the chair. meanwhile, the solid wood and plywood frame are equipped inside.

This set will suit the modern living room style in which the color will brighten the whole room’s overall look. Such a wonderful set for the living room.


The main material of the Baxton Studio Siskal Modern Cube Ottoman is the faux leather in white. Faux leather is considered as the lower cost option to genuine leather, but for the living room set, it is not bad, because the quality is alike. 

Faux leather is made from the machine which assures that the fabric has consistent color. It can be tinted into many different colors and is usually fade resistant. 

The frame of the set is constructed of the solid wood which increases the durability. For the legs, this modern faux leather living room sets features plastic which does not damage the floor and improve its stability very well.


Dimension14.2″ L x 14.2″ W x 14.8″ H
Weight13 Pounds
Customer Review4.6 out of 5 stars of 197 reviews
ManufacturerBaxton Studio


The price for this set is $79.99. It is affordable enough for the set which can make you feel comfortable while relaxing in the living room. The design of the set also enhances the living room’s style gorgeously.

Grab it fast!

Poundex F7609 Bobkona Toffy Bonded Leather Chaise Sectional with Ottoman Set

Modern Faux Leather Living Room Sets 1

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The thick foam of the F7609 Bobkona Toffy Bonded Leather doesn’t only provide great comfort but also look so inviting. This is a living room set which comes with the beautiful look and designed for comfort. 

This U.S. patented reversible design can be figured in both right and left position at your convenient. This product features the nail head accent on the arm and ottoman which enhances its attractiveness very well. The legs are made of solid wood which pleases you for sure.

Its espresso finish looks elegant, perfectly flows with the modern living room style.


The material of this modern faux leather living room sets is the bonded leather, the quality is not too far from the real leather. It is durable enough for the sectional. Bonded leather provides you the look and feel of leather which is very enjoyable.

The frame is made of the plywood with the twist solid wood legs. Those supporting materials are sturdy enough and make the sectional set last longer inside the living room.


Dimension112″ L x 84″ W x 35″ H
Weight241 Pounds
Customer Review4.4 out of 5 stars of 32 reviews


You can take this set home by spending about $799.98. The price is very reasonable for the high-quality modern faux leather living room sets, isn’t it? You can feel more comfortable with this sectional inside the living room.

Grab it fast!

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Casa Andrea Milano 2 Piece Modern Faux Leather Sectional Sofa In Black


The product comes in the futuristic contemporary design which is so wonderful to have because it is going to make the living room look way more sophisticated. This set looks great in the black finish which is luxuriously elegant.

To enhance your comfort, the seat is equipped with the functional armrest and back support. The legs are designed uniquely in dazzling chrome finish whichmatchesh well with the set’s over all look. It is such a cool combination for the living room wonderful touch.


This set is constructed of the faux leather in which the quality is pleasing enough. Inside, the frame of the sectional set is solid wood which provides great support for the sofa. It increases the set durability and makes it last longer for years in the living room.


Dimension106″ L x 77″ W  x 33″ H
Weight200 pounds
Customer Review3.8 out of 5 stars of 43 reviews
ManufacturerCasa Andrea Milano


The price that you have to pay to bring this wonderful set is about $455.50. The price is reasonable since the living room set will make your living room more comfortable. It makes the living room looks more modern.

Grab it fast!

Poundex F7878 Bobkona Shelton Bonded Leather 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set In Espresso


The design of the Poundex F7878 Bobkona Shelton is so fabulous with espresso finish both the leather and the legs. Nail accent also beautifully decorates the base and the arm of the sofa. You will also get 4 brown accent pillows to enhance the set’s look and comfort.

Overall, this beautiful set is good at design and provides the great comfort for the living room.


The material of this set is bonded leather which is the characteristic of Poundex as the manufacturer. Bonded leather has good enough quality to construct the sofa and love seat. You can find the great quality after experiencing this set by yourself.

The solid wood base and legs are sturdy too, it can be a long last product to have inside the living room for years.


Dimension78″ L x 35″ W x 37″ H
Weight188 pounds
Customer Review3.9 out of 5 stars of 22 reviews


The price of this set is reasonable for the quality and durability which is about $608.72. If you love to increase the modern style of your living room, adding this sofa and love seat set will be a great idea to try.

Grab it fast!

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EMILY Modern Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set Bed Sleeper Chaise Lounge In Vanilla White


This Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather is really beautiful in its vibrant white look and tufted button style. It is a convertible sofa which can transform into bed and chaise lounge as the ultimate relaxing spot in the living room. 

The chrome legs are so classy which perfectly enhance its sophisticated appearance. The product will flow easily with any room’s colors with its neutral look.

It has the modern design and suitable for the modern living room. Improve your living room become more wonderful and comfortable by having this lovely set. 


The faux leather and the metal construct this leather living room set perfectly. The materials are sturdy for the sofa constructions. It can last longer as long as you treat it well. You don’t have to worry about the material quality of this modern faux leather living room sets.


DimensionSleeper : 70″ L x 30″ W x 15.4″ H

Chaise : 61.4″ L x 30″ W x 32″ H

Weight249 Pounds
Customer Review4.2 out of 5 stars


You can bring this lovely set home by spending about $370.15. The price is a very great deal for the pleasing quality and comfortable sofa set which can be converted into some configurations.

Grab it fast!

How To Maintain The Leather Living Room Set

There are so many way to treat the living room set well. But not every method can be applied for some specific living room set materials. One of the material which needs the special treatment is the leather which needs different care than the fabric.

To keep it clean and last longer you have to do some special treatments. So here we give you some tips to keep the leather material clean and make it last longer to be your living room lovely furniture. Let’s check it out!

Wipe Clean The Leather Furniture

The first step to clean the leather living room set is by wiping the leather furniture down repeatedly with a clean and dry cloth. You can use the microfiber cloth too.

Organize the furniture wiping to your weekly cleaning schedule. Keep the dust out from building up, it is the best cleaning action. For the more stubborn dust, damp the cloth with water or vinegar.

Make sure that the cloth is not too wet. Do not ever let the water get into leather. Be sure that you use the soft cloth and will never use a rough brush, it can scratch or damage the leather.

Vacuum The Leather Furniture

Any kinds of furniture build up some dirt and debris, so leather is. Use the vacuum’s hose attachment with a soft bristled brush, then run the brush across the entire surface softly.

Vacuum the leather under and between all of the cushions, it will keep the leather out of the dust. If the cushions are removable, the vacuuming action will be more effective and it spends much fewer time.

If You Spill Something, Clean It Up ASAP

When something is spilled onto the leather furniture, you should clean it as soon as possible. Use the dry cloth to absorbs the much of the spilled liquid or water, use the wet cloth only if it is really needed. Use a bit of water to clean the spill, but don’t use the water too much, then wipe the area dry.

If you doing it carelessly, wiping at a spill will only spread it further, so you have to block it. Put the dry cloth on top of the stain you spill and leave it there for few seconds for waiting it absorbs the spill completely. The most important thing is to clean the spill soon to make sure that it does not soak into the leather and causing more damages.

Use The Cleaners Which Is Made Only For Leather Cleaning

Some of the chemicals such as detergents, solvents, cleaning sprays, ammonia, bleach, and furniture polish can be harmful to the leather furniture. Make sure you do not apply these chemicals in the attempt to cleaning the leather furniture or removing the stains on it. Keep the leather cleaner and use it only in emergencies. 

Read The Manufacturer Manual Book And Guide

The manufacturer’s guide or manual books are very useful. It is good to read any information which is provided by the manufacturer or distributor about the specific care instructions for the leather furniture products. Some of the leather furniture products may have specific care instructions which have to pay more attention, especially based on the qualities.

Some manufacturers provide or sell the products which are designed for being used on their furniture only. This way is much helpful to determine if the leather furniture you have has been treated in the correct way that would be affected by cleaning it incorrectly.

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Choosing The  Right Living Room Furniture Guidance

Choose The Appropriate Size Of The Furniture

For choosing the living room furniture, first, you need to calculate the size of the furniture you need. Is it fit your living room or not? If you have a big living room, you need to consider how much of the living room space you want to fill with the furniture.

Do you want to fill it with the couches or chairs? Do you want a living room set such as sofa? Maybe the answer is yes and this is what you want, then a sofa or the sectional with L-shape is going to be the best fit.

If you need the sofa which will be the main point of your living room, look for the round couch shapes or the big sectional that will take up a bit more space inside the room and provide a lot of seating spot.

If the living room you have is a small one, you will need the smaller furniture. With fewer spaces inside, any sofa will become the spotlight of your living room, so it is very important to choose one which is useful, it should also have a strong design that carries the spaces and becomes the suitable compliments inside.

Determine The Appropriate Shape For The Empty Spaces 

The second step you need to know is choosing the shape of the furniture you will add to the living room. After you decide the sofa or set function, now it is the time to figure out what kind of shape will help it fulfill the rest.

The L shape sofa or sectional is a great one for an open area, for example, it is the divider for separating the living room and the dining room. The round type shape will become a bit more conducive for the small space, especially as a gathering spot for groups of people, but it also can be a perfect spot for being a media room.

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