3×5 Bathroom Rugs | Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug Review

Having a good security feature in your bathroom is absolutely needed for you. Indeed, the bathroom is the wettest place in your home that can drag you into an unwelcome slipping accident. Then, the rug becomes one of the most important bathroom stuff that you must have in your bathroom.

As you have known very well that the function is of the exactly to keep your bathroom from water droplets that can cause some unwanted happenings. But then. it also influences the overall look of the room, so choosing the one with adorable appearance is a must.

Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug
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You have to choose the proper size of the rug which will appropriately match your bathroom. You can’t end up placing a rug which either looks too big or small.

If you have a medium or big bathroom size, maybe the 3×5 bathroom rug can be your great choice. Today, you will find dozens of brands that offer the high-quality products with reasonable price. But, some people think that to get the gorgeous rug, they have to buy the expensive one, although the quality of the product is still in question.

For your reference, here, we have a review for Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug that surely recommended for you to purchase. The rug looks beautiful while also provide great function and durability.

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Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug Review

Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug
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Coming with neutral hues of black, cream and beige, this rug is perfect to spread on the bathroom floor. Its boldly colored and free-spirited design brings the modern and fashionable style to any bathroom interiors. This beautiful rug delivers the transitional and contemporary look to your beloved bathroom with more vibrant hues of orange, blue and pink.

Combining the hues of bright and dim color, the appearance of this rug is absolutely beautiful. The extensive array of colors with the gorgeous Bohemian design of the rug also will create such a distinctive nuance to your bathroom. The rug surely delivers a gorgeous look to your bathroom that definitely works perfectly with other bathroom stuff.

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The power-loomed construction of the rug ensures you the un-disappointing durability. It withstands to any home condition including bathroom as the wettest place in your home.

Furthermore, the rectangle shape is great to spread out on the floor for medium bathroom size. This great versatile Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug looks modern and solid light colored rugs that add a feeling of warmth to your bathroom.

Its soft and thick surface construction is enough to comfort your feet. The rug is actually a little bit thin but it is not influencing the comfort too much. (Read also: Bathroom Rug Lugano Review)


Made of the synthetic and polypropylene material, the rugs won’t doubt you for its performance. Polypropylene is well-known as the material that has low energy surface with anti-slip features. By its material, the rug exactly can absorb the water droplets well.

Furthermore, its synthetic material has complex emulsion with a slippery surface. So, by placing the rug in your bathroom, automatically, you prevent yourself from getting unwanted slipping accident. Additionally, this rug’s materials also ensure for softness and non-shedding underfoot.


Equipped with the latex free feature, it will totally support the rug to have a long lasting performance. The rug actually withstands to the damp condition that can cause the mold or mildew. Indeed, the rug works well although you use it frequently after the bathing.

The maintenance of this rug does not need a tricky way to do. The synthetic material of its surface delivers a soft rubber surface that is easy to clean. You just need to wipe the rug with a wet cloth, then dry it or cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt and dust.


For the price, this product is offered at $59.18 at Overstock. That is a reasonable price for you to get this fantastic and lasting rug product.

As a result, the 3×5 bathroom rug is an excellent option to keep your bathroom safe. Then, this Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug is totally worth to include in your shopping list. It has a satisfying construction quality which also decorates the bathroom with its distressed look beautifully.

This Bohemian rug will not disappoint you at all. Make sure you have some existing decorations which will flow attractively with the Safavieh Monaco Vintage Rug.

Things to consider are about its thin construction that may bother you, then its particular design can’t really match with all bathroom layouts.

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