30 Small Bedroom Ideas: (AMAZING) Inspiration for Bedroom Decoration

It’s surely safe to say that today a bedroom becomes smaller and smaller. Lots of homeowners prefer to have a small bedroom than the bigger one since it’s more effective and efficient. However, decorating a small bedroom can be quite difficult because you can’t freely put lots of things around. You have to determine the color combination, furniture arrangement, decor items options, and even the storage properly.

Therefore, you need some kind of references for creating an admirable and comfortable bedroom that you can enjoy every single day. It’s such an important thought to check out some inspiring small bedroom ideas that you can copy to decorate your very own private room.

Here, we have picked lots of mesmerizing small bedroom ideas which are so worth to be your ultimate inspirations. They beautifully blend all the elements to create a bedroom which looks and feels so inviting.

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Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check our best picks of small bedroom ideas!

Small Master Bedroom Ideas

In this section, we share you some inspiring small master bedroom ideas to add to your inspiration list!

Chic Bedroom with Trunk

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As has been mentioned above, providing the proper storage in a small bedroom is such a tricky thing to do. You have to minimize the numbers of storage stations yet still enough to deal with your stuff.

So, you can choose a bedroom furniture with multi-function feature. For instance, you can choose a bench with storage which will work well to provide a cozy sitting area and hidden storage at the same time.

Naturally Bright Bedroom

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The ample light is such a necessary element that will help a small bedroom feels enjoyable. This small bedroom ideas chooses a huge glass door to let the natural light come in maximally.

It also gives such a refreshing atmosphere to the room in a very beautiful way.

Neutral-Colored Bedroom

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One of the characteristics of neutral colors is that it gives a soothing impression which gives such a relaxing vibe. Therefore, it works really well to colorize a small bedroom.

Grey is the most popular neutral shade which will always be a good idea that you can consider.

Distinctively Simple Bedroom

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If you are looking for a unique inspiration, this is one of the best small bedroom ideas that you can steal. There is no fancy headboard here, it’s only a decorative fabric which becomes the main focal point of the room.

The headboard doesn’t take a lot of space in the room which doesn’t make it look stuffy at all.

Small Bedroom with Mirror Accent

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A mirror can be a very helpful element which makes a small bedroom looks wider. Instead of only use it in the makeup area, you can add some other mirrors as part of the room decoration.

Earthy-Colored Bedroom

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Bring the freshness of mother nature to comfort a small bedroom by choosing the naturally-finished furniture or flooring. Then, the soft brown wall is also an interesting option to make the room feels as natural as possible.

Glamorous Small Bedroom

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Who says that you can’t have a glamorous bedroom when you have a limited space? Well, this small bedroom ideas show the beautiful way to make such decoration.

A small simple bed with tall canopy is made as the focal point of the room. Then, the full area rug with a leopard pattern enhances the glamor vibe in the room very well.

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Teenage Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

For you who need some amazing inspirations for creating a captivating small bedroom with teens’ elements, here we have some inspiring ideas to steal.

Neutral Bedroom with Corner Study Area

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A study area is like a must-have feature that you have to provide in a teen’s bedroom. In this small bedroom ideas, the narrow study area is built in the corner of the room which is cozy enough to enjoy while still saves the space effectively.

Multi-Purpose Small Bedroom

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This surely one of the small bedroom ideas which is so tempting to try. The platform bed with lots of hidden storages become the main furniture here which is enough to neatly arrange all the bedroom stuff in a very contemporary way.

All-in-One Bedroom

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You will just need this single bed with the built-in study room to create a comfortable and admirable small teen bedroom. It has lots of storages, spacious study area, and a cozy bed.

In other words, this small bedroom ideas simply offers all you need in a single awesome furniture.

Side-to-Side Bedroom

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Here, the study area is built at the end of the bedding with the wood divider which makes it more comfortable to use. Furthermore, the bedding also comes with the cubby built-in storages to effectively benefit the limited space of the room.

Fun Teen Bedroom

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Adding an unexpected focal point to a teen’s bedroom is surely a great way to make it feel comfortably fun. In this small bedroom ideas, a chalkboard is made as the headboard which instantly creates an exhilarating vibe around.

Upside-Down Bedroom

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Cluttering a small bedroom with lits of storages is always a reasonable way to make it comfortable to use. You can install a hanging cabinet as an addition to those storage stations on the floor.

The basic idea is just to benefit all the available space as effective and efficient as possible.

Long-Narrow Bedroom

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A long narrow bedroom is a good option that can be a good choice to effectively save the space at your home. You can place lots of furniture, decor items, and accessories though you don’t really have a spacious space.

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Small Guest Bedroom Ideas

Now, it’s time to check out some admirably inspiring small bedroom ideas for you who regularly host guests in your home sweet home that you can build on a budget.

Shady Guest Bedroom

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A shade can be a good addition to make a small bedroom feels way more comforting. This small bedroom ideas show how to beautifully add simple fabric shades for twin beddings.

Multitasking Small Bedroom

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Here, the multitasking bed provides all the things that your guest may need to do during the sleepover time at your house. It’s a 2-in-one bed with the built-in working space, so the hey can do their stuff efficiently.

Simply Catchy Guest Bedroom

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This one is basically an all-white bedroom with wood flooring which is quite narrow. Then, the twin beddings with colorful style, decorative rug, and vintage dresser create an attractive touch which makes it one of the best small bedroom ideas to host your coming guests.

Traditional Guest Bedroom

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The adorable guest bedroom with traditional-style decoration which is worth to dd to your inspiration list. It has a twin bed which is placed in the corner of the room with the small sitting area on the side of the bedding.

Bold Bright Guest Bedroom

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It’s always a great idea to decorate a small bedroom with the bold element which, of course, will make it look as stunning as it can be. Here, the navy white bedding is combined with the rustic wall, creating a mesmerizing overall look that all the guests will be amazed about.

Then, the huge window is installed to maximally brighten up the room.

Festive Classic Bedroom

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If you are looking for decorative small bedroom ideas with lots of styles in its decoration, this one can be a good inspiration. You can see the catchy striped area rug and bed cover decorate a classic rustic room which makes it look much catchier.

Greenish Guest Bedroom

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As has been mentioned before that an earthy shade will give such a refreshing atmosphere for a small bedroom, and green is the shade that you can always opt. This bedroom is dominated by the soft green and decorated by nature-inspired wall art beautifully.

Single Headboard Bedroom

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The twin beddings with a single headboard is a good option provide proper rest area while without taking lots of space in a small bedroom. It makes the bed look adorable and feel comfortable in a very effective way.

Nautical Guest Bedroom

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A nautical theme is one of the timelessly gorgeous choices that you can choose to decorate a guest bedroom. This small bedroom ideas adopts the style with an all-white overall look which is so tempting to steal.

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Girl Small Bedroom Ideas

Hey girls! In this section, we show you some lovely inspirations of small bedroom ideas that will totally inspire you!

Pinkish Functional Girl Bedroom

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Pink is always the good color option to colorize a girl’s bedroom since it looks gorgeously cheerful. Here, the shades of pink dominate the room which sparks out the warming fun vibe in a very stylish way.

Again, the bedding with built-in storages is chosen as the double-duty furniture to save the space around the room.

Decorative White Bedroom

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Since white always creates a bright dazzling look, it’s always a good idea to choose that color for a small bedroom. But, you may need to make it more decorative when it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom

The 4 sides of white walls in this bedroom are decorated with the round gold accents which makes it look festive yet still soothing to the eyes.

Neutral Girl Bedroom

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Just like white, other neutral shades like grey is a nice alternative to colorize a small bedroom. Here, dark and light gray are chosen to dominate a girl’s bedroom stylishly.

Then, the striped vibrant pink bed cover adds a more feminine touch that emphasizes that the room is indeed designed for a pretty girl.

Airy Bluish Bedroom

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It’s so considerable to build a bedroom with a high-ceiling style when you have a limited space to make it wide. It will help a lot to make the room feels more enjoyable.

In this small bedroom ideas, soft blue colorizes a bedroom with the high-ceiling construction. So, the homeowner is able to put a catchy bedding with a big headboard even in a small space.

Chic Geometric Bedroom

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Another inspiring idea to decorate a neutral-colored bedroom to look much prettier, and now, the geometric accent is chosen. One side of the wall is decorated with the geometric painting in muted pink and grey stylishly.

Cozy Tiny Bedroom

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The simple cute bedding is actually enough to make a small bedroom feels joyfully comfortable. You just need to decorate it beautifully by adding some catchy linens to make it look way more attractive.

Clean Decorative Bedroom

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You don’t always have to decorate all sides of the wall to beautify a small bedroom. Just simply give a wall side a decorative catchy touch by sticking a wall decal, for instance. It’s an easy and affordable way that you can try.

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Those small bedroom ideas beautifully blend all the elements which create a decoration which doesn’t only look admirable but also feel comfortable to enjoy. You can steal one of the ideas that really suits your need, taste, and the existing layout of your very own small bedroom.

The key to making the proper small bedroom is by creating a nice harmonious look and providing the basic function in the room. It can relate to the right choice of furniture, storage option, accessories, and decor items which can effectively benefit the available space of the room.

It’s never a bad idea to choose a small bedroom instead of the big one since it can effectively save the space in your house. With the right layout and decoration, you can have at tiny bedroom which looks attractive and enjoyable to use every single day.

Well, happy decorating your beloved bedroom now!

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