30+ Best Living Room Curtain Ideas To Dramatize Your Decoration

Mostly, some homeowner will think a thousand times whether to add curtains to their living room decors. You may also face the same case when you are about to decorate or redecorate your very own living room.

Basically, curtains work to filter the outside light comes through the room which is meant to enhance the comfort inside. But, as part of the decoration of the room, it also holds an important role in influencing its overall look.

Adding the curtains to a living room is surely not a bad idea since you will get a more captivating and comforting decor to enjoy. You just need to know how to make it right, so you won’t end up having an uninviting nuance for your living room.

Therefore, we have picked the best living room curtain ideas that are so worth to be your ultimate inspirations. They perfectly blend the curtain with all the elements of the living room which create a mesmerizing decoration that everyone will be amazed about.

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Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of living room curtain ideas!

Best Living Room Curtain Ideas

Illuminating Curtain

living room curtain ideas 1-min

This sheer curtain works best for you who have a living room with a muted tone. It complements a living room with such color beautifully and lets the sunlight to brighten up the room comfortably.

Unifying Decoration

living room curtain ideas 2-min

You can choose the curtain with the shade which is similar to the overall look of the room’s decor. It creates a nice harmonious nuance which surely makes your living room look and feel inviting at the same time.

Trimmed Curtain

living room curtain ideas 3-min

This kind of curtain will give a bold and decorative look in a very attractive way. It gives such a distinctive touch to the room decor which is perfect to be one of the main focal points.

Refreshing Decoration

living room curtain ideas 4-min

The festively printed curtain will definitely make a living room look much catchier. In this living room curtain ideas, the vibrant curtain with nature-inspired print gives such a refreshing vibe gorgeously.

Match it With Furniture

living room curtain ideas 5-min

Another simple way to harmonize the decoration of your living room is by choosing curtains which matches beautifully with the pieces of furniture. They have a huge role in a living room decoration, so matching both of them will create a very mesmerizing nuance.

Warming Vibe

living room curtain ideas 6-min

The combination of the matte red curtain with the beige overall look in this living room decoration ideas creates a warming atmosphere that everyone will love to enjoy. To match the curtain, some red accessories also decorate the room stylishly.

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Raw Material

living room curtain ideas 7-min

The raw silk curtain can be the good alternative to create an earthy decoration in a more calming atmosphere. Furthermore, it also works very well to give a rustic touch to your living room decor.

Tall Curtain

living room curtain ideas 8-min

For you who have a two-story living room, installing a super tall curtain can be the great idea to decorate it. You can choose the one which will give such a contrasting look with the color of the room for an outstanding decoration.

Chic Geometric

living room curtain ideas 9-min

This living room curtain ideas uses the catchy colorfully-geometric curtain which looks so inspiring to try. It’s a good option for you who want to have a modern decorative decoration for your living room.

Combine it with Blind

living room curtain ideas 10-min

Confuse between choosing a curtain or blind? Why don’t you just put both of them just like this living room ideas shows.

The blind will work well to block the excessive sunlight from outside while the curtain adds a more cooling vibe around.

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Accented Curtain

living room curtain ideas 11-min

The catchy kind of curtain to enhance the attractiveness of your living room decoration. It has the ‘extra’ accent which makes it work best to complement a living room with soothing nuance.

Neutralize the Decor

living room curtain ideas 12-min

White curtains can be the good option for a festively decorative living room. It will neutralize a living room with full print wallpaper or the colorful one.

Two-Toned Curtain

living room curtain ideas 13-min

To create a balancing look in your living room decor, you can pick the curtain with the two-toned design. It’s the good option that will make a gorgeous matching decoration.

Greenish Curtain

living room curtain ideas 14-min

Love to add a natural touch to your living room? Then go with the green curtain with the natural pattern that will do such job very well.

Furthermore, it will also become a nice pair for your beloved indoor plants.

Nautical Touch

living room curtain ideas 15-min

White curtains with the blue accent in this living room curtain ideas is a perfect option for you who want o have a nautical decoration. It’s a timeless decor style which will give a comforting vibe in a more distinctive way.

Multi-Layered Curtain

living room curtain ideas 29-min

In this living room curtain ideas, the multi-layered style is used which looks so tempting to steal. The cream drape is put over the sheer curtain with the similar pattern, then the valance is added to make it look more stylish.

Curtain and Blind

living room curtain ideas 16-min

If you have more than one window in your living room, adding the curtain and blind can be a good idea to try. Cover the main window with curtain and the other one with the roll-up blind in the matching look,

Plain Soft Grey Curtain

living room curtain ideas 17-min

Another living room curtain ideas which shows how to beautifully neutralize a decorative room. Grey is surely the best neutral shade to calming a ‘crowded’ decoration that can be a good alternative instead of white.

Colorful Vibe

living room curtain ideas 18-min

The attractively beautiful curtain with a multi-color design that will cheer up the nuance of your living room in a very stylish way. It’s definitely a good option to colorize a plain or neutral decoration.

Bold Purple Curtain

living room curtain ideas 19-min

A touch of purple becomes everyone’s favorite today since it can give a lovely glamorous look to a room’s decoration. You can choose the elegant drape in such color which will never fail to style up your living room.

Unique Valance

living room curtain ideas 20-min

Choose the unique valance instead of the common one to make the curtains of your living room look catchier. The valance is always a good addition that you can consider to pick.

Golden Curtain

living room curtain ideas 21-min

It’s so undeniable that gold will always give a glamorous nuance to room’s decoration. That is why choosing curtains with the gold look is so considerable to bring the style of your living room to a whole new level.

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Layered Sheers 

living room curtain ideas 22-min

Here, two sheer curtains are used in a layered style which beautifully filters the sun exposure from the outside. It’s one of the simplest living room curtain ideas to enhance the comfort of the room that you can try.

Blushing Room

living room curtain ideas 23-min

If the bold purple curtain doesn’t suit your taste, you can go with the oink curtain that will also ad a very stylish touch to your living room decoration. It creates a blushing, fun, and pretty nuance beautifully.

Bright Yellow Curtain

living room curtain ideas 24-min

Bring the spring vibe to your living room decoration by installing a dazzling bright yellow curtain. The one with floral patterns is always a good option to cheer up a living room decoration.

Ombre Curtain

living room curtain ideas 25-min

Basically, an ombre curtain is quite similar to the two-toned ones, but it comes in a more attractive printing which makes it so worth to choose. For sure, it creates a balancing look in a living room decoration.

Fully Printed Drapes

living room curtain ideas 26-min

This kind of this living room curtain will give such a particular statement. It’s a good option to become one of the main focal points in a calming or neutral living room decoration.

Heavy Velvety Curtain

living room curtain ideas 27-min

The elegant thick curtains with velvety fabric is a nice choice to make your living room look more ‘exclusive’. Pick this kind of curtain with elegant glamorous color like maroon, purple, or gold.

Striped Curtain

living room curtain ideas 28-min

Choosing the curtain with a striped look will surely make your living room look as stylish as possible. It’s a trendy option to create such an up-to-date decoration.

You can choose the one with black and white color for a calming yet decorative vibe.

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Living Room Curtain Ideas-min

So those are some mesmerizing living room curtain ideas that you can use as the reference when you are about to add a curtain to your own living room. The color and style combinations of those inspirations create such a captivating decor which make them so worth to copy.

Pick the one which really suits your needs, taste and the layout of your living room. Keep in mind to always unite the curtain with all the elements of the room, so you can have a beautiful decoration to enjoy every single day.

Well now, happy decorating your beloved living room with some gorgeous curtains!

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