13+ Superb Modern Living Room With Pool Ideas That Will Drop Your Jaw

The living room is a very important spot in the house to show the taste of style that you love. Almost every person expresses their style to the living room.

Especially today, there are so many living room styles, from the rustic to the modern, even you can find the unique. You must be one of those who expresses your style to your lovely living room decor, right?

One of the reasons why is the living room should look as stylish as possible is because almost every guest who visits your house will stay and see how the living room look first. Therefore, it is important to keep the living room looks and feels inviting, so it will create such a positive atmosphere t the whole house.

Making the living room looks unique will show the people that you have a character which is different than the others. You can make the living room to have a special character by adding something that looks prominent and extravagant.

If you have a really big and wide house which has lots of spaces inside, we have a great idea for your living room that will totally inspire you. It is something you will never imagine before and it can make your living room look absolutely unique.

The idea is building the swimming pool inside the living room. There are not too many houses that have the swimming pool inside, it is such a rare thing you can find. That’s why you can make the living room more unique with this idea.

The swimming pool will make the living room looks calm and of course the sight and sound of the water will refresh your mood whenever you spend time around the room. Your living room also will have the particular statement which sounds great, isn’t it? You can try to build up the pool inside the living room.

The decoration of the living room with the pool should be laid out well too. The most suitable decor for the living room which has the swimming pool is the modern style. You can add the modern living room set, A�furniture, and accessories which are easy to get.

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Now, you may have more interest in making the living room with the pool inside then perhaps look something that can inspire you. Don’t worry about it, because here we have some decorations of the modern living room with pool. You can look at some nice decorations as the ideas and it can be your precious references.

So here are 13+ modern living room with pool ideas to inspire you. Let’s check them out!

Modern Living Room With Pool IdeasA�

Contemporary Rustic Living Room with Pool

Modern Living Room With Pool

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The stunning rustic living room in a more contemporary style with the medium swimming pool inside. Here, the pool is made as a major focal point of the room, that is why the decoration is not too complicated and the furniture is not too many even in the wide living room.

The wooden material for the ceiling, window’s frame, and floor make the living room feels and looks so inviting, especially it’s combined with some huge walls that directly show the natural view around the room. This kind of living room is beautifully cozy.

It is so inspiring. You can enjoy the nice view inside especially if your house is in a good position with nature around, all you can see outside is the green view of the trees. Such a nice decoration of the living room with pool, isn’t it?

Long Narrow Living Room with Pool

White is always a suitable color for the living room particularly for the those which are designed narrowly. It is a perfect color for the minimalist and modern living room look which create a wide and positive impression around.

One of the best ideas of the white living room is those which have the swimming pool inside. Imagine how great it is to have the living room with a pool in white.

Look at the idea’s decoration, it looks uniquely cozy for the long narrow living room. The furniture inside is not the regular ones, you can see the hanging rustic rattan chair that brings the room to a whole new level.

Then, the golden sofa sleeper, wooden marble table, and statue give a very nice accent to this whole white living room. The ‘backsplash’ accented white wall in the pool area also emphasizes that the pool is indeed the hub of the room.

The pool has aA�glass cover with hinges, so the glass door can cover the pool and become the floor to step. You can see the water under the glass, o cool.

This idea is one of the best ideas of the modern living room with pool. Feel the better atmosphere and better looks with making this idea as the reference to try, copy or to improve your lovely living room.

Glass-ey Living Room

This is not a real living room with the built-in swimming pool inside, but more like the one that faces the directly to the pool in an open area. Here, you can enjoy the outside view from the living room on your fluffy cozy sectional.

The huge glass door doesn’t only ease the homeowners to enjoy the view, but also give another distinctive nuance to the white and brown living room that looks slightly classic. It will always be the great moment to spend the time in the living room with a nice outside view.

Seeing the water can relax your eyes for a while and make the atmosphere feels calmer than ever. Placing the sofa and chairs to face the pool is really counseled. This idea is really creative with its modern style. Improve your living room and make the idea as the reference, you can make the living room calmer.

Wide Living Room with Enormous Pool

Maybe you can call this one as an indoor swimming pool hall with the living room inside due to its pool that takes up most of the space of the room. It is surely an exhilarating space to entertain all the coming guess and the whole family.

Building the pool inside is gonna make the living room more unique and different with the others. The swimming pool can be the very beautiful compliment for the wide living room. This idea shows how to create the great concept of the living room with a pool.

You also have to pay attention to the position of the furniture, the living room color, and the other small aspects of the living room. It is really great to have this kind of living room with a pool and with modern touches. If you have a wide enough living room, you can copy the idea and make the living room more unique with the pool inside.

Small Lower Ground Outdoor Living Room

Chillin’ out in the living room is a must if you have got your friends visiting your house. That’s why the living room should be the nice place for chilling. Decorating the living room as the bar style is a great idea, the custom round chair with the table will make the living room more decorative and unique.

If you want to include the pool to the living room you can also make the chair inside the water, a table is one with the table of the round chair. It is really awesome.

This idea shows you the example of the modern living room with pool which is very suitable for becoming a chilling spot. It is simple but unique. If you intend to make this kind of living room, you can make the idea as the main reference, you can make your own concept too.

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Modern and Natural Living Room

Having the good looking living room is every homeowner desire, improving the living room to make it look perfect is a must. If you intend to make the modern living room with pool, this idea can be the answer for your reference.

The wide one with a swimming pool beside will be a perfect living room. This idea is applicable for the house near the lake or with the nice outside view. You should put the large windows to make this kind of living room more perfect.

The decoration of the furniture is important too, take a look at the rocky area next to the living room and pool that creates another nice earthy look. You don’t need to add so many furniture, just make it simple and keep it look minimalist. Enjoy the outside view and the cozy spot for you to do activities inside.

Outdoor Living Room with Small Pool

The outdoor living room is popular now that it perhaps resembles a patio, but the covered one. Some of the homeowners make their outside living room to enjoy the summer breeze cozily.

Adding a pool near the outdoor living room can be a good idea. The pool is so attractive to watch about, while also enhance the refreshing atmosphere around. Water can calm your mind, so looking at the water in the living room can increase your rest time qualities.

This idea shows the outdoor living room with a pool in the modern look which is so minimalist and simple. Just a sofa to enjoy the outside view and for resting. It would be great to play some songs for the relax time in this kind of living room. You can make this ideaA�as the reference to make the soutdoor modern living room with pool.

Outdoor Living Room with Long Natural Pool

Again, another outdoor living room with the swimming pool. Here, the decoration is made in a more extravagant way with the palm trees around that definitely support the whole look.

Make the cozy living room can increase the family quality time. This idea is a recommended one for you who want an open living room with a natural decor for spending time with your family.A�You can enjoy the pool view while having the conversation with your family.

The living room is made in a red goldish style which gives a gorgeous contrasting look. This kind of living room is unique and rare to find. It looks good even in the night. What a nice modern living room with pool idea to try.

Vintage Washed Living Room

Vintage decor with wood and brick accent is always the favorite living room scheme that has lasted for a long time.A�It’s always able to match any of the styles of the house.

Here, the whitewashed wooden floor and ceiling are chosen to match the brick wall and classic furniture inside. It is simple, nice, and decorative.

Then the oval pool comes to enhance the exclusiveness of the room which completes the coziness inside perfectly and beautifully. This room which slightly reminds you of the Victorian era that is filed with the exclusivity.

The furniture should match with other parts of the living room. Do not choose the furniture with the complicated design, it will ruin the minimalist look of the living room.

Eco-green Living Room

The large living room with large windows is always a great combination, especially the one with nice outside view. Then, combining such nuance with the earthy style living room will make you have an ultimate natural atmosphere to enjoy inside your property.

In this all brown living room layout, the shining laminate wood flooring is completed with the simple swimming pool inside in the green emerald look. The result is the mesmerizing natural glamorous living room look that is so inspiring to try.

You can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and you can also swim inside your living room, it is really perfect. Make this kind of living room as your reference for making your own modern living room with pool. You can develop your living room if you want more than the idea. Express your own creativity.

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Majestic Decorative Living Roon with Pool

The luxurious living room is much more beautiful if you can decorate it well. This idea shows the best decoration of the enormous living room with the pool inside that creates a beautiful oasis look. It is really wonderful for the living room.

You can see how the decor is made so ‘full’ that actually takes you to the Mediterranean era. The green plantations, flowers, rustic beige floor and decorative classic sofas create a brilliant combination that makes the living room so stunning.

The idea is really giving inspirations to make the living room which is surrounded by the pool. It is really enjoyable and the atmosphere may feel great. What a unique modern living room with pool.

White Living Room with Small Pool

A small living room makes us realize that have the minimalist look that is important. It is kinda easier to make minimalist looks in the small living room than decorating the large one.

In making the minimalist living room concept, you just have to put the suitable furniture, and remember, you don’t have to buy too many unused accessories.

This modern living room with pool idea shows the simple minimalist living room with the mini pool inside. The white wall color and white shining ceramic floor give such a simple and cozy look to this modern living room.

The furniture is not too complicated, the color doesn’t ruin the atmosphere inside. There are some greeneries to make the room feel fresher and more natural. You can enjoy the tv shows while spending your spare times in the living room which is minimalist but beautiful.

Off-White Mediterranean Living Room with Pool

Nothing better than the large classic living room with a large pool inside. This idea totally inspires us to build the large living room with a large pool.

It is so beautiful with large windows that face the outside views, you can enjoy the outside view while swimming. Then, the Mediterranean accent of the floor around the pool area enhance the beauty of the room perfectly.

If you have the large living room, maybe this idea can be one of your ultimate options. Put the off-white scheme for the calm atmosphere and giving the bright looks to the whole room.

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Making a unique living room is always a joyful activity, and it becomes most of the peopleA�hobby and theyA�are happy to do it. A living room with pool is definitely one of the unique living rooms. It will make such a perfect living room especially with the modern style applied to it.

Those areA�13+ modern living room with pool ideas to inspire you. Hopefully, the ideas can be your reference in making your own living room with the pool as you want. Arrange the furniture well and make your living room a unique one.

Keep improving your living room!

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