2017 Most Trendy Living Room Colors For Your Inspiration

2017 is a year where there are so many new house trends appear and become the spotlight. From the furniture, style, and even the color which is an important part of the living room which can give the big impact.

The color we choose for the living room will determine the atmosphere that we will feel inside. Today, there are so many interesting colors that you can choose for the living room decor that can bring the beauty of the decor into a whole new level.

Trendy Living Room Colors

The color of the living room is such a major thing that influence the overall look of the room. That’s why the color for the living room should be suitable and match with other aspects inside. The color that you choose for the living room should be the right one as you express yourself through it.

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There are some colors which become so popular in 2017 to become the color for living room. They can be the great inspirations if you are interested in applying the new color for your living room.

Here we have summarized some colors of the living room which are popular in 2017 which may help you to find the best color to apply. Let’s check them out!

2017 Most Trendy Living Room Colors For Your Inspiration

Pretty in Pink

Trendy Living Room Colors

Pink is a romantic color which is one of the most favorite schemes for the living room. Applying pink as the living room color will makeA�it look brighter and sweeter, it is because pink is the color which is close to white. Pink can make the living room feels roomier, such a trendy living room colors to try this year.

Trendy Living Room Colors

In 2017, pink is quite popular to be applied for the living room. This pretty color is not always about femininity, if you creatively mix and match it with other colors or furniture, pink can be a color for everyone. Pink can be nicely combined with several colors such as white, blue, yellow, green, gray, and such.

Trendy Living Room Colors

The very suitable decoration concept for the pink living room is the minimalist and modern concept. Since it gives the brighter looks and makes the room feels wider, putting too many stuff may ruin the overall look of the room. It would be better if you decorate it as simple as you can.

You can add the furniture which is also in pink. Match the furniture with the style you apply to your pinky living room. You don’t have to worry if you have no idea about how your living room will be, now you can find some ideas on the internet easily.

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Relaxing Teal

Trendy Living Room Colors

If you need the calming color for your living room, teal can be the best color for your option. It is a very nice spectrum which is the result of the combination of blue and green.

Teal almost has theA�similar character with aquamarine and also has the strong link to the ocean color. As such, it symbolizes calmness and peace, this kind of color is relaxing and calming the atmosphere, it is definitely suitable as the living room color.

Trendy Living Room Colors

Most of the homeowners apply the teal as the living room color because it is one of the best shades which looks bright and bold enough to make the living room feels brighter. As we know the bright color will make the room in the house feels wider and roomier.

That’s why teal is a popular color for house and living room until now. TealA�is a color which is the balance of blue, green and yellow. Looking at this kind of color gives you the feeling of stability and serenity.

Trendy Living Room Colors

If you intend to apply teal as your trendy living room colors, the most suitable decoration to match this bright scheme is the simple or minimalist concept. Teal is recommended for the living room color as it can relax your eyes and feelings through seeing it.

Emerald Fantasy

Trendy Living Room Colors

Green living room never loses its throne from the favorite list since years ago. This color scheme gives the natural nuance, it is fresh, calming and relaxing our eyes. But there is a type of green which can make the living room looks way more luxurious which is the emerald green.

Emerald green is one of the best trendy living room colors in 2017 which is very popular. As the other spectrum of green, emerald can be the symbol of nature, balance, life,A�prosperity, and freshness. Of course, it gives the positive effect to the living room and creates the cool atmosphere around.

Trendy Living Room Colors

Emerald is not a bright color type, it is a bit darker, but it still represents green clearly, well it is how the emerald green can give the luxurious touch to the living room.

Trendy Living Room Colors

The emerald green has the luxurious character, and contemporary furniture with a little bit of wooden accent will be the most suitable complement for this scheme. It will be better for you to add some luxurious furniture for this kind of living room. You can also make the simple decoration if you want.

So, what are you waiting for to make this one as your lovely trendy living room colors?

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Chic Vibrant Red

Trendy Living Room Colors

If you are kind of a homeowner who is willing enough to give a vibrant bold bright color scheme, then take red as your living room color. Red is a symbol of bravery and strength, it will make your living room feels more powerful.

Choosing red for your trendy living room colors is not a mistake, it may be a good idea to try. Unlike pink which is more like a symbol of feminism, red is a more masculine option. This fiery color can make the living room atmosphere feel warmer

Trendy Living Room Colors

In psychology, red is the most attracting color to take catch people’s attention. So applying it as your living room decor will make it look attractively intimidating. You can see some red living room ideas here, those are very attractive and become very popular nowadays.

Trendy Living Room Colors

The decoration for red color can be in many styles. From the old style to the modern one, every style can pair up with red very well. You can add the furniture or accessories in the different color too as long as it can be suitable for your red living room.

The nice shades to combine with thisA�trendy living room colors are the neutral ones like brown, black, white, or grey to calm the atmosphere around the room beautifully.

Refreshing Chartreuse Yellow

Trendy Living Room Colors

Chartreuse isA�a gorgeous color shade between green and yellow, and it is considered as a sub-category of green. The name was taken from the French liqueur which is called a�?chartreusea�? with its greenish-yellow hue. This color becomes favorite due to its calmer look when it’s compared from the regular yellow.

It is one of the unique schemes which could be applied in both psychedelic color-schemes and nature-oriented palettes. Chartreuse is the symbol of nature, growth, happiness, and youth.

Chartreuse yellow also can affect our enthusiasm. Overall, the effect of this color is positive for the living room and will make the fresh atmosphere around.

Trendy Living Room Colors

Since the color gives the positive impact to our enthusiasm,A�chartreuse yellow is good for you who like to do some productive activities around the living room. Unconsciously, it will increase your focus, concentration, and creativity.

In psychology, people who like chartreuse are so energetic and creative, so choosing it as your living room or house color will never make you feel bad. Seeing green in the living room will fresh our mind and relax our eyes. You can also add some greenery for more fresh air inside.

Trendy Living Room Colors

Mostly, people choose the simple decoration for the living room withA�chartreuse which will maintain the fresh atmosphere of the room. If you are going to copy the ideas ofA�chartreuse living room, you just have to add some simply designed furniture.

Such a great idea to try for the living room, isn’t it?

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Trendy Living Room Colors

The next trendy living room colors of 2017 is gray which is a neutral shade that will fit both feminine or masculine character. Without a doubt, gray gives a simple yet mesmerizing look to the living room.

Although it is a neutral color, gray never becomes a boring one, it always becomes a popular color which can pair up with any other shades that you opt for your living room. The house with gray as the main color will have such a gorgeous industrial look that represents the latest style of 2017 home decor.

Trendy Living Room Colors

In the psychology perspective, gray is a symbol of stability, dignity, futuristic, and wisdom. Gray can be combined easily with several colors. The most suitable color to combine with gray is gold. Imagine how great it is to have the living room with gray and gold as its major colors, it will look stunningly luxurious.

Trendy Living Room Colors

Gray is a flexible color, it can be applied in so many living room styles. Now you may have the interest to install gray to your living room, and you can find so many gray living room ideas to be your references.

Dazzling Purple

Trendy Living Room Colors

The last color in our list of the most trendy living room colors in 2017 is purple. Yes, purple is the combination of blue and red. It has the calming and stability character of blue and the powerful character of red.

Purple is also known as the color which can give the luxurious impression which is one of the popular bright colors. It also has a simple character which is good for the living room and will bring the positive effect inside.

Trendy Living Room Colors

Purple is a calming color as blue, it can make the living room feels roomier and more comfortable for us to stay for a long time. Having purple in the living room will create the warm and stableA�atmosphere inside. Homeowners nowadays mostly combine purple with white, both match each other and create a wonderful harmony.

Trendy Living Room Colors

The best decoration for the purple living room is the minimalist and simple concept in a more neutral shades. You can find so many minimalist purple living room color ideas, it is because most homeowners don’t really like the complicated living room with too many pieces of furniture which can ruin the beautiful views inside.

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Choose one!

Those are theA�2017 most trendy living room colors for your ultimate inspiration. Each of those ideas definitely worth to copy and also has different characteristics to enhance the beauty and value of your property. Moreover, each shade also creates the particular atmosphere that can impact your mood throughout the days.

You can choose the one you love and express your character to your living room to make it look as a trendy one as the others this year. It obviously feels good to have the living room with the latest trendy color.

Decor your living room well, put the furniture and accessories to complete the missing pieces inside. Remember, don’t put too many accessories that may end up ruining the overall look of the room. You also have to keep in mind that furniture holds a huge role in influencing the decor of the room.

Therefore, always try to make the living room as simple as you can, and the minimalist one with simple decoration. Choose the only furniture which can match the color that you choose well, so you should learn more about the color combinations.

Match the furniture and accessories style with your living room color, don’t buy the useless stuff just to full the living room. As the conclusion, we just want to say don’t stop to improve your living room. Keep making the best living room you want!

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