Spiderman Bedroom Furniture | Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa Review

Your child boy wants to have a Spiderman themed style in his bedroom? With this recommended Spiderman bedroom furniture you can fulfill his hype of Spiderman: Homecoming movie to his bedroom. The Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa by Marshmallow Furniture is a cushion, comfy, and cool addition to your boy’s bedroom.

Your boy would love to do his activity on this 2 in 1 sofa, from snacking to watching his favorite cartoon. Flip it open then you can get a lounger that is very cozy to lie down on. Easy-to-clean with removable fabric slip cover, this Spiderman furniture is a great addition to his bedroom.

Maybe we just boast about this product, but you better read this review comprehensively to know further about this product.

Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa Review

Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa is a 2 in 1 sofa that can change into a lounger once it is flipped open. In the other hand, it will amaze your child as its soft, cushioned, and foamy sofa becomes a comfortable place for your child to relax, sit, and lounge.

The combination of lightweight polyurethane and removable polyester fabric slip cover present an amazing and comfortable place for your boy. The Spiderman graphic on the sofa increases the coolness of your boy’s bedroom to the max.

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Designed to meet the coolness of your boy’s favorite superhero,  Spiderman, Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa has an amazing design. Dominated with red and blue color, it will be an eye-catching element to his bedroom.

The in-action Spiderman graphic on the backrest and Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Logo below the sofa will make your child smiling once it has been placed. Meanwhile, blue and red color with Spidey-web accent exudes the characteristic of your friendly neighbor, Spiderman.

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Once you flip it open you will find members of team Spidey are fighting the crime. There are Nova Prime, Iron Fist, White Tiger, Power Man, and our main hero, Spiderman. They are presented to enliven your boy’s activity. Thus, it will give your child the sensation of the amazing Spiderman adventure.

Unfortunately, despite its cool graphics and cushioned state, the size of this product is just enough for toddler 18 months up to 3 years. That means you have to change it sooner than you expected.

Somehow, it makes a waste of money if you have a limited budget to decorate your boy’s bedroom. But, overall it is a quite adorable addition for your child’s bedroom.

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As soft as a marshmallow, the Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa is comfortable and cushioned furniture you have to add to your boy’s bedroom. Made of high-quality polyurethane foam for stuffing and polyester fabric for the slipcover, the Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa is very comfortable.

The foam is very cushioned, make a comfortable place for your child to sit, relax, and lounge. This product is very suitable for snacking, watching TV, or just relaxing in the evening.

Meanwhile, the polyester fabric for the slip cover giving a soft touch and easy to wash cover for this adorable product. The color itself is long last as it won’t fade easily.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a hardware supporting the backrest, so just be careful if your child wants to lean back. On the other hand, the basic material of this high-quality product is non-toxic, very safe for your child to do his activity there.


The durability of a product is mainly determined by the material used. In this case, the Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa is a very durable product with the right usage and maintenance.

With high-quality polyurethane foam, it will not easily flatten as your child lie down on the sofa. Meanwhile, the high-quality polyester slip cover is not easily fading with repeated washing.

Sometimes, the boy will do some of his activity overly and it can make the product damaged or ripped. In this case, you have to make sure to treat it properly to make it last longer.


Spiderman Flip Open Foam Sofa has abundant features, such as:

  • Made of 46% polyester fabric slip cover and 54% polyurethane foam
  • Made of lightweight foam, your toddler boy will easily to move it around from room to room and flip it open to make a lounger by themselves.
  • The sofa will stand 10″ high, 28.5″ wide, and 16″ deep, while the lounger will extend out to 39″ long.
  • Easy to wash with removable slip cover.
  • This marshmallow-like textured sofa 
  • You can put it in your boy’s play room, day care, living room, bedroom, sleepovers at grandma and grandpa’s, vacations, or nap time.
  • Polyester fabric slipcover has a safety zipper without the traditional zipper pull and can be washed by machine.
  • Removable & machine washable slip cover for an easy care.
  • To unzip the cover, slide a paper clip through the opening, pull upwards to unlock and slide to unzip
  • The package includes 1 Flip Open Sofa.


The price of $34.97 is worth enough for this useful and comfortable Spider-man bedroom furniture. It is a marvelous and cushioned addition to colorize and soothe your kid’s bedroom.

High-quality materials that will long last with a proper care is a great feature that will tease you to buy it. But, if you rethink about its short term period of using, it is quite pricey.

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Spiderman  Flip Open Foam Sofa is a great present for your toddler or kids boy. We’re pretty sure that he will give his sweetest smile to you once he opens his present.

It has a cute and cool design with superb Spiderman graphic, that will colorize his bedroom. Despite its small size, it is a quite worth-to-buy product to be added to your shopping list.

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