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Improving the living room can be in many aspects. You can change the color, adding the decor, or changing the furniture. Thus, the living room that we have should be a perfect place which comforts us anytime.

To make the living room more perfect you need some changes, new things can increase its comfortable points. The comfortable living room makes the homeowners will miss staying inside.

Freeland Arm Chair
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One aspect that can make the living room more comfortable is the furniture, especially the chair. The chair can make your spare time have much better quality. Also, you can make the guests feel more comfortable too.

You just have to add or change the chair inside your living room with the more comfortable one, which will never be a bad idea. The chair also can increase living room’s beauty, especially the one which can pair up the living room style very well.

If you have the simply designed living room with many spaces, here we will suggest you a product. It is the chair with the stylish look and comfortable seating with back and arms.

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The product is Freeland Arm Chair by Beekman 1802 Farmhouse from Target, you may love this kind of chair. Here we will give you a short review about the product. Let’s check it out!

Freeland Arm Chair Review

Freeland Arm Chair
  • 7.3K

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The Freeland Arm Chair comes in a very simple design with sleek lines and the classic touch. It can make the living room looks more beautiful while providing the comfortable seating space.

The light brown color of the chair makes it look so inviting. It is such a lovely chair to have in your living room.


This Freeland Arm Chair is constructed of plywood as the frame and the wood base. It is very sturdy and hard, such durable product for the long time use.

The fabric material of this chair is linen which doesn’t only durable, but also feel comfortable when you sit on. However, the chair looks ‘so linen’ which perhaps can be a minor point for its overall look.


Freeland Arm Chair
  • 7.3K

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The Freeland Arm Chair surely provides a quite comfortable seat and back. It has the thick cushion and back with 26.9 inches seat width.

Yet, the chairs’ construction is a little bit firm in which the throw pillows are very helpful to handle this issue.

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To clean this kind of chair you can use the sponge, water, and the soap mixture, and to protect it from the stain you can use the stain shield spray. If you find the stubborn stain you can use the vinegar to clean it up. Such an easy way to clean, right?


The price for this very comfortable chair is $284.99. It may sound a bit pricey, but reasonable enough for the good looking chair with comfortable seat and durable construction.

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Product TypeArm Chair
Dimmension37″ H x 38.6″ W x 36.2″ D
Weight48.5 pounds
MaterialWood, Linen, and Polyester

The Freeland Arm Chair is such a highly recommended furniture to buy. You can make this chair as the best relaxing spot for the living room. The price for the chair is not a big deal.

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