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Choosing the appropriate furniture for the living room sometimes is not easy. You should have something which doesn’t only make the living room beautiful but also feels comfortable to enjoy.

The furniture you have should be as comfortable as possible for spending the time, especially the chair. The chair that you have in the living room must be very comfortable because almost every day we spend time in the living room.

Channel Tufted Arm Chair
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There are too many chair models you can find in the catalogs, and you must also have one in the living room. The question is, are the chairs in your living room comfortable and decorative enough? In this case, you may need some improvement if your chairs don’t suitable or comfortable enough.

You have to look for another chair which provides you the comfortable seating and the beautiful looks. If you are looking for the new chair for your living room, we recommend you a product of chair.

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It is Channel Tufted Arm Chair by Threshold from Target. It is a great chair which provides you the beautiful looks and comfortable seating and back with arms.

You may love this product, so here we will give you a little review of Channel Tufted Arm Chair by Treshold. Let’s check it out!

Channel Tufted Arm Chair Review


Channel Tufted Arm Chair
  • 2.3K

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The Channel Tufted Arm Chair looks very stylish with its contemporary design. As you can see that combination of firm-lined seat, arms, and back with the slim two-tone legs is awesome.

It is a fashionable model chair for the living room beautiful looks. It is available in some colors which make you able to match to your living room color easily.

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The inside material of this Channel Tufted Arm Chair is pine wood which is sturdy enough to ensure you its quality. You can call this as the long last chair that is so pleasing to have. The fabric material is polyester which feels great and durable.


Channel Tufted Arm Chair
  • 2.3K

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The seat of this Channel Tufted Arm Chair has about 23 inches seat width. It will be comfortable enough with its high armsd for you to relax for a while. Besides of its stylish looks, it provides the comfortable seat and back for you.

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You can maintain this chair easily. Rinse the sponge and use water to blot out the soap mixture. Dry by pressing it or with the cloth or paper towels. It is easy to maintain, right?


The price for this Channel Tufted Arm Chair is about $399.99. Though it’s quite expensive, it has a balance point of the price with its quality.


Product TypeArm Chair
Dimmension24″ H x 32″ W x 29″ D
Weight58 pounds
MaterialPine and Polyester
StyleContemporary and Classic
ColorGray, Creme, White, Blue, Green, and Red

So, if you are willing to spend a little bit extra money for the accent chair, this one is surely a go. The price is not the problem for the better quality and adorable design. Hopefully, it can be a reference which can help you in choosing the chair for your living room.

Keep improving the living room!

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