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Comforting the living room is a must for us every homeowner. The living room is the special place in the house for welcoming the guests or friends whose visit our house.

It would be bad if the living room we have is not a comfortable place, it is really embarrassing. It will make the guests feels awkward to have some good times around.

Rodney Wood Arm Chair
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Actually, it is easy to comfort the living room. We can add or replace something for the more comforting living room, and the chair can be the solution for this case.

The cozy chair is the solution for you who seek for the comfortable spot in the living room. It is the seating spot for us while having some activities in the living room.

We can add some chair for the guests too when they visit our house. The chair also can make the living room more decorative, so you always have to choose the adorable one.

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If you intend to add the new chair to your living room, we will offer you a product. It is Rodney Wood Arm Chair by Treshold from Target which is a great designed chair which provides you the comfortable seating in the living room. We will also give you some details of the product in our brief review.

So here it is the Rodney Wood Arm Chair review for you!

Rodney Wood Arm Chair Review


Rodney Wood Arm Chair
  • 749

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The design of the Rodney Wood Arm Chair is quite simple. It is much like a classic chair which looks comfortable and smaller than usual.

The chair features the fairly thick cushion and back for the comfortable aspects. As you may have noticed, the frame and the leg look very naturally unique that makes the chair is so adorable.


This Rodney Wood Arm Chair is constructed of the wood and linen. The wood is quite sturdy and linen also has a good quality. From its construction, we can tell that this one is the long last chair for your living room.


Rodney Wood Arm Chair
  • 749

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This arm chair has 26″ wide seat which is quite comfortable to sit on it. It also has the thick back and cushion which can make you relax your back for a while. The cushion and the back are padded with the high-density foams covered in linen.

However, its short design perhaps becomes an issue if you are a large-built person.

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To clean this kind of chair you can remove the cushion and back, clean it with the steam cleaner or with a wet cloth to clean the traces. You can protect it with the stain shield spray.


You can get this Rodney Wood Arm Chair home with spending about $218.49. It is quite pricey since you can still find some other chairs with similar style in such price range with more affordable price.

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Product TypeArm Chair
Dimmension29.75″ H x 32″ W x 33″ D
Weight52.8 pounds
MaterialWood, Rubber, and Linen
ColorWhite and Natural Wood

Overall, the Rodney Wood Arm Chair is such a great product for you to have. It has the quite distinctive appearance, comfortable seat and back, and sturdy wood frame. The price tag may not be a problem for such quality.

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