The Importance of Saving Energy In Our Homes

When we talk about the environment and the preservation of nature, it is impossible not to deviate from clearing a lot of rubbish from us. Energy expenditure is one of the main factors leading to the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere; therefore, there are global environmental problems such as climate change and the increase of the greenhouse effect. To alleviate these problems, there are specific guidelines for behaviour at home to reduce energy consumption daily.

The Importance of Saving Energy In Our Homes

Take a look below to understand the importance of saving energy and how we can use it in our daily lives to acquire these healthy and sustainable habits.

Energy savings and benefits

Saving energy includes several benefits for our pocket in addition to being a good option for the care of the environment. Among the main benefits we get from energy saving we list the following:

  • We can reduce the cost of electricity, water and gas bills. This saves us a lot of money over the months.
  • If we reduce our consumption, production costs will also decrease and large companies will be able to enter the competition by reducing the prices of light, electricity and damage.
  • By having less energy dependence on other countries, we can use our own country’s energy.
  • We pollute the environment less so we improve our health and that of natural ecosystems.
  • It guarantees that there is a supply, especially water, in times of drought.
  • Also to a minimum the damage we cause to the planet with the use of natural resources.
  • We emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Energy saving measures in our home

Now that we have seen the benefits that reducing our energy costs can bring us, let’s take a look at some of the main guidelines that we can use in our home to contribute to energy savings:

  • We can improve the insulation of windows and doors to contribute to the smaller use of heating and air conditioning. In addition, this will help us reduce the acoustic impact of outside noise. To ensure our windows and doors are in good condition we will need to use double-glazed entrances and PVC frames. We will make sure that no air enters through any gaps and if necessary, we will take, weather stripping the inside of the frames.
  • During the wintertime, it is interesting to open the blinds and curtains when it is sunny and lower them at night. In summer, we can do the opposite to avoid extreme heat during the sunny hours. Opening the window at night will help us remove the hot air from the house to renew it.
  • It is interesting to maintain a stable temperature in the house of about 25 ° in summer and about 20 ° in winter.
  • Do not use gas or electric radiators to dry clothes. It is interesting to use wet clothes and place them on a chair near the radiator.
  • If you understand the air conditioning, close the windows and doors to better preserve the fresh air.
  • We will adjust the temperature of the refrigerator according to the time of year we meet. In summer it is necessary to lower the temperature and in winter to increase it. Do not forget to periodically thaw the frost so that the snow does not accumulate.
  • Do not start the washer dryer or dishwasher until they are full.
  • As all the lamps are dipped, change it for the LED type. Although they are more expensive in the short term, they last 30 times longer than a regular one and save up to 80% of light.
  • Turn off faucets when not in use and preferably open and close them as often as needed.
  • It is better to take a shower before the bath. During the war, it is interesting that they installed a dispenser that gives the feeling that more water comes out so it will take less time to shower.
  • In summer it is best to water your plants at night. In this way, we avoid sweating due to excessive heat.
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