What is Curb Appeal, and Why Does It Matter?

From a realtor’s perspective, curb appeal is as important as the home’s interior design and layout when looking for potential buyers. The exterior aesthetics are what give prospective homebuyers their first impression and this determines whether they take an inside look or not. Thus, any strategy to maximize your property’s market value and attract worthy buyers should begin by enhancing the curb appeal.

What is Curb Appeal, and Why Does It Matter

Trying to sell your house? Let’s discuss what curb appeal is, and why it’s important.

What is Curb Appeal?

In simple terms, curb appeal is the general attractiveness of a property to someone on the sidewalks. It is the appearance of your house’s exterior, the first impression anyone coming or walking by your home picks out. For homebuyers, curb appeal provides a sneak peek into the kind of home they are likely to find inside.

The exterior attractiveness of your home goes beyond its architectural design to encompass other features like landscaping, coat color and quality, front door design, and lighting style. You might assume the appearance of your lawn and fire pit has nothing to do with your home’s perceived value. However, as part of the exterior, you must keep every aspect at its peak.

A home with an incredible curb appeal – a well-kept yard, intact roof, and vibrant wall paint- grabs the attention of even those traveling down the neighboring street. If you’re looking to sell your home, curb appeal is the primary determinant of whether a prospective buyer inquires or not.

Why Is Curb Appeal So Important?

Ever listed your old property for sale? Now, you must have wondered why the realtor insisted on modifying the exteriors before finding a suitable buyer. The value of curb appeal is primarily appreciable when selling a home, and here are the reasons you need to maximize the exterior attractiveness of a home.

1. It gives the first impression

Like in job interviews, the first impression speaks volumes and sets the tone for the rest of the deal in real estate. When buyers drive up to a property, they begin assessing the home from the exterior features like front door style, porch design, roof style, and quality and siding characteristics. The rest of the house will likely suffer if their perception of the curb appeal is negative.  

2. Curb appeal is a reflection of the home’s maintenance

The state of your home’s exterior communicates much about the house. For example, a property with an unmowed or patchy lawn, cracked driveway, and peeling side paints implies there are likely several other maintenance issues, covert and visible, that require sorting. To buyers, such a curb appeal means spending more money on fixing the home before moving in. No one wants to deal with such stress and dollar signs when acquiring property, and many potential buyers are bound to look elsewhere.

3. It can be the deal breaker or maker for some prospective buyers

For some buyers, the decision to check out the rest of the house starts and ends in the curb appeal. The state of the exterior intrigues them to see what lies beyond the front door. Unimpressive curb appeal can turn off such individuals, hindering the sale. As prospective buyers drive through the neighborhood or walk to your property, they will see other houses and compare them. If your home’s curb appeal is below the neighborhood’s standards, they might not give the property a second thought.

4. Great curb appeal grants a competitive advantage

In a neighborhood with similar house designs, only the curb appeal determines whether your home gets attention or not. A well-watered, green lawn with a beautifully landscaped yard and freshly painted exterior set a property apart from other listings with a bland curb appeal.

5. Improved curb appeal increases your home’s appraised value

Buyers are looking for something enticing, beautiful, and inviting. Whether the exterior has the wow factor or not, it directly impacts the property’s perceived value. As the buyers walk to the front door, they take notice of every external detail. If the outdoor paint is peeling and the gutters are dated, the buyer registers such as a justification for a lower value. Although the exterior might not be as important as the living layout when valuing a home, curb appeal gives the perception of a property’s potential and overall beauty that affect its market value. It’s for this same reason a good curb appeal helps your home to sell faster.

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