Learning About The Toughest Carpet & Rug Stains That You’ll Ever Come Across

Most homeowners out there are not wary about the worst rug & carpet stains out there. But, if you want to be a responsible housekeeper, you need to know every possible type of rug & carpet stain along with its elimination solution, so that you can keep your beautiful carpets & rugs gorgeous over time.

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the worst rug & carpet stains that you can experience on a day to day basis.

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Toughest Carpet & Rug Stains That You’ll Ever Come Across

 Grape Or Wine Juice

According to professional services for carpet cleaning in Sydney, any wine or grape juice will get absorbed into the fibres of your carpet or rug very quickly. As a result, the carpet or rug fibres will turn red or purple-coloured stained. Such stains should be treated almost immediately while it’s wet, with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

Once you sprinkle some amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain, wait for a few minutes to let your carpet or rug fibres soak it up. Once done, you can spray clean it using a combination of carpet/rug cleaning solution and water.

  1. Coffee

Coffee stains are quite a common sight to behold. These stains leave an ugly yellow or brown-coloured stain on your carpet or rug, which can become difficult to remove later on. However, it’s not impossible to remove such stains, which is why we suggest using a strong combination of dishwasher detergent and white vinegar.

The aforementioned combination will simply minimise the overall stain damage and thus your carpet or rug will continue to look great over time.


There will be moments when you might experience household injuries and bloodstains might appear on your carpet or rug (due to spillage of blood drops). Bloodstains are almost similar to juice stains – they dry up pretty fast and get soaked into the carpet fibres pretty easily.

Before you perform any sort of cleaning, ensure that the person who is hurt has received enough medical attention. Once that has been sorted out, create a combination of natural cleaning solution along with vinegar. You can also add in some amount of hydrogen peroxide in the combination. This combined solution will be able to remove the stains quickly, but you have to ensure that you use the solution when the stain is still wet.

  1. Ink

Ink stains generally tend to be synthetic, which is why they should be handled almost immediately. Such a process will help in avoiding any kind of permanent staining on your carpet or rug. We suggest treating the stain with ammonia and then steam cleaning your rug or carpet.

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