What to Consider When you Need a Roof Replacement

If you are thinking about having a roof replacement, then there are several essential things that you should consider. Your roof protects your home from the elements, including snow, rain, and wind. Your roof also provides a lot of curb appeal for your home, so it is crucial to choose it carefully. What else do you need to consider?

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Your Roof is Worn

You may need a roof inspection, or you might have a look at the roof yourself. If the shingles are worn, and you can see that many of the colored granules are missing so that there are bare patches, this is a good indication that your shingles need replacement. Even though the shingles are still protecting your home against moisture, the granules are essential because they reflect heat and will allow excess heat to get into your home. Excess heat will translate into higher cooling costs. Once the asphalt shingles are bare, they will dry out, leading to cracking, which will cause leaks in your roof.

If you see that your shingles are curled or cupped, then it not only looks terrible, but it can also lead to water getting under the shingles, which can cause leaks and lead to your roof structure becoming rotten. If your shingles are cracked, they are not diverting moisture from the roof decking below the shingle layer, and this increases your exposure to water damage. If you notice any of this, it is time for a roof replacement.

Your Roof is Damaged

If your roofing materials need significant repairs, it may be time for a roof replacement. Repair of your roof is costlier on a square footage basis than complete replacement because it is incredibly time-consuming for a roofing professional to try to integrate new shingles into the existing roof. If you have old and new shingles mixed in together, it can look unsightly, even if your roof is considered new because parts of it have been replaced.

Are Your Neighbors Getting New Roofs on Their Homes?

If you are in a neighborhood where you suddenly notice that all the homes around you have roofing replacement work done, then it is likely time for you to do the same. In this case, roof replacement is not a matter of keeping up with everyone; the fact is that your roof is likely the same age as everyone else’s and needs to be replaced.

Your Roof Does Not Look Good

If your roof looks terrible overall, this can influence your home’s value. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home. If the roof is worn out and there are stains on it and moss, then you could go over it with a new layer of shingles, or you could have it replaced. Either way, it is essential to take care of your roof before it stops protecting your home.

Your Roof Leaks

Your roof has many components, including the paper underlay, the flashing, the moisture barrier, vent stack boots, and starter shingles. These are just a few of the parts of your roof system. When your roof starts to age, some or all these components can begin to fail, and this is when you should consider roof replacement before you encounter leaks.

Add a Layer of Shingles?

Some roofing companies will add another layer of shingles onto your roof, and the building codes in most areas allow for this. There are also times when the roof should be stripped and a new roof installed, and those times are:

If your roof deck is damaged and has soft spots or leaking.

If the first layer has high-profile shingles, which would make an additional layer appear lumpy.

The flashing is loose, so leaks are occurring.

More layers of roofing materials would be too much weight on the roof’s structure, and this could pose a danger in times of heavy snowfall.

Have the Condition of Your Roof Deck Examined?

The roof decking is the layer of plywood that is attached to the trusses. If you are having your old roofing removed, the roof deck can be examined at that time. The roof should not have any spongy areas or roof decking that needs to be replaced. If you see any areas where the roofing nails are sticking out, this indicates that the decking below is soft and will not hold the nails in. You can also look at the underside area of your roof decking from your attic area to look for staining or damage that water leaks would cause.

If you are still wondering about the condition of your roof and if it needs to be replaced, it never hurts to call in professionals. Many roofing companies will offer a free estimate on the work to be done.

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