10 Adorable & Reliable Touchless Kitchen Trash Can Under $160

Keeping our kitchen always clean is not that hard easy, yet we often forget and lazy to do it. Having a cool and modern trash can is kind of a good solution in this case.  The touchless kitchen trash can is the stuff that doesn’t only keep the bathroom clean, but also add another style to the room.

It comes with different types, shapes, and styles, some of them have a powerful and good sensor technology for your convenience. Moreover, you can choose the size or capacity of the trash can belong to your kitchen needs. Then here, we have some beautiful and reliable touchless kitchen trash can for you.

Touchless Kitchen Trash Can Under $160

Curver 50 Liter Rectangle Step Open Trash Can (Price: $49.99)

touchless kitchen trash can 11
  • 1.2K

Credit: Target

This beautiful and modern trash can comes with simple silver color style but you can give it a nice picture cover to enhance its look. With the big capacity about 50 liters, it is enough to hold your house trash. The look of this modern trash bin is so beautiful with a shiny finish. 

The features of this trash can:
  • The capacity of this trash bin is 50.000 liter
  • Pedal-operated Lid
  • Polypropylene cover
  • Silver shiny finish
  • Free standing mount type
  • Wipe to clean it with a damp mop or cloth
  • The dimensions are 28 x 15 x 11 inches
  • The weight of this trash can is 5.7 pounds
  • No battery needed to operate it

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iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Touchless Trash Can (Price: $53.96)

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  • 1.2K

credit: Amazon

This modern trash can is more convenient and healthier because it has non-touch lid operation complete with a deodorizer. It is so perfect for any places such as office, home, school, care facilities, etc. The iTouchless Deodorizer trash can has one free odor filter with activated carbon to eliminate the odor around the room.

It comes with an extra wide opening about 11.75″ diagonal, so we can easily accommodate some bulky and large items. If you get your trash bag full, the air vent of this modern trash can help you to easily remove it. Moreover, this amazing trash can has an anti-microbial feature, a fingerprint-proof, and absolutely easy to clean.

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The 4D size batteries of this trash can last up to more one year (not included) and you can also use the optional AC adapter which is sold separately. Not required for any custom bags. The capacity for this kitchen trash bag is about 13 gallon or 49 liters.

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13.2 Gal Deodorizer Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can (Price: $57.95)

touchless kitchen trash can 2
  • 1.2K

credit: Walmart

This next touchless kitchen trash can has an automatic motion sensor, it is such a great trash bin with the 13 gallo0n capacity. It also has a sophisticated design and intelligence capabilities. This one can be a good choice and an ideal upgrade for your kitchen decor and theme.

There is an infrared technology that equipped inside, and you know what? This kitchen trash can really help us in keep dining or cooking areas smelling fresh and clean every day. The lid will open itself automatically when the object gets closer to the surface.

The features of this trash can:
  • The dimensions are 12 x 12 x 30 inches
  • Unique odor filtration system
  • Elegant and modern stainless steel body
  • Touchless design
  • Infrared detection lid
  • Low battery indication
  • Removes odors for months

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Nine Stars 18.5-Gallon Motion Sensor Recycle Unit and Trash Can(Price: $61.98)

touchless kitchen trash can 3
  • 1.2K

credit: Walmart

A sturdy look and great style of this modern touchless trash are perfect in every corner your home. With the motion sensor, the lid that can open automatically and will stay open when your hands are still detected.

There are two compartments inside this gorgeous trash bin, the first side is for recyclables items and the second one for the unrecyclable.

The features of this trash can:
  • 18.5 gallons capacity
  • 10-gallon trash fit in the divided base
  • Automatic hands detector
  • When your hand away from the trash bin the lid will close in three seconds
  • A sensor with twenty – degree angle for early detection system
  • Complete with two parts of recyclable trash and non-recyclable trash
  • Touch-free
  • Eliminates cross-contamination from germs
  • Glossy stainless steel body
  • Manual button in the front
  • Powered by 4x D batteries (not included)

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iTouchless 14 Gallon Trash Can with Infrared-Sensor Sliding Lid (Price: $81.59)

touchless kitchen trash can 7
  • 1.2K

Credit: Walmart

Give your kitchen something new, put this gorgeous iTouchless trash can in your lovely corner to update your kitchen’s look. It comes with a quite big capacity about 14-Gallon Trash Can.

The latest system update of infrared sensor technology inside this modern trash can really help us when our hands are full which we do not have to push it to open the trash can.

Moreover, with this up to date technology of this black steel trash bin, we can still open and close the button for manual operation. This iTouchless trash bin requires 4 D batteries to operate all of the functions.

The features of this trash can:
  • This modern and gorgeous trash can work using the latest update of sensor technology
  • Lid will open automatically and it can remain open when your hands are about 6″ from the infrared sensor
  • Open and close in manual way operation
  • Holds up to 14 gallons or 52 liters capacity
  • Runs on 4 D size batteries with AC power adaptor

Step N’ Sort 16-Gallon 2-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin (Price: $110.00)

touchless kitchen trash can 8
  • 1.2K

Credit: Walmart

This smart and big trash can is very suitable to put in any corner of your kitchen. The heavy-duty body and stainless steel frame are a great combination to fill the perfection.

It can handle all of the waste, has a big storage, and good recycling system. The product comes with easy step pedals that allow us to sort our items into the removable inner trash.

The features of this trash can:
  • The capacity of this trash can is about 16 gallon or 60 liter
  • There are two compartments inside for easy sorting
  • Each compartment can occupy 8 gallons
  • Each bin fits 10 till 13 gallon bags
  • Perfect with the sturdy steel construction
  • It has step pedals

simplehuman Swing Top Trash Can (Price: $129)

touchless kitchen trash can 5
  • 1.2K

Credit: Amazon

This simplehuman swing top trash can comes with a cool and gorgeous look. We can activate the swing-back lid by giving a gentle push. It also has a quite large capacity that really suitable for a larger household.

The features of this trash can:
  • Perfect balanced swing lid
  • Has a large capacity
  • Lift-off lid to make an easy bag change
  • Custom fit liners are available

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simplehuman Slim Open Top Trash Can (Price: $129.99)

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  • 1.2K

Credit: Amazon

This simplehuman Slim open top trash can comes with 50 L / 13 Gal capacity. It has a cool open lid design, so you can easily toss in the garbage on the go.  It has also a sturdy stainless steel body and construction to complete the perfection. This is an ideal product for a busy household and a large family.

The features of this trash can:
  • It has an open top design (very good for the high-traffic area)
  • Quick access
  • It has a lift-off lid (an easy way to change the bag)
  • Large capacity up to 50 L / 13 Gal
  • Good choice for your tight spaces

simplehuman 45 Liter Butterfly Step Trash Can (Price: $159.99)

touchless kitchen trash can 9
  • 1.2K

Credit: Target

This last recommended kitchen touchless trash can is the simplehuman butterfly step can. This is a nice product with an artistic and innovative butterfly lid which can open the center for the maximum clearance under the low countertop.

The slim body is a plus and it is very efficient to make the tightest spaces. It also has a strong steel pedal body that patented the lid shox system, to ensure the trash can will work quietly and smoothly for years.

The features of this trash can:
  • Big capacity, about 45.000 liter
  • Tight-fitting Lid
  • Compact Design
  • Pedal-operated Lid
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Strong stainless steel body
  • Brushed finish
  • Free Standing mount type
  • Easy to care and cleaning
  • The dimensions are 26 inches H x 23 inches D 10 inches W 
  • The weight of this is 18.7 pounds
  • No need of the battery use

So those are some recommended touchless kitchen trash can for your reference. It is always a good idea to choose the touchless kitchen trash can since it provides convenience for you. It’s also beneficial to keep the hygiene of your hand while you are cooking or having some meals in your kitchen.

Choose the touchless kitchen trash can with the reliable and complete features, and never forget about the looks that should match well with your kitchen interior design. The prices which are offered are actually affordable yet you have to pick the one which suits your budget well.

Reading some reviews about the products will definitely help you to pick the right one to buy. You can’t end up having a poor product to add functions to your kitchen. Then, hopefully, our list of touchless kitchen trash can will help you to select the product which meets your requirement. Happy shopping for your home improvement!

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