Two Types of Commercial Shops for Rent in Dubai

If you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur, own your own business empire, or are just looking to expand internationally, Dubai may be the next place for you to start your next business. From gyms to supermarkets, Dubai has many different types of commercial shops that are available just for the entrepreneur.

There are several different types of commercial shops for rent in Dubai. These include supermarkets, which have a reliant base of customers and will consistently make money; retail stores, which have a more competitive base of customers and will partially rely on your company’s reputation; and gyms, which rely almost wholly on your business’s reputation in order to maintain a client base.

But there are also other types of commercial shops for rent in Dubai. Here are two more of these shops.

Drug Store

A drug store is one of the commercial shops for rent in Dubai. Since everyone needs medicine at some point, you will have a reliable customer base. However, you can just as easily lose your customer base if you give lousy service. I have stopped going to a specific drug store because they made me wait for at least an hour while the medicine was already prepared for me. I even got a call to come in and get the medicine, but it was either not available, or they had lost it on the shelves.

A drug store for rent in Dubai will often come preapproved for selling medical equipment and medicine, will have a loading bay, and might even provide you with free parking. This will make the permit process easier and will also save valuable time and money as you prepare to open your business.

The best spot to get a drug store for rent is near a supermarket, bus stop, or other place of high traffic. This will attract your clientele; however, remember that customer service will determine whether you keep your clientele.

Drug stores for rent will vary by annual rent. However, they are relatively low-cost, with the highest rent being in the five figures in dirham.

Coffee Shop/Restaurant

If you are nervous about providing top-notch customer service to retain a client base, perhaps your skills are better suited for quality of product. This is where the coffee shop/restaurant comes in. Since most people like coffee, your initial base of customers will be large. Additionally, if you make food and turn it into a café, you will grow your client base even more. The coffee shop where I used to live also sold vegetarian food. Even though I am not a vegetarian, I still enjoyed their food. This is how businesses like a café grow: through word of mouth and customer satisfaction with your product. Although customer service will play a factor in competing over a client base, the quality of your product is what will keep customers coming back.

A coffee/shop restaurant in Dubai often comes with air conditioning ready to be connected. However, some these buildings do have a certain power limit, and if you exceed it, you will blow a fuse.

The best coffee shop location in Dubai is at the bottom of a hotel or residential tower. This is because people will roll out of bed and grab coffee and food on their way to work. The location is perfect for those who do not have time in the morning to make coffee or prefer to have others make it instead.

A coffee shop/restaurant will vary in price. However, you should be prepared to pay six figures in rent annually if you ren a coffee shop/restaurant in Dubai.


There are different commercial shops for rent in Dubai for people with all entrepreneurial skill levels. For those that like a reliable consumer base, a drug store may be the best of the commercial shops for rent for you. If you think you can better assure the consistency of the quality of your product, then a coffee shop/restaurant might be best for you.

Location, as always, is important. From being near busy bus stops or off a busy highway to being located at the bottom of residential tower, there is a variety of locations that you can choose to attract and retain customers.

Finally, whether you think you be able to make a lot of money, or make just enough money to pay the rent, Dubai’s affordable rental prices will give you plenty of room to make an error.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a commercial shop for sale in Dubai today!


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