30 Stylishly Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Try

The kitchen backsplash has such a huge role in influencing the overall look of your kitchen. Therefore, it’s surely important to make it as attractive as possible to have a very stylish kitchen decor.

Today, so many homeowners have creatively used the unique backsplash to decorate their kitchen. It involves the unique materials, shape, and pattern which look so tempting to bring to your very own kitchen.

Here, we share you lots of kitchen backsplash ideas which look so unique to make your kitchen look distinctively stunning. You can include them in your inspiration list when you are about to remodel your kitchen decor any soon.

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So just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of unique kitchen backsplash ideas!

Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Decorative Stainless Steel Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 1-min

If the plain stainless steel backsplash looks too boring for your kitchen, the decorative one can be a better alternative. This one comes in a brick style which makes the counter area look decorative in a very modern way.

Contoured Tile Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 2-min

The unique kitchen backsplash which uses the contoured tile which will never fail to make your kitchen look as stylish as possible. You can play with the lighting to create a very beautiful touch to the counter area.

Rocky Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 3-min

This inspiring unique kitchen backsplash which works well to give a superb natural touch your kitchen layout. It’s made of a collection of earthy pebbles which is arranged as careful as possible to create a huge kitchen backsplash.

Gold Marble Tile Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 4-min

The golden accent always gives such a stunningly glamorous touch to every kitchen decor, and this one is an inspiring idea to try. It’s a white marble tile with the golden line which is so beautiful and makes the counter area look so dazzling.

Rustic Concrete Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 5-min

The concrete touch has become so popular and becomes one of the latest home decorating ideas. Here, such material is used to build up a backsplash which can be the good option for you who love to give a rustic nuance to your kitchen.

Classic Bronze Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 6-min

Another amazing unique kitchen backsplash to bring in a glamorous nuance to the room’s overall look and bronze tile is chosen this time. The tile comes with a vintage pattern which makes it look way more attractive.

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World Map Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 7-min

This unique kitchen backsplash will add such an ‘educating atmosphere’ to your kitchen layout. It’s a map backsplash which looks so distinctive to colorize an all-white kitchen gorgeously.

Fish Tank Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 8-min

Looking for an out-of-the-world unique kitchen backsplash? Well, this fish tank and rocky backsplash can be your ultimate inspiration. This kind of backsplash will surely bring the style of your kitchen to a whole new level.

Dance Floor Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 9-min

Choosing mirror as the material for your unique kitchen backsplash is always a good idea to brighten up the room. Here, the mirror backsplash is made in a disco style which makes it look more stunningly distinctive.

Exposed Brick Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 10-min

Another awesome idea to create a unique kitchen backsplash and it uses the unfinished brick as the main material. It can be a good option to create a unique kitchen backsplash in a more affordable way.

Patches Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 11-min

Yeap, this unique kitchen backsplash is literally made of fabric which is protected by the glass surface. Obviously, it makes the counter area look decoratively festive and creates such a cheerful atmosphere to the room layout.

Weathered Wood Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 12-min

The rustic touch indeed takes over the home decor trend this year, and wood is absolutely the first material that you can choose. This unique kitchen backsplash uses the weathered wood plank which gives a distinctive rustic look.

In addition, you can use the used shipping pallet to create this kind of backsplash cheaply and easily.

Photograph Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 13-min

The admirable unique kitchen backsplash to give such a memorable look to your kitchen layout. It’s also a great inspiration to give a vintage touch to the counter area.

Sea-Inspired Tile Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 14-min

The design of this backsplash is a perfect choice to create a nautical atmosphere for your kitchen decor. Its soft blue finish makes it look so relaxing to the eyes.

Tin Tiles Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 15-min

This kind of tile is commonly used for a ceiling construction, and here, the tin tile is used to create a unique kitchen backsplash. It looks so catchy and distinctive to style up your bathroom decor.

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Chevron Gray Tile Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 16-min

Chevron pattern always gives a stylish touch to every room’s decor and applying such look to your kitchen backsplash totally sounds like a great idea. This one uses the subtle grey tile in with chevron patterns which complements the all-white cabinet with grey countertop.

Unfinished Wood Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 17-min

Another unique kitchen backsplash which uses wood as its main material, and it uses the unfinished wood plank. The material choice creates such a bright rustic look which makes the room feels much fresher.

Tinted Glass Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 18-min

The simply stylish unique kitchen backsplash which is made of the tinted glass to colorize your boring kitchen. It will make the counter area look way more attractive and you can make it easily at home.

Rustic Slate Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 19-min

Slate can be another option to create unique kitchen backsplash with a natural and rustic style. This slate backsplash looks totally stunning and gives such a bold statement to the overall look of the kitchen.

White Wood Panel Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 20-min

Do you have a farmhouse kitchen decor? Then this unique kitchen backsplash will complete your kitchen very well. It’s a wood paneling backsplash in a white finish which pops up the farmhouse nuance gorgeously.

Mediterranean Tile Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 21-min

The decoratively vibrant kitchen backsplash which is inspired by the Mediterranean vibe. It gives a bold decorative touch to the kitchen which makes it look so catchy.

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3D Tile Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 22-min

The unique kitchen backsplash which uses the arrangement of tile to create a 3D effect gorgeously. It makes any tile design look more distinctive and you can try copy this idea easily to create your very own 3D backsplash.

Colorful Lego Backsplash

Looking for a backsplash which will give such a playful nuance? Well, this unique kitchen backsplash which is made of lego should be included on your inspiration list.

Branches Backsplash

Well, the backsplash doesn’t actually use the branch as the material but it’s a tile with the branch decoration which looks so mesmerizing. It complements the natural wood cabinet perfectly, creating a distinctive natural layout.

Stone Backsplash


The superb natural unique kitchen backsplash which is made of huge stones which looks so inspiring to copy. All of the rocks are left unfinished to give a bold earthy statement to the counter area.

Mosaic Backsplash

One of the most popular unique kitchen backsplashes that you can easily find is the mosaic tile backsplash. Here, the tile forms beautiful scenery which uses the combination of shades of brown and grey to create a more natural look.

Wavy Tile Backsplash

Another awesome inspiration to complete your nautical kitchen decor, it’s a wavy backsplash in a combination of white, green, and blue which looks so gorgeous. It will give a more distinctive coastal touch to the layout of your kitchen.

Huge Mirror Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 29-min

Mirror is the good material to brighten up the kitchen and give it such a wider impression. This huge mirror backsplash absolutely gives a very stunning nuance to the counter area with its dazzling look.

Furthermore, the glass open shelves are installed which doesn’t only provide some extra convenient storages but also brightens up the counter area. Then, the stainless steel countertop complements the backsplash perfectly.

Bold Chevron Backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash 30-min

Again, chevron pattern is chosen to create an attractive unique kitchen backsplash, and here the combination of silver and black is used. It creates a very luxurious touch due to the mixture of shining silver and bold black.

Unique Kitchen Backsplash-min

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Eventually, those are some awesome unique kitchen backsplash ideas which are surely inspiring to have. They are so worth to add to your reference when you want to make your kitchen decor look way more distinctively attractive.

You can choose the one which matches the existing layout of your kitchen to have a nice harmonious overall look. Also, keep in mind to choose the right material which suits the environment of your kitchen.

Applying the unique kitchen backsplash is surely a much better idea than using the common one since such backsplash will make the room look and feel more inviting. Moreover, the unique stuff always becomes the timeless piece that will never look outdated from time to time.

Well, happy remodeling our beloved kitchen backsplash then!

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