10 Proven Ways That Will Prevent Sound Pollution From Entering Your House

Are you facing sleep deprivation or having a lack of focus in the study within your home? It doesn’t mean that you have some mental illness. Most likely, it happens because you are uneasy with sound coming from somewhere outside your home. Or, probably your younger siblings, kids or pets are making noise while playing in an adjacent room that disturbs you a lot.

10 Proven Ways That Will Prevent Sound Pollution From Entering Your House

A good purposeful study requires maximum attention to detail which may not be possible without having a sound-free zone. In this blog, you will come to know the most effective ways that may include inexpensive options like planting trees, and expensive options like using double pane windows to reduce sound in your house. Before doing so, let’s find out the possible causes of noise pollution in your home.

Main Sources of Noise Pollution in any Home

The sources of noise pollution are endless. However, sound pollution comes from two possible means: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor sources of noise pollution

  • Home appliances such as washing machines, 
  • Domestic gadgets like exhaust fans, and vacuum cleaners
  • Furniture scraping or shifting from one place to another
  • Washing kitchenware 
  • Dining and chit-chat
  • Watching television, playing video games or music

Outdoor sources of noise pollution

  • Machines
  • Outside traffic
  • Neighboring Construction Sites
  • Lawnmowers
  • Animals & birds
  • Airplanes takeoff
  • Fireworks or firecrackers
  • Nearby music concert or festival

Now that you are aware of the main sources that may cause noise pollution in a home. Let’s find out the possible ways to solve the problem with ease.

10 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Sound Pollution

  • Grow Trees and Plants Around your House

home plant

Trees and large plants are proven to be natural things that significantly reduce noise pollution. Some highly-valued societies always allocate a significant portion for the plants and trees. Additionally, trees are your best friend when it comes to purifying the quality of air. So, having various trees and plants in your neighborhood means getting less sound pollution around your area. 

  • Insulate Your Windows for a Full Soundproof Insulation

One of the top things that cause sound penetration inside your room is the window. The air gap in the window frames and the single glass pane cause a significant amount of sound leakage into your room. To prevent this, you should replace your windows with Double Pane Glass Windows that include insulated gas between the two glass panes, all these materials massively create a barrier to stop the noise. The best thing about Double Pane Windows is that they also make your home highly energy-efficient and serve for a long time. Also, you may use thick curtains on the windows to get a more effective reduction in noise. 

  • Check your Door

Many people are uneasy with the door opening or closing because it gives an obnoxious sound to many. You should frequently check your doors if they need some repair to stop the noise. Moreover, every door’s bottom has some gaps to ensure easy opening and closing. However, it allows noise penetration into your living room. Use an insulated door bottom seal to prevent sound penetration inside your room.

  • Frequently Lubricate Machines That Cause Noise Within Your House

Machines like motors, drill machines, vehicle engines, and lawnmowers need lubrication after a couple of months. Low lubrication results in unpleasant sound due to friction of its parts. It may not only cause severe sound pollution but also reduce the life of that machine. 

  • Install Wooden Fence Around Your Home

wooden fence

If you have plenty of area around your home, or at least at the house front, install a wood fence that gives a strong sound barrier. Wood is an insulating material that keeps the sound from passing through. Additionally, you can paint the fence to synchronize the tone with your home exterior. 

  • Fix any Cracks or Wall holes

You can either do wall-to-wall carpeting or apply hairline crack filler to fix any crack which could be the possible cause of sound leakage. Fixing the crack or hole will not only prevent sound but also make an energy-efficient home interior.

  • Use of Modern Acoustic Wall Panels

You can also reduce noise pollution effectively with modern designed acoustic wall panels which you can easily buy from various online stores or from the market. Few wall panels are more efficient than others in terms of sound insulation. Choose the one which effectively reduces sound and gives you a good value for money. 

  • Use Rugs or Carpets on the Floor

Rugs and carpets are not just for feeling comfortable on the feet. It helps reduce noise and keep a silent ambience. Use full floor carpets to get better results. 

  • Install Noise Cancellation Devices

The technological revolution has not only brought convenience to our life but also provided us with desired features with its smart application. Noise reduction devices are amongst those incredible inventions that have solved our big problems with a small investment.

  • Declare Your House-Front as “No Horn Zone”

It is better to take preventive measures and put a “No Horn Zone” symbol just outside your home. Declaring a horn prohibited area will stop drivers from making horns around your house, so you can enjoy sleep or good study without interruption of traffic noise.


If you want to have a noise-free zone, transform your interior space by upgrading your windows, adding some plants, lubricating machines, fencing your house, and using modern acoustic walls & flooring can provide you the desired atmosphere to enjoy good study or have a better sleep. A peaceful mind is a must for health and study. The best thing is, you can achieve it with a little effort and investment at once for a lifetime result.

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