What to Look for In a Restaurant Furniture Supplier?

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In the hospitality industry, what looks is what sells. No matter how hard you have worked to find the best location for your restaurant or hire the best chef in the town, an off-putting or mediocre ambiance will hardly attract customers. Although the food quality and taste continue to be the top considerations for many restaurant owners, they often tend to miss the importance of commercial furniture. Before your guests can taste the dishes or interact with your staff, restaurant furniture forms the crucial first impression that sets the tone for their dining experience. Therefore, finding a trustworthy, capable, and reputed wholesale restaurant furniture manufacturer can decide your restaurant’s success and profitability.

How to Find the Best Restaurant Furniture Supplier?

Now that you have understood how beneficial the commercial furniture is in the restaurant industry, here are some handy tips on choosing the best restaurant furniture supplier:

1. Decide The Time Frame

We all have deadlines, don’t we? As a restaurant owner, managing the timeline of different aspects can get intimidating as the opening day approaches. That’s why you must plan everything in advance and develop a schedule accordingly to avoid the last-minute rush. Any wholesale restaurant furniture supplier that promises custom sets for your entire restaurant in a few weeks is usually a deal too good to be true. On the other hand, a reputed commercial furniture manufacturer will take his time to offer personalized, high-quality products. However, he will:

  • Discuss your requirements in detail and offer the best product and design for your restaurant.
  • Keep you updated at every stage of manufacturing.
  • Deliver the restaurant furniture as per the promised schedule.

2. Decide The Material

Commercial restaurant furniture is available in several materials – from wood to plastic, laminate to metal, marble to butcher block, and granite to resin – the list is endless. So which material should you select? Ideally, the restaurant furniture material should go with its theme and reflect the owner’s taste. For example, if your restaurant highlights local cuisine and dishes, select locally sourced materials for the furniture. Similarly, for wooden furniture, learn about the type of wood, stains, and patterns.

  • Each material serves a specific purpose and creates a unique look. For example, while metal tables and chairs are perfect for an industrial setup, go for plastic or laminate furniture for outdoor use.
  • Enquire about alternate options from the supplier. Be as selective for your furniture material as you are about the dishes served and ingredients used in your restaurant.

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3. Check For the Warranty on Products

Furniture in any busy restaurant undergoes a lot of wear and tear. No matter how durable the furniture is or how solidly it was built, it might require servicing or replacement after some time. So, what to do if there is trouble with your restaurant furniture? Whom should you contact?

  • Although most restaurant furniture suppliers follow the best practices that result in flawless, durable furniture the first time itself, at times faults do occur. However, a reputed supplier will do the needful in correcting their errors and covering manufacturing defects without any extra cost.
  • Before you make up your mind, make sure the furniture is backed by a commercial warranty. Additionally, understand the scope and coverage of the warranty plus which conditions might make the warranty void.

4. Check For the Customization Options

While every wholesale restaurant furniture manufacturer maintains an inventory of their best-selling products, they rarely tend to entice a restaurant owner. Restaurant owners often prefer custom options or a personal touch like fabrics, logos, paints, designs, stains, etc., that complements their restaurant’s ambiance.

Whether you want a completely new custom design from scratch or accessorizing the pre-designed tables or chairs, make sure your restaurant furniture supplier is willing to accommodate your custom design requests.

5. Check For the Extensive Experience

Partner with a supplier with plenty of years of experience in the commercial furniture business. The longer a supplier has been in the market, the more will be his vision to foresee the future design changes and adapt to the upcoming challenges of the market.

  • More importantly, you can gain from his experiences through his guidance on the potential shortcomings in your shortlisted designs or materials.
  • You can visit the previous clients of the supplier and take feedback on the performance of its products and their shopping experience with that particular supplier.

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6. Look For a Competitive Price

Buying furniture requires a significant investment, and as an owner, it is natural to cut costs wherever you can. However, ensure that you don’t compromise the quality while searching for a tempting deal. When you compare restaurant furniture suppliers or products, consider the initial cost as well as the maintenance or repair charges over time.

By partnering directly with a wholesale restaurant furniture manufacturer, you can save on third-party or agency commissions. Similarly, if you intend to order the entire set, enquire about bulk discounts from your restaurant furniture supplier.

Summing It Up

Finding the right furniture for your restaurant might appear to be a herculean task in the beginning. After all, there are many things to consider like the material, durability, affordability, functionality, maintenance, etc. However, with the right supplier on your side, this job gets much easier. A reputable supplier who specializes in commercial furniture not only offers you the best product for your requirements but also leaves plenty of room for customization.

This article discusses things to look for in a wholesale restaurant furniture supplier or manufacturer. Hopefully, these tips will guide you in finding the best supplier for your commercial furniture requirements that offers quality products and value for your investment.

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