What Is Involved In AC Tune Up? Why Get One?

What Is Involved In AC Tune Up? Why Get One?

Like cars, some essential household systems need preventive maintenance and regular tune-up for optimal performance. Such is the case for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system which is critical in keeping you and your family comfortable, no matter the season.

When investing in pricey household products, care should also be taken in using and maintaining them. In an ideal setting, air conditioning professionals must be sought out about twice a year for regular checks. But, the reality is, they’re most often called only for repairs or when something’s off with the cooling device.

Discover what service technicians mean when they recommend an AC tune-up and why you should heed the advice.

The AC Tune-Up
For your lorton ac tune up,  seek the services of professionals for your peace of mind.

These HVAC experts typically perform a tune-up alongside professional cleaning services. Here’s a checklist of what they typically do:

 Validate the quality of installation

  • Check for the correct system operation
  • Observe start-up and heating, as well as cooling cycles
  • Thorough cleaning of your AC’s condenser and evaporating coils
  • Checking of your coolant levels
  • Increase lubrication in some parts, as necessary
  • Calibrate your thermostat to proper levels
  • Inspection of the ductwork and making sure there are no leaks
  • Inspection of all the electrical connections
  • Evaluate blower motor function(s)
  • Check the condition of the blower belt
  • Replace air filters, if necessary
  • Evaluate system airflow
  • Measure the refrigerant charge and make appropriate adjustments
  • Check the space near the equipment
  • Inspect the drain for potential issues

Ultimately, an air conditioning tune-up can improve HVAC efficiency, helping reduce your energy bills, as well as spot any potential problems. A regular tune-up can also increase the lifespan of your HVAC system and avert power loss.

 The 5 Benefits

Homeowners may not see the advantages of a regular performance check-up and think of it as part of unnecessary spending. However, the opposite may be true, as you can enjoy the following benefits in getting an AC tune-up:

  1. Save on Repair And Replacement Costs

Depending on the specific services you need, an air conditioning check-up can cost you anywhere from USD$75 to USD$185. Compare this to costlier repairs which can run a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. In fact, an HVAC system replacement is estimated to cost you, at least, USD$ 3,000 for a 3-ton capacity unit.

With tune-ups, your HVAC professionals are capable of identifying potential problems and increasing efficiency, averting high repair costs and electric bills.

  1. Ensure Continuous Comfort

Having your air conditioning unit break down in the middle of summer is perhaps one of the most discomforting experience you’ll ever have. Hence, it’s best if you get a performance check before the summer so that you and your family can enjoy even when it’s hot outside.

A well-performing unit and HVAC system gets you ready for any season anyway, not just the summer.

  1. Facilitate Cleaner Indoor Air

Cooking and spraying insecticides and hair sprays can pollute indoor air. Because of limited ventilation, substances may take longer to disintegrate. Air filters can only do so much to help.

As periodic tune-ups include thorough cleaning, an HVAC expert check on your vents, ducts, and filters, as well. Frequent duct-cleaning and air filter replacement help ensure that indoor air quality is preserved.

  1. Help Prolong Your AC’s Lifespan

Apart from keeping your unit clean, getting frequent air conditioning tune-ups can support your appliance’s efficiency. With it, you’re likely to experience less break downs, no thermostat issues, and reduced noise.

It’s believed that regular maintenance checks and clean-ups can extend your unit’s life span to up to five years.

Without HVAC professionals, you can’t know that your coolant levels need to be increased or that your condenser and evaporation coils are plagued with problems and need to work doubly hard to give you your desired cooling experience.

Simply put, an AC tune-up is similar to a car tune-up: You wouldn’t know what could be wrong with your car if you don’t hire professionals to check on it.

  1. Give You Peace Of Mind

This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of an air conditioning tune up, one that couldn’t be quantified.

By investing minimally on preventive measures, you can reap the benefits by getting enough assurance that you and your family can rely on a properly-maintained cooling device or HVAC system—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Bottom Line

An air conditioning unit is a must-have if you want to keep safe, cozy, and comfortable inside your home. To ascertain that your HVAC system works seamlessly, have it regularly checked by professionals.

Spending a little over a hundred dollars can ultimately save you additional costs, headaches, and hassles brought about by a busted cooling unit.

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