What You Should Know Before Merging Your Home and Business Storage In Calgary 

Are you relocating and need temporary storage space for your household goods, office equipment, and supplies? You can store them in a self-storage unit that is large enough to accommodate numerous items. However, you may also ask if you can store personal and corporate materials in the same storage space. To respond to that question, we must first consider a few key factors.  

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How Self-Storage Units Work 

There are short-term and long-term self-storage facilities available for personal and business storage in Calgary. You can decide on a storage facility to rent for a specific period. However, you must be aware that not all facilities implement the same level of security. Some will invest in security measures and provide insurance, while others don’t. Next is to determine what size you need for a specific purpose. If you find what you need, you can enter the agreement, make an initial payment and move your belonging inside.  

It would help if you remembered what items are prohibited in self-storage units for safety and sanitary reasons. Avoid storing the following items, regardless if you have them in your house or business: 

  • Any firearms, ammunition, and weapons 
  • Asbestos, pollutants, and other hazardous items 
  • Toxic, radioactive, and biological substances or agents, and flammable materials and liquids that pose a serious threat to the facility, staff, other customers, and your other items 
  • Aerosol cans and gas canisters 
  • Waste and other items that have an odor or could emit unpleasant smells 
  • Illegal substances, items that are illegal or illegally obtained 
  • Cash, coins, securities, precious gems or stones, antiques, jewelry, fine art, unless there is an agreement between you and the facility in writing and in advance 
  • Food or perishable goods; dry food (rice, pet food, flour, and more) 
  • Scented candles and décor made from edible materials (play dough ornaments, popcorn strings, and more) 
  • Pets, animals, birds, fish, and any other live animals 

 What You’re Allowed To Store Away 

It would be easy to assume that anything else not included in the list above is safe for storage. However, you can still ask for a list of items you’re not allowed to keep in the specific facility where you want to store your belongings.  

In the case of merging household items and business supplies, you should take advantage of separate storage units dedicated to each purpose instead. They help you become more organized, and there’s less risk of mixing up items this way when they’re packed in boxes.  

Business Or Professional Storage  

Business storage in Calgary will offer the same moving storage features and sizes as the moving storage units. And as additional benefits, business owners will only need to pay for the storage they need without binding contracts and agreements that are long-term. Some facilities will also accept deliveries on behalf of the customer, like mail and shipments. Also, you can choose the size of your unit with a climate-control feature if necessary. 

There are many benefits to renting a storage unit for your business needs. Typically, you’ll need a place to store your inventory if you’re in the retail or wholesale business. If you can’t access your warehouse, it may be more affordable to rent a storage unit instead. In doing so, you won’t need to keep all the stocks in your office, and you can increase more space for valuable equipment. It’ll also help you manage seasonal supplies and the overall inventory system.  

Personal Or Moving Storage 

Self-storage facilities include designated areas for storing personal belongings and company inventory. Moreover, for the duration of a remodel or relocation, you can also use a storage container to safeguard your belongings. In addition, if you need more time to store your belongings, you can extend your lease on the storage unit.

Some storage units can reach up to 300 square feet. So, if you need to store furniture and large appliances in the meantime, you can choose the unit that suits your needs. Some homeowners even rent storages that offer heated, unheated, and those that are fully-climate controlled for specific items that need protection. Apart from moving and downsizing, customers can also use the storage units when staging a home for selling and decluttering. 

How Much And When To Pay 

In Calgary, the pricing depends on the size of the unit. Small units cost CAD$107. For medium units, they can charge CAD$197, and large spaces can cost around CAD$304. Payments can be made every month, either online or through physical transactions.  

In Conclusion 

Consequently, before merging home and business items in one storage facility, it would be best to inquire if they have separate units, since it’s more convenient to have a unit for your furniture and business stocks to improve organization and management. Lastly, you can inquire about your storage needs and the specific features offered by the company by calling or visiting the website of the closest storage facility in your area.  


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