20+ Beautiful Sims 4 House Ideas That You Can Copy Easily

It’s undeniable that building a home can be the most fun part of The Sims 4. Some people even only focus on constructing the home without actually playing the game.

However, some of us are not really good on designing a home and need some inspirations to refer to. You may find it challenging to have a home that looks admirable and feels comfortable at the same time.

Rest assured, below we have compiled some beautiful Sims 4 house ideas for your ultimate reference!

Beautiful Sims 4 House Ideas

Earthy Rustic Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 1
Source: .thesimsresource.com

Adopting a rustic decorating style to your Sims house is never a bad idea just as this idea shows. Here, a natural brown color that is popped from the bricks and flooring becomes the main shade of the palette which blends beautifully with the natural surrounding. Some greeneries also decorate the exterior walls which don’t only give a brighter color naturally but also freshens the vibe around the house.

The main house consists of two floors which allows everyone to stay inside comfortably. To provide a more joyful space, an outdoor dining set and some relaxing lounges decorate the patio close to the swimming pool.

Simple Classic Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 2
Source: thesimsresource.com

This house looks so cozy with its vintage design which will remind you of your grandma’s house. The style of the ceiling is so mesmerizing which matches the design of the windows and door very well.

Though the house is not really that big, it still has cozy outdoor space to entertain all the family members and coming guests. The porch is quite spacious and looks so fresh with various kinds of the plantation. On one side of the house, you can have a fun BBQ party.

Stunning Modern Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 3
Source: @VincentRembrandt

For you who are looking for a house with a superbly modern design, this one is the ultimate inspiration to copy. The clean-lined design of the house is enough to tell everyone that it definitely adapts the contemporary style. Black colorizes most parts of the exterior walls of the house which makes it look so elegant. To add a more attractive touch, wood elements decorate the house.

You can see that windows surround each level of the house which brings the style of the house to a new level and lets the natural light come in. That being said, it’s also an energy-saving house as well.

Small Exhilarating Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 4
Source: @VincentRembrandt

There are so many ways that you can apply to make a small house look and feel way more inviting. The living room of this tiny house is designed in the sunroom style which instantly enhances the value of the house. You can have a nice relaxing time with everyone in a very exhilarating way.

The design of the house itself is quite simple with a combination of white and brown. The textures of the exposed walls make it more attractive but still keep everything as minimalist as possible. Thanks to trees around the house which shade the sunroom naturally.

Gorgeous Rustic Style

Sims 4 House Ideas 5
Source: @endesolene

For you who are looking for a wood house, this Sims 4 House Ideas is definitely worth adding to your top list. The house looks gorgeously rustic with the natural finish that dominates the exterior wall. The texture also makes the house look so mesmerizing.

Uniquely, navy blue colorizes some sides of the house. The shade gives a bold touch to its rustic overall look. Furthermore, beautiful flowers also decorate the roof and windows to freshen the air around the outdoor living space.

Stylish Minimalist House

Sims 4 House Ideas 6
Source: @kellenlais

This minimalist house looks so stylish with its box design. The combination of grey, dark brown, and bright wood tone makes it great for you who love contemporary decorating style. Though the house is quite small, the airy layout of the hose will keep everyone feeling as cozy as possible.

The plantation in front of the house gives a more natural touch to the overall look of the house with a warmly neutral nuance.

Cozy Cottage Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 6a
Source: @Sims4Creations_

A mesmerizing cottage house that looks so enchanting. With its rustic decorating style, the house flows beautifully with its natural surrounding. A pergola shade is installed on the porch which doesn’t only enhance the comfort of the area but also gives a more decorative touch.

Of course, a pond in a natural decoration complements the house very well. You can also get your painting done on the side of the pond.

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Pretty Bright Nuance

Sims 4 House Ideas 7
Source: @kjennie220/a>

The light wood tone of the exterior walls combined with the great ceiling makes this house look beautifully bright. The farmhouse style of the design makes it perfect for you who love a vintage era. You don’t have to worry about the compact size of the house since it still provides extra comfort for everyone.

The trees with purple leaves that surround the house even make the exterior look so mesmerizing.

Fun Small House

Sims 4 House Ideas 8
Source: thegamer.com

Another inspiring Sims 4 House Ideas with a compact design that is so inspiring to copy. The house looks so cozy with plenty of outdoor areas that allow everyone to do a lot of fun activities. To create a wider impression, the house is painted in an all-white style which also brightens up the space very well.

The long planters are built on the sides of the house which pops the natural color around gorgeously.

Modern Earthy Style

Sims 4 House Ideas 9
Source: ea.com

This house combines a container and sunroom structure with a very stunning result. It’s a very nice inspiration for you who are looking for a house with a contemporary design.

Though the shape of the house is completely modern, the earthy elements which include wood and greeneries dominate its exterior. You can also tell from the glass walls that surround the construction that it’s also an eco-friendly house.

All-White Rustic Style

Sims 4 House Ideas 10
Source: rubyred-sims3.blogspot.com

It’s never a bad idea to colorize your Sims house with a neutral overall look just like this idea shows. White is definitely the main color of the house which makes it look gorgeously bright. The exposed brick texture of the exterior walls enhances the attractiveness of the house without changing the neutral style of the decor.

Those vintage-styled windows then make the house fit well for you who adore farmhouse decorating style.

Beautiful Oasis Springs

Sims 4 House Ideas 11
Source: viasims.blogspot.com

Looking for an extra large house? Well, you have to add this wonderful Sims 4 House Ideas to your top list. The house is designed in vintage style and colorized in beige for its exterior walls. The color looks stunning with the green grass surrounding it.

Minimalist Sunroom Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 12
Source: peachandherpan.tumblr.com

Another inspiring Sims 4 House Ideas with superbly cozy sunroom for your ultimate reference. The glass builds half of the house’s construction which covers the walls and roof. The rest of the exterior area is designed in a rustic style which gives a more farmhouse touch to its modern overall look.

Grass covers the outdoor space with some trees and bushes which creates a very refreshing vibe around.

Earthy Minimalist Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 13
Source: ea.com

A minimalist house with neutral colors may not really suit your needs since it may look too boring. This idea shows a minimalist house with a combination of brown and white as its exterior colors. The colors create a brightly bold look but still keep its minimalist style very well.

It’s surely a nice inspiration to build a more attractive minimalist house with simple construction.

Small Elegant House

Sims 4 House Ideas 14
Source: avelineyt.tumblr.com

An elegant home with a compact size to add to your minimalist home inspirations. You can see the exposed brick of the exterior walls gives a very catchy touch though the home is only colorized with light and deep brown. Of course, the geometric style of the construction is what makes this house look so beautiful.

Some cactuses and other plantations in the front yard match naturally with the color of the house and surely freshen the nuance at the same time.

Modern Family House

Sims 4 House Ideas 15
Source: totallysims.tumblr.com

This house looks simple with the cabin-styled design. White is the main color of the exterior walls which is warmed up by light brown elegantly. The rocky pillar then uniquely pops up some natural texture and pattern to enhance the attractiveness of the house.

The glass door and windows ensure that the outdoor light can also help to brighten up the entire house naturally.

Striking Bright House

Sims 4 House Ideas 16
Source: sims4downloads.net

Of course, the bold red paint that colorized some parts of the lower story of the house is the main element that makes this house look so astonishing. It gives a striking contrast to white which becomes the second color of the pallet. It’s definitely a simple inspiration if you’d like to build a more attractive minimalist home with a larger size.

White Square Structure

Sims 4 House Ideas 17a
Source: viasims.blogspot.com

It seems that houses with square structures are much adored just like this idea shows. The clean-lined design of the house looks so sophisticated. To keep everything as minimalist as possible, white and grey are combined for the exterior of the house, creating a bright neutral overall look.

There are no additional colors here, only those plantations that pop up with bolder touches.

Gorgeous Modern Design

Sims 4 House Ideas 18
Source: myhousethesims4.blogspot.com

A beautiful boxy house for you who adore the modern contemporary design. The house consists of two floorings which will surely ensure everyone gets nice comfort. Again, white is chosen as the main color to match its modern structure while brown warms up the overall look.

Some big trees surprisingly decorate one side of the house and are complemented by various kinds of plantations around.

Modern Japanese Style

A touch of Japanese nuance decorates the exterior of this beautiful contemporary house. You can see the wood accent is the main focal point of the exterior area which looks so gorgeous. It gives natural color, texture, and pattern to the overall look of the house with white overall look.

To enhance the Japanese vibe around the house, wood fence is chosen to mark the boundary with the neighbors.

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Tips for Building Sims 4 House

Now you have compiled some inspirations for your very own Sims, to further help you, check out some building tips below!

  • Always start small

Building a small house is definitely a wiser idea when you are a newbie on The Sims 4 or have never built something with a proper shot. It’s always good to finish smaller projects then move to more advanced options.

  • Free build mode

The free build mode allows you to reconstruct the buildings that you can’t edit. It’s very useful when you’d like to deal with some ‘special’ buildings.

  • Understand your taste

Every single one of you must have some kind of personal taste when it comes to styling a home and understanding yours will help a lot to determine the colors, objects, and other elements. From here, you would know wether you’d like to build modern, minimalist, farmhouse, and other decorating styles.

  • Use keyboard shortcuts

Since building a home can take a lot if time, you really need to use the keyboard shortcuts to save your time. They can help you to switch tools conveniently without any need to check them out and manually click them.

By simply pressing “[“ and “]“, for instance, you can adjust the size of the brush when you are painting a terrain.

  • Don’t skip the outside

Keep in mind that the exterior area is as important as the interior area, so put similar focus to both parts. You can’t really have a chic and cozy house with ugly porch or yard. It’s never a bad idea to harmonize the exterior with the natural surrounding of the area.

  • Roofing is indeed the most challenging part

Yes, building the roof is the hardest part of all and you have to accept it. Take your time to design it although you may find some failures during the process.

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