Why Concrete Floors Should Be Your Next Favourite


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Many people initially think that a concrete floor would bring a cold and industrial feel to their home. However, they are not yet aware of the benefits and elegance that it can add to their houses.

These cement-based floorings have multiple reasons to be your next choice, and one of them is that it is easy removing stains from concrete. You can learn more about its benefits as you continue to read below.

Aesthetic Feels

Polishing a concrete slab is one way to add a crisper look to your floor, and be prepared to be mind-blown by the beautiful results it will bring. Concrete floors could create aesthetic feels for your home if you treat it right by choosing the best design that fits your style.

You can achieve a satin-sheen look for your floor if you already have an existing concrete slab. In order to accomplish this, you need to get it polished where you can expect it to be approximately 130 AUD per square metre.

Be reminded that this price is not fixed, and it would be different depending on the area that needs to be polished. You need to prepare an extra amount of cash if you have a spacious home.

The satin sheen look of your concrete floor would create a natural, stone-like feel. The tonal differences, small cracks and aggregates would also contribute to the aesthetic mood that the flooring brings.

You can also lighten up the looks of your ground by choosing from a variety of finish coatings. Aside from the satin finish, you can have a glossy look with a wide range of colours available depending on your imagination.

However, these polish styles are more elaborate and could cost you about $120 to $125 per square metre. You can also combine different colours and application techniques to achieve a more personal style for your concrete floor.

Another style you can incorporate into your concrete slab is adding decorative grid patterns to make it look tiled or have it faux-finished to achieve a marbled effect. The subtle variations in styles that can be applied to a concrete floor have made it a popular option for the past few years.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete flooring is also easy to take care of because it only needs soapy water mopping to be done weekly. Another thing is that removing stains from concrete is easy and would not take much of your effort and time.

Concrete floors are bound to have car oils, paint and rust stains. When this happens, the best thing to do is to use household items or products to clean it up.

You can use tissue paper, clay, and laundry detergent for oil stains. If you have paint stains, you can use a mixture of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and hot water to remove them.

Rust stains could leave an ugly orange hue on your concrete floor, so you also need to do something to remove them. For starters, you can use vinegar to soak the stain for 15 minutes and scrub it with a stiff nylon brush right after.

On top of that, you can add a skirting board along the floor where it meets the wall to avoid any residue from a dirty mop sticking onto the wall.



If you have a polished and adequately maintained floor over time, it is expected to last more than a hundred years. Now, this thing of beauty should not be kept under carpets or tiles because it would not be able to display the history it holds.

One more thing is that an aged, polished concrete floor would have a rustic look that looks very good over time.

Aside from the outward appearance, concrete floorings would last enough for a generation and the next one. Thanks to this cement-based floor’s longevity, you can be sure that the next age group will benefit from it.

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Choosing a concrete floor is a sustainable decision because you do not need to purchase additional raw materials for it to look good. These slabs will be ready once you sand, polish and seal them.

Moreover, you do not need to convert the concrete-covered areas of your house to a garage or stockrooms. You would only waste a lot of money when you do this, and it would not be sustainable in the long run.

The concrete floor is just fine for your kitchen or living room and would look well-refined with the pretty furnishings and other fixtures you have.

Another thing that makes concrete floorings sustainable is the low maintenance cost. As mentioned above, you only need to mop it once a week, so you do not have to allocate funds frequently for cleaning supplies.

Ceramic tiles could need daily mopping, so they would also need supplies every day, while you can buy cleaning supplies only four times a month for your concrete floor.


Concrete flooring is also a good choice for indoor-outdoor transition. You just need to use silicone-based penetrating sealers so there would be no wet look in the slab.

The cement-based floor is versatile enough to look good with natural stone veneer walls to elaborate its rustic appeal.

You can also be crafty with this kind of flooring using wood planks. While your cement is still wet, stamp it with salvaged wood planks and remove it after a while. This would leave lovely wood-grain imprints.

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