15+ Fun Decorating Ideas: How to Create Kids-Friendly Playroom

We are sure that every homeowner wants to have an aesthetic area that can fulfill their dream house they always dream of like modern interior design, classy furniture, and aesthetically-pleasing decor that creates an exhilarating overall finish.

How to Create Kids-Friendly Playroom
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However, on the other hand, this view will slightly change once you become a parent with children and want to make a specific kid-friendly area for them to play. As a parent, designing a kid-friendly playroom can be a big dilemma because you want to make it safe but also welcoming at the same time.

We are sure that the size of the room doesn’t matter for parents to make a playroom as long their little one can play freely while exploring new things around them. You may have known that it’s better for children to explore and find new experiences by themselves but still under our guidance.

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How to Create Kids-Friendly Playroom

We are here to share some tips for you who are planning to make a playroom for your little angels. We hope that this list of tips can help you to set up a fun and of course, playroom. Check them all out down below!

No Sharp Edge, Please

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This rule is the first obvious thing that you have to consider when choosing furniture or toys. When learning about things around them, you don’t want to make them hurt or injured by furniture with a sharp edge or corner. Don’t worry you can still cover the edge with an edges protector or bumper.

The first thing you would want to do is replace your square table with a round one or a coffee table. If you want to change it completely with soft furniture, you might want to opt for a big ottoman or pous instead. Also, choose a table with a wood surface that is safer than one with glass, stone, or metal tops.

Make It Eye-Catching

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Children will definitely feel attracted by something that pops out, is vibrant, and is bold. It can be from colors, textures, or patterns, that’s all. Try playing with bold colors that you have never used before and start painting or decorating the wall with them. Colors will help stimulate your children to learn about colors.

We understand that some parents may choose to use more aesthetic toys made of wood. However, we would recommend you mix it with vibrant colors. You can also use your children’s preferences, for example, if they love space-related stuff, you can paint the wall blue or use wallpaper.

Storage, Storage, and Storage

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It comes as no surprise that children have tons of stuff more than adults can get and can fill the whole area. Toys, art supplies, and books are some things that can definitely suck up more space. That’s why you will need more storage to organize them and keep them neat.

You can choose various options from baskets, plastic bins, drawers, and other storage types that match the concept of the playroom. Before deciding on a certain style, please make sure that it doesn’t have sharp edges and is not something that needs to be locked for easier access.

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Add More Entertainment

For parents with toddlers in their active phase, we all know that they need something to release their curiosity and energy. That’s why you will need an entertainment spot to keep them busy and active. There are some options that you can build or install in the playroom.

For example, you can make hopscotch, climbing wall, swing, or other entertainment stuff that your children love. It’s better if you make it looks attractive and as unique as possible to make your children feel curious and less bored. Of course, if you install a wall climbing, make sure they are under your supervision.

Provide Fun Corner

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Who doesn’t like to play roleplaying or something adventurous? Add a tent or a mini coffee stand for them to play around. For children with siblings, it’s the best opportunity to keep them interacting with each other in a roleplay. However, you are very welcome to take a role as well because you can see how they deal with something or someone.

Another fun corner that you can choose from is by making a mini stage especially if your children love singing, dancing, or playing instruments. This is a special spot for your kids to show off their talent so you can decorate this spot with additional decorations like lamps, string lights, standing mic, or instrument toys.

Flooring is a Must!

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Since your children will be playing mostly on the floor, choosing the right flooring is important. A playmat is needed to keep your little one protected while playing on the floor. You can provide either a playmat, fluffy rug, or even a combination of both for double comfort. It would be better to put the playmat in the area where your kids usually play or read.

A playmat or foam flooring is a good choice because it’s easy to clean and again, it’s available in many shapes, colors, and patterns. You can also opt for wood or linoleum floors for playrooms since both flooring options are resistant to stains. Double layering the floor is also great for extra protection.

Flooring Types for Playroom

The other flooring options that suit best for playroom are:

  • Carpet Flooring
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Cork Flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Area Rugs
  • Tile Flooring

Free the Space Up

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Children are children, they love playing with anything, running around, jumping here and there, and other active activities. So that’s why you have to keep the playroom as spacious as possible and pull out stuff or furniture that will only make the room becomes stuffy.

The option is either to minimize the number of big toys or create a bigger playroom. If the indoor room is not big enough, you might want to use your garage as a playroom. The overall finish will depend on how you decorate the room and organize the toys.

Less is More

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You don’t always have to put all kind of toys in a playroom because it will only make the room feels crowded. Instead, you might want to try to give the toys one by one once your kid is bored with the current one. At first, try to add some toys in a different place and let them play with them first.

It’s because usually, children are easily bored after playing with a certain toy so give them the first toy, let them play until they are bored, and give them the next toy. However, you can once again adjust this based on your children’s characteristics.

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Keep Them Small

How to Create Kids-Friendly Playroom
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A playroom is a dedicated place for your kids so you will have to make everything on their eye level and reach so it will be easier for them to take something. In other words, keep away and minimize the use of big and bulky furniture that is taller than your kids because it might fall on them when they’re trying to climb on it.

A few options to make everything within the kid’s reach and eye level are providing a freestanding shelf, an open drawer, and cabinets. You can also install wall-mounted shelves but please make sure they are mounted sturdily and don’t have sharp edges.

Decorate Based On Their Choices

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Your children know what they want better than anyone else, so it would be great to make their dreams come true. However, of course, you can still modify some of their requests if it’s something that is really difficult to get or might put them in danger.

You can involve your children in this process and let them choose what they want. You can bring them along when shopping and let them decide on the color and patterns that they love. You can also involve the kid during the painting and decorating process.

Add a Chalkboard

Providing a chalkboard is a great way if your children love drawing, learning to write, or simply want to keep themselves busy. You can have a simple chalkboard set next to the bookshelf so it saves your wall from being dirty and keep it clean.

If the size of the chalkboard is not big enough to satisfy your children, you might want to create a larger chalkboard with paint. Find an accent wall and paint it with chalkboard paint so now you have your own spacious chalkboard.

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Create a ‘Me-Time’ Spot

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This spot is basically a reserved place for your children to enjoy their leisure time. The first option is a simple sitting area when they want to read a book or playing dolls. You can use some piled cushions, beanbags, or a small hammock.

The second option is a nap corner where they can recharge their energy after playing for hours. Again, you don’t need an extravagant napping corner, just a small daybed or large pillow with some blankets, and nestle it in a corner for a cozy space.

Install a Swing or Slide

Who doesn’t like to play a swing no matter of season and weather especially when it’s right inside the room? This is the perfect choice for a playroom located in the attic but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to have it in another room. Installing a swing is quite easy and you can do it by yourself because the supplies are easy to get. Once your children are not interested in the swing anymore, you can take it off right away.

If you are not a fan of installing stuff, you can buy a slide instead that matches the age of your children. Just like the other toys, slides are available in various sizes, heights, and materials. Choose the one within your budget and needs.

Crafting Table

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A set of tables and chairs is like a staple component in a playroom that you can find with cute designs. Instead of choosing the one that only looks cute, it has to be perfect for your children’s needs. Not only that, it can be a place for your kids to enjoy their snack time.

  • If you want something versatile that can be used for a variety of different activities, a simple design would be best. A table with a simple top and no elements or features dedicated to any particular task is the way to go.
  • If the table is for doing homework, learning, and various other educational activities, it would be best to consider a whiteboard table or a table with a chalkboard.
  • If it’s for drawing, painting, and other arts and crafts that need plenty of storage, choose a table with drawers, shelves, and modules where all supplies can be stored and organized.

Wall of Fame

How to Create Kids-Friendly Playroom 11
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If you have more empty space on the wall and don’t know what to use it for, you can use it to display your kid’s projects. You will need a few frames whether it’s hardwood or a simple one to keep the pictures in place. To fasten them on the wall you can use some hooks or nails and even budget-friendly materials like wire cloth lines or wooden hangers on thumbtacks.

This can also be one of the ways to see your children growing along with their imagination and ideas that can be seen in their drawings. Your children can take a part to curate their projects so you have more quality time with your children.

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To make a safe playroom, you are challenged to explore your creativity to make it looks fun and inviting for your children. Of course, vibrant colors, textures, patterns, and eye-catching decor items are important because they will attract their attention.

However, the most important thing you have to make sure of is that it should be safe and also stimulate their motoric senses and curiosity to keep them active.

Now you are ready to make your own little magical spot for your little one, entertain and keep them active during this global pandemic by making a new playing spot now!

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