4 Smart Ways To Declutter Your Home

Have you ever noticed how much clutter there is around your home? You know, the random scraps of paper or clothing that never seem to find their way back to their proper place. It’s easy for things like this to pile up, and before long, your house becomes a mess. As a result, you feel overwhelmed, but there are numerous creative ways to declutter your home and live a more organized life.

Here are four smart ways to declutter your house once and for all. 

  • Donate Or Sell Items That You Don’t Need

By getting rid of items you don’t need, your home will be much more organized. If the item is in good condition and someone else could use it, why not donate or sell it? You can have a yard sale with other people to get these items sold quickly, or if that’s too overwhelming for you, donating them would still benefit others who are less fortunate than yourself.

You can check sources online like www.easydonationpickup.com and others like it for easy pick-up of your donation items. In addition, you could also sell or donate old furniture and electronics that are not being used anymore to make a little bit of extra cash. When it comes to decluttering your home, this is one great way to start.

  • Create A Decluttering Checklist

Create a checklist of everything you want to do when decluttering your home. Then, for each item on the list, write ‘yes’ if it needs attention or ‘no’ if not. This will help you prioritize what needs to be taken care of before anything else. Place all items ‘yes’ in one pile and ‘no’ in another, so they are easier to distinguish from each other. 

Moreover, give yourself deadlines with timeframes for each task, so nothing gets delayed indefinitely. Declutter by starting small and breaking down big projects into small steps. Once you’ve created a plan, follow through and begin cleaning up your home little by little rather than trying to get rid of every single thing in one sitting. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and then giving up before the job is done.

  • Sort Items By Category Using The Four-Box Method

When cleaning up the house, it’s always a good idea to sort items by category. This way, if there is no trash or recycling around, you can place them in their proper pile and get rid of any unwanted junk. For instance, sorting through clothes would include placing pants with pants and shirts with shirts so that each type of clothing has its area to be placed into later on. This will help organize your things and eliminate excess clutter!

The Four Box Method is a great way to organize and declutter your home. You can use it for any room or space in the house including the garage, office, bedroom closet, and more. This method works by dividing objects into four categories: Trash/Recycle/Donate/Storage. Once all of these boxes are filled up with items that fit within their category, it’s time to take action on them.

Helpful Tips: Follow these quick steps to use the Four-Box Method effectively, or feel free to create the system that works best for you.

  • Sort through all items in any room one category at a time. For example, sort clothes into the ‘Donate/Store’ box before sorting them by color because it might be overwhelming if they were mixed.
  • Put similar items in individual boxes so you don’t have miscellaneous objects spread throughout each house section (put books with other books).
  • When putting away clothing after cleaning up, try not to overfill the drawers or hangers. It’s best to leave some room when new items are purchased or acquired to keep your space organized and clutter-free.
  • Label boxes (titles like ‘Trash/Recycle’) so you can easily find them if need be. However, try not to label too many things with permanent markers because it could lead people to think that they have an excess of these objects just by looking at what is labeled outside. 
  • Make It A Team Effort

Decluttering your home can be fun and rewarding if done with friends or family members. You will not only get things organized faster, but you’ll also help keep each other accountable to stay on track. Having multiple people involved will speed up the cleaning process because more hands are working at one time. This way, everyone is contributing their ideas while working towards meeting common goals as well.


Remember that there are many ways you can get started when decluttering your home because everyone has different preferences and lifestyles. The key thing here is just getting started! Whether it takes one day or two months doesn’t matter; what matters most is keeping everything organized from now on, so you don’t have an excess of clutter.

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