A Guide to Bathroom Sink Size

When you’re redesigning a bathroom or building a new one from scratch, there are many things to consider. Do you want a full-size bathtub? Or a shower stall? Or maybe one of those sleek stall-less showers that do wonderful things to the illusion of space in small bathrooms? 

Speaking of space, choosing the right type of bathroom sink is crucial when it comes to space management. We have put together a guide to help you decide what kind of sink fits your style and would go best with your amount of square footage.

Let’s find out what type of sink will fit any sized bathroom of a particular style! 

Vintage Bathroom 

When we think of a vintage bathroom, we often feel that it needs to be large and luxurious and gaudy. Not necessarily. Remember, “vintage” does not mean “palatial,” and you can definitely fit small and vintage into the same concept. 

Tiny Vintage Bathroom

One of the less explored options in tiny bathrooms are compact metal sinks that hang directly on the wall. This makes it necessary to install the plumbing so that the faucet can be attached to the wall – expert plumbers from https://www.perfecthomeservices.com/ say that it’s not a problem – it only takes a little forward-thinking and planning. These sinks are used in farmhouse styled vintage settings and are enameled. 

You can find one on Etsy, a garage sale, or an antique store OR you can purchase a brand new one from many stores, like Rejuvenation.com – they specialize in vintage sinks. 

Another option for a small vintage sink is to get a ceramic one – in the early twentieth century, it was very common to have a washing sink in your bedroom. If you have ever been to a Victorian-era hotel, you might have seen one still in the room. They’re small and fit into small spaces while still giving them a touch of that vintage mystique.

One of the downsides to sinks that already have a faucet, especially from the Victorian era, is that the cold water and hot water will come separately. We’re not sure how washing was accomplished like this, but when we asked people who still remember those days, they said that back then, it was common to fill the sink with water and then wash – not leave the water running! 

History aside, consider getting a sink that allows for the water to come out of one faucet. It’s a lot easier to deal with.


Large Vintage Bathroom

If you have a bit more space to spare, you can go for a much larger sink. While humongous vintage ceramic sinks are very popular in farmhouse-style kitchens, there are some beautiful bathroom options as well. 

The bigger the sink gets, the more space you have for storing your soap and small toiletries. When it comes to the kind of all vintage bathroom sinks, we have to agree that 30’s Art Deco sinks are the absolute limousines. They are large, bulky, geometric – and they could almost stand as a solitary sculpture. 

Of course, the newly designed vintage – style bathroom sinks have expanded to have enough room for two faucets. If you’re thinking of having all the modern comforts with a vintage twist and size – go for new designs that mimic the old ones. 

Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom sink design can be literally anything. If you have a closet-sized bathroom, the solutions are endless and you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to have a functional abode. 

The Microscopic

If your bathroom is truly small, consider these sinks: 

The corner sink – this is a tiny sink that doesn’t block any wall space. There are many designs that don’t make it awkward. In fact, the most awkward thing might be choosing a mirror placement – in this case, large wall mirrors might be best. They’ll let you see your face clearly when you stand in front of the corner sink, but they will also expand the bathroom and make an illusion of open space. 

Sideway sink – tiny sinks can use this trick to stay out of the way – a sideways sink will not expand into your space, and even the faucet will be placed on the side. No room for a toothbrush or soap of any size, so you might want to think about a wall dispenser if you go with this option. 

The Narrow Sink

Some sinks can just be very narrow. The space you would use to put a soap holder on or a cup with your toothbrush gets moved sideways. This way, there’s space to walk, but the sink is large enough to provide more functionality. 

The Large Modern Bathroom 

With a large bathroom, there is nothing holding you back. A signature luxury sink will have two faucets – it’s a perfect couple’s option for brushing teeth in the morning, which begs us to ask – how many times do you actually brush your teeth together? No matter – this set up allows for everyone to have their own space with their favorite personal grooming items at an arm’s reach. 

The Final Bathroom Design Tip 

If you’re designing a bathroom, first think of what the size should be. Sure – everyone dreams of a luxury spa at an arm’s reach. If you don’t have the space for it, don’t despair. There are incredibly designed sinks for any bathroom size and for any style. Choose wisely! 

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