Glass Table Sets For Living Room | Astoria Grand Table Set Review

Nothing makes a living room look more stylish than the by the existence of beautiful furniture. One step to make the living room more beautiful is obviously adding the new furniture inside.

The stylish living room can be an inviting spot for all of your friends, guests, or family to have some joyful activities. If your house is an inviting one, everybody would love to visit your house.

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An inviting living room always features the wonderful appearance, and to make the living room look much greater you can add the best furniture. Furniture sometimes affects the nuance and the atmosphere of the room and also makes the living room more eye catching.

One of the furniture which can make the living room look more stylish and feel more comfortable is the table set. If you are looking for the table set for the living room, here we have a recommended one that you can buy.

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The product is Astoria Grand Table Set by Astoria Grand. This Astoria Grand Table Set is a great furniture for your living considering its design and construction. If you want to know more about the product, here is it the review for you.

Astoria Grand Table Set Review


Astoria Grand's Table Set
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The Astoria Grand Table Set has the stunning luxurious design in the mesmerizing French style. If your living room has the luxurious concept, this table set can be the perfect compliment for your living room.

Each table in the set has four legs which have a silver and black color, a luxurious combination for the luxurious house. You can see that beautiful carved detail which makes the table look definitely distinctive. This is not only a glamorous table set but also a unique one.

That curvy square table top surely enhances the look of the table, and provide quite adequate space to put some your needs.



Astoria Grand's Table Set
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The top of each table both coffee and end material is a clear thick sturdy glass that totally not disappointing. Then, its Queen Anne legs are constructed of the solid metal which surely pleases you at the first time you touch it.


To clean the glass top you can use the water or proper cleaner, then you can wipe the surface with dirty traces by using the soft cloth. Just the conventional cleaning way that won’t bother you much. However, be careful to clean that metal base, you should choose the proper chemical to avoid corrosion or rust.

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As mentioned above that the table comes with very great construction both of the glass and the metal base, so you will not have to worry about its durability. The table will last for years since it’s made of very high-quality materials. You still have to do some regular maintenance though, to keep the table look well.

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The price for this glasses Astoria Grand Table Set is $1,919.98. Though it may be pricey for some of you, the price is reasonable enough for the beautiful set with the sturdy base. If you have more money and love the luxurious furniture, this glass table set is highly recommended.


Set IncludesCoffee Table & End Table
DimmensionsCoffee Table : 20” H x 45” W x 45” D

End Table : 25” H x 28” W x 28” D

MaterialsMetal & Glass
ColorsSilver, Black, & Transparent Glass

Overall, this glass table set surely fulfills the criteria of the luxurious addition for your luxurious living room, it is a great product for enhancing the look of your living room layout. That pricey price tag makes the table is only suitable for you who are eager to spend much to purchase a living room furniture.

Keep improving your living room!

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