25+ Most Stylish Black and White Living Room Interior Designs

Everyone agrees that the combination of black and white always creates a very stylish blend which makes it one of the best options when it comes to home decoration. It’s the beautiful decor style that never loses its popularity from time to time.

Of course, the black and white mixture is so applicable to colorize your living room layout. You will have a very attractive and captivating decor once you bring such combination to your very own living room.

The key to having an admirable black and white living room is how you can combine it properly and make the color complement each other beautifully. You should choose one -whether black or white- as the dominant color of the room. Then, bring some other color schemes to colorize it.

Well, you must need some inspirations for the black and white living room for your reference. That is why have picked the best black and white living room interior designs to ease you to find the one that suits your needs and taste.

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These ideas combine all the elements perfectly that make them so worth to be your ultimate reference. So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of black and white living room ideas!

Best Black and White Living Room

Make it Earthy

black and white living room 1-min


If you are looking for the black and white living room interiors these days, you will find that most of them are combined with the earthy elements. In this living room designed by Aleksi-R, jute chairs and rugs, wood table and flooring, complete with indoor plants makes a room look so inviting.

To create a more comforting atmosphere, huge windows are installed to le the outdoor light to come through the room maximally.

Brightly Neutral

black and white living room 2-min


This black and white living room is spotted at Fleur Holl’s house (an interior stylist) via Interior Junkie. It comes with a bright decoration due to its white overall look and those soft-colored furnitures and accessories.

A modern sofa in gray as the focal point complements the white marble table and light brown fury rug gorgeously. Furthermore, tons of wall arts decorate one side of the wall to enhance the attractiveness of the room.

Elegantly Decorative

black and white living room 3-min


At the first glance, you may have guessed that the most interesting element of this black and white living room is those geometric accents on one side of its walls. Designed by Micheal Hilal via Home Polish, the decor of this living room cleverly blends various elements in one design.

The furniture, decor items, and accessories of the room are designed in a glamorous design with plush colors which makes the decor look more exclusive. Then, an earthy element (which is the wood flooring) completes the room to spark out a more refreshing vibe.

Contrasting Piece

black and white living room 4-min


Sometimes, you just need a single piece of an element to create a beautiful living room decor. Spotted in Juraj Talcik’s Studio, this black and white living room simply use a striking yellow chair as its surprising factor which makes the decor look so mesmerizing.

The chair looks outstanding among the neutral pallets of the furniture and decor items. It’s also perfectly brightened up by the huge glass window.

Bold in Neutral

black and white living room 5-min


Quite similar to the preceding area, this black and white living room looks so attractive with a navy sofa as its main sitting area. Its color popped up stunningly since the room is dominated by neutral shades.

The wall art and planters in bluish finish balance the sofa which gives a more harmonious overall nuance to the decor.

Neutral Chic

black and white living room 6-min


An adorable black and white living room spotted at I Spy Diy with the simply stylish furniture and accessories arrangement. The neutral nuance of the room looks so soothing to the eye which can be a good inspiration for you who have a small space.

Furthermore, a contemporary wood table originally crafted byJenny becomes the unique factor in this decoration. It adds a fresh atmosphere which complements the indoor plant very well.

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Masculine in Black

black and white living room 7-min


This fabulous living room designed by Jonny Valiant is dominated by black which makes it a perfect inspiration for you who love a more masculine decor. The walls, flooring, and ceiling are cleverly finished in black and white which create an amazing overall look.

The furniture in black and gray emphasize the masculinity of the room, especially with their clean-lined raw design. Moreover, a huge glass window and tons of light fixtures provide an ample light for this dark bold room.

Greenish Decor

black and white living room 8-min


The chic living room with black major walls and brightened by the white ceiling. A thick soft green sofa is the main focal point here which is paired with those gorgeous indoor plants.

The bare concrete flooring gives a neutral and rustic touch which also balance the nuance of the room.

Glamorous and Modern

black and white living room 9-min


Basically, this black and white living room is designed in a modern style but a stunning antique chandelier brings another style to its decor. The chandelier works as the secondary light source, supporting the modern recessed light around the room.

The design of the chandelier looks distinctively attractive since all the furniture come in sleek contemporary design.

Woody Minimalist

black and white living room 10-min


An inspiring black and white living room with tons of wood elements which makes it look earthy and modern at the same time. Most of the pieces of furniture are made of wood in their natural finish, and the boxy black sofa works as the only sitting area here.

The spacious space, big glass windows, and indoor plants enhance the comfort of the room perfectly.

Airy Decor

black and white living room 11-min


A wide living room designed by Ando Studio via Home Designing with white walls and ceiling with black flooring which looks beautifully modern. The furniture choices are in sleek minimalist design which fits stunningly with the overall look of the room.

Of course, the modern contemporary fireplace is the main attraction inside the room with brings its style to a whole new level.

White Domination

black and white living room 12-min


White takes over the whole walls, ceiling, and flooring in this living room with some black touches beautify it. The black furniture and accessories are placed in one spot of the room to highlight the other shade that colorizes it.

To add more texture, a furry off-white rug is made as the centerpiece of the room which also makes it look more inviting.

Airy and Earthy

black and white living room 13-min


Obviously, decorating a living room with high-ceiling construction with the natural vibe is surely a great idea to create a very admirable and comfortable decoration. Here, such type of living room is dominated by white then some earthy elements decorate it.

The wood flooring and indoor plants make the room feels so fresh especially with lots of tall windows around it. Then, the furniture is kept simple with only 1 white sectional, some accent tables, and one black chair on a gray rug.

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Boho Chic

black and white living room 14-min


Decorated in Boho style, this catchy living room designed by Jennifer Harrison-Ciacchi via Design Sponge looks gorgeously decorative with tons of patterns, materials, and texture in one decor. You can see the festive throw pillows, rugs, brass shelves, crystal chandelier, and dry indoor plant create a harmonious nuance which is absolutely inspiring.

Those white walls and plenty of windows with sheer curtains really support the room to look brightly inviting with its various elements.

Catchy Stripe

black and white living room 15-min


The most interesting part of the living room is its gray and white wallpaper which creates a very chic look. Then, most other elements come in black color and neutralize by some white touches smartly.

Floral Monochrome

black and white living room 16-min


The floral drape and throw pillows simply give a unique touch to this black and white living room. It makes a modern monochrome living room look more decorative in a more decorative way.

It can be a good inspiration for you who want to decorate a modern living room with limited space.

Festively Textured

black and white living room 17-min


A rustic leathery sofa, wool chairs, and pouffe, geometric rug and lots of throws give a nice textured touch to this black and white living room designed by REVENY via Decoholic. The room has some empty spaces, so it doesn’t look too stuffy.

Contemporary Glamorous

black and white living room 18-min


You can always use a huge crystal chandelier to give a dramatic touch and a significant change to your living room. In this idea, a stunning vintage chandelier in black finish is hung inside a room with contemporary style.

Obviously, it adds a more glamorously distinctive look since it’s designed contrastingly to the most elements of the room.

Dazzling Industrial

black and white living room 19-min


An industrial decorating style always brings a very catchy nuance to a living room just like this idea shows. A clean-lined table with wheels, organic chairs, and masculine touch style up this pure white living room awesomely.

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Victorian Glam

black and white living room 20-min


This mesmerizing black and white living room is designed in the Victorian style which makes it look so glamorous. The classy tufted sofa set in white, big crystal chandelier, and wallpaper with an antique pattern are enough to create a modern Victorian living room that you can copy.

Monochrome and Gold

black and white living room 21-min


A stunning black and white living room with gold elements which will absolutely glamorize your home. Black and white colorize the room in balance portion which harmonizes the decor very well while gold works as its additional color.

Hotly Bright

black and white living room 22-min


The vibrant red drapes give a very attractive look to this living room with white domination. Then, the black catchy painting and table simply add a bold touch.

Eclectic Monochrome

black and white living room 23


This one is a superbly stylish black and white living room designed by David Mann via Architectural Digest. The room is decorated with furniture and decor items in various styles which create a very artful decor.

Festively Chic

black and white living room 24-min

An adorable living room filled with lots of various patterns which is one of the good references for you who have a small room. Here, the striped rug is the main focal point which makes the room look so decorative.

Then, some throw pillows and wall arts complete the decor while the black sofa keeps the balance of the room’s nuance.


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Black and White Living Room-min

So those are some inspiring black and white living room interior designs that we have picked just for you. They are so worth to be your ultimate reference when you are about to style up your home with the trendy color combination.

Choose the best black and white living room design that really suits your needs and taste, and create your own black and white living room now!

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