How Much Does It Cost to Rough In Plumbing for a Bathroom

To make a perfect living space, as a homeowner, you would have to be keen on every detail that your home will look like and function. Of course, designing each room to be comfortable is important but before making it happen, the function of the room itself has to be taken care of first. The room like a bathroom, where you will use daily, is another area that needs to be checked. It’s because you will need good water flow for your needs and so the function of the bathroom work with no problem.

Other than designing, another step that you need to inspect for the bathroom is by doing the rough-in plumbing. As its name suggests, rough-in plumbing is one of the processes that you have to do to make sure that all the elements for the water supply or waterline, and drain pipes go well with each other. In this process, the fixtures will only be framed and won’t be installed yet. One of the things to know is the cost of it so you can plan and make the budget list far before.

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How Much Does It Cost to Rough In Plumbing for a Bathroom

1. What To Do First?

After planning and stuff, it’s time to do some research about your local plumber and get a quote. In this phase, you will have to explain every detail of your bathroom layout to the plumber so they know where to install the fixtures. Usually, the cost of rough-in plumbing is based on the size of the bathroom, fixtures variety, and who provides the fixtures.

2. How Much Do You Need?

The cost for rough-in plumbing may vary depending on what fixtures you want to install, the type of labor, the bathroom size, and your location as well. It can also be affected by the type of building whether a new house, remodeling, the old house, or renovating.

However, in general, for a house with 2 or 3 bathrooms, the rough-in plumbing will cost around $8,000 to $12,000, or about $4.50 per square foot for an average 2,000 square foot home. To make it simple, the average rough-in plumbing cost is around $450 to $650 per fixture, which means that this includes only materials and labor.

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2.1. Faucet Installation Cost

For bathroom faucets, the installation cost is around $225 to $475 on average. This cost includes the fixture and also installation. The cost for the faucet itself is around $50 to 250 depending on the shapes, sizes, and other details.

2.2. Sink Installation Cost

As for the sink that comes in various styles and designs, the cost of the fixture is between $200 and $5000. Combined with the installation process will make you spend from $300 to $5.500.

2.3. Toilet Installation Cost

Every bathroom definitely needs this so you will have to spend more no matter what for this fixture. The toilet will cost you around $250 to $3.000 and $350 to $3.500 including the installation cost.

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2.4. Bidet Installation Cost

For people who love to replace the use of toilet paper with something that is a more environmentally friendly feature, a bidet can be a good choice. For this fixture, you would have to spend around $500 to $2.750 for the fixture and installation process.

2.5. Bathtub Installation Cost

This bathroom fixture is more optional depending on your personal preference, size of the bathroom, needs, and budget. The cost of the tub itself is around $250 to $1.250 and the installation will cost around $1.500 to $3.000.

2.6. Shower Installation Cost

This fixture is very common in a bathroom and sometimes we can even find it along with an alcove bathtub. For this labor, the average cost is about $1.500 to $3.500 that includes the fixture price and installation.

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3. What’s Next?

Once you finish with the planning and finding a trusted plumber, you’re ready to proceed with everything. Please make sure you keep your eyes on the process steps just in case you want to add or make sure everything is on its lane. If you’re not sure about the whole procedure, you would want to get a general contractor to check on every detail.

We hope that this page helps you to get general information about the cost of rough-in plumbing for a bathroom. Again, this price may vary in each area so we highly recommend you to check on the local plumbing service or even a website that you can easily out there.

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