How to Choose and Arrange Wall Arts by Yourself

There are some ways to improve the atmosphere of your home, especially for indoor rooms. Other than getting a new color to use, some homeowners prefer to add more decor items that make a certain room looks outstanding. These decor items are usually the ones that are related to their interest or hobbies. One of the decor items that many people choose to decorate their indoor rooms is wall art.

How to Choose and Arrange Wall Arts

Some common wall arts that homeowners choose are painting, text pieces, photos, and prints. Placing wall art like painting in a room can be a great idea to make it looks more attractive and less plain. As you may have known that just like other decorating steps, hanging painting also has special tricks to make your home improved, not otherwise.

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How to Choose and Arrange Wall Arts

Choose the Right Size

We all know that painting or other wall decor items come in various sizes so you can choose the one that matches the width of your wall’s surface. If you have a minimalist room but want to make it looks wider and more spacious, you might want to choose a bigger or oversized one. Also, to give a wider effect, you might want to choose the one with neutral or monochromatic color so it fits perfectly with a minimalist concept. Well, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to choose a colorful or patterned one.

You may also have known that it’s recommended to measure the size of the wall first before buying a painting. You don’t want to buy an oversized painting but then realize it doesn’t fit the entrance on the front door. It’s because you have to spare some space between the edge of the painting with the wall. There are tons of guides that you can use as a reference on how to measure the size of the wall that can affect the overall look of the wall arts.

The Number of Pieces

Yes, once you’re done measuring the size of the wall, you can go straight to choose the number of wall decor to hang. For people who have a small room, it’s recommended to use several pieces of painting instead of a single oversized one. By using multiple small wall arts, you can make your own wall gallery.

Again, measure the space between each wall decor so they don’t stick too close. If you’re planning to use a single bigger size over furniture like a table or sofa, make sure it has the same or smaller size than the furniture itself.

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Explore the Colors

Some people may love to choose wall decors that have the same color scheme as the general concept of the room. Meanwhile, for some others, they want to mix-matching every color to look more festive and eye-catching. However, if you have a white wall, it can be easier to hang any wall decor colors because white is the most universal neutral shade that will never go wrong with any color.

If you have a white wall, you can add several arts that look in contrast to each other without worrying about its overall finish. For example, people who love eclectic, Bohemian design or those who love arts will definitely love to show their interest through festive and colorful paintings. Just like a blank canvas, a white wall will be able to tone down the colorful arts.


Another important point that will determine the overall finish of the wall decor is the way you arrange them. The first basic rule is to make sure that it’s placed at eye level. In this way, it’s more convenient to see, because it’s not too low nor too high.

Especially if you want to hang some on the entrance or hallway. If you’re planning to place some in a dining room, it’s great to make it easy to look while sitting and enjoying the meal. That’s why it’s very important to measure the size of the wall so the wall art is placed in the center, not the hook.

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Explore Your Inner Artist

Having only two or three paintings is definitely not enough for people who love art. We are sure that they want to have a separate dedicated room for their painting collections. In this case, sometimes you need a bold way to show your inner artist by showcasing them all in the same area. While rule #2 exists, you might want to opt out of half of this option and just go with your own style.

First, you can hang them all in the same place and don’t worry about the wall or furniture size. If you are planning to hang them at the same time, it would be better to combine various types of wall art from prints, painting, and text to photos. Still, you need to make sure the arrangement between the small and big paintings is balanced. Second, if you don’t want to make several holes in your wall, consider floating shelves to organize your paintings. Again, make sure to mix and match each size.


Those are some tips that you can use to beautify and decorate your indoors, especially if you love paintings and want to showcase them. Adding wall decors is indeed a good home improvement that is very easy to get because you don’t need to invest more budget like a chandelier. Even one or two wall decors will bring more color and accent that can make your room looks more inviting and attractive.

Look around your home and if you feel that there is empty space to decorate, it’s time for you to shop for some wall arts, grab your tools, and make that empty space looks more lively!

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