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Finally, it’s time to build a library inside your home since you can’t stop collecting books over time. You can’t really let those masterpieces get cluttered around your home and ruined by harmful elements.

Talking about a home library, you may think that you need a spacious room and sophisticated pieces of furniture to build one when, actually, it’s not always like that. Some hacks below will show you how to decorate a home library in an effortless and cost-friendly way.

How to Decorate a Home Library

How to Decorate a Home Library
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Make it decorative

One thing about the library is that it can be so boring, so it’s not a bad idea at all to make it look decorative. Get creative by placing some decor items like framed pictures, chic bookends, small statues, pieces of jewelry, and other types of artwork.

If you are afraid to make the vibe around your home library feel overwhelming, you can use decor items with the same colors as the books. This is a good way to keep the calm vibe of the space with a more attractive overall look.

Reach the ceiling

If you prefer to have a huge ceiling, consider installing the one with a floor-to-ceiling design. It’s, for sure, enough to keep tons of books neatly in one spot so you can access them conveniently.

One thing to keep in mind is that you might want to create a minimum of decor for the rest of the room to avoid giving a stuffy vibe around. To add more storage, you can place some baskets in the lower part of the shelf, so you can have extra space without taking the space of the room.

Just stack them

Do you want to go extra simple? Well, just simply stack some books on some gorgeous desk next to your reading chair. This is an effortless way of storing your books which is good if you don’t have a lot of pieces and space to install any shelves.

Consider placing the book in similar series of titles on one pile for easy access. If the books don’t come in similar sizes, always place the largest one on the bottom. To create a more attractive look, you can place a cute decor item on top of the stacks.

However, you have to make sure that the books are well organized all the time. This storing method can easily create a mess and you don’t want to have a messy home library at all.

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Check the walls

When you no longer have empty space on the floor, utilize your walls. You can install some floating shelves or wall-mounted ones to store your books. They usually come in a chic sleek design which is perfect for a home library with limited space. Their clean-lined style will match the overall look of your minimalist home.

Besides the book, you can also place some decor items or framed photographs to make the room look way more attractive.

Choose ground storage

There’s nothing wrong to install a big wall art in your home library and when you do so, it’s a wiser idea to choose grounded storage to keep your books. Consider choosing a low console table with open shelves to create a balanced atmosphere around the room.

You can place some gorgeous art pieces to give a nice statement to the decor of the room on top of the console table.

Create a simple uniform look

If you prefer to have a uniform overall look around your bookshelves, consider flipping the books backward so the other sides are what’s shown instead of their colorful cover. This is a good way to store the books that you have finished since you may not really need to find them anymore.

The uniform nuance that will be created fits very well for you who love minimalist decorating style. Those flipped books will brighten up the overall look of the room in a very distinctive way.

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Open space for cookbooks

When it comes to cookbooks, some pros always recommend using an open storage station like floating shelves. The main reason is that this type of storage offers very easy access since you can find any book titles that you need whenever you need one.

Further, the open shelves also provide extra storage space that you can use when you are running out the space inside your kitchen cabinet. There’s nothing wrong at all to store some cookware alongside the books on the open shelves. To create an airy nuance, give your shelves some heightened sense.

Just use the countertop

However, if you are not willing enough to add some floating shelves as the storage stations of your cookbooks, just simply placing them on top of the countertop is not a bad idea at all. Displaying those books between your kitchen essentials provides fast access even while you are in the middle of the baking process. Of course, this option is best executed when you don’t have tons of cookbooks in hands.

Decorate the coffee table

If you have a coffee table in your home library, use it to store some of your prized titles or the ones that you are currently reading. Just simply stack some books on the table within your reach and make sure to always keep them neatly organized. To make the stacks look more attractive, place some decor items like gorgeous vases.

Repurpose what’s around

Are you looking for something which is more on a budget? Well, you can check what’s around you and repurpose some pieces of furniture that you have no longer used for a long time. For instance, you can place a side table against the wall which is enough to keep your books neatly or, if you want to get more distinctive, you can even use an old armchair to store your books.

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