This is How to Hide Your TV in Safe and Aesthetic Ways

For some of you, having a black rectangle TV can really ruin the decor of the room. It may become some kind of distraction that blocks the art pieces inside the room to show their shine.

How to Hide Your TV
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That being said, you need to hide it but in a safe and aesthetic way. You have to make sure that you still can have a fun theatre night or cozy TV time with all family members while keeping the beauty of the decorating style of the room.

Below, we share a quick guide on how to hide your TV in safe and aesthetic ways for your reference.

How to Hide Your TV

Use a painting

Of course, the easiest way to hide your TV in a very aesthetic way is to use a painting. There are some ways you can keep in mind like installing a manual or mechanical switch to slide the painting or simply taking it out and putting it back in whenever you need to watch the TV.

Using one painting provides fast access, but you can also choose to put some framed pictures to conceal the TV.

Use a tapestry

Looking for something more affordable and practical? Simply use a tapestry to hide your TV in your living room. This is also a very good way to add more pattern and texture to the decorating style of the way in a unique way.

There’s no need to install anything to open and close the tapestry, you just have to lift it and put it aside when you’d like to hold a fun theatre night.

Use a covered floating shelf

If you have an extra budget, consider building customized shelving that comes with a sliding door. Of course, you will have convenient storage to hide your TV and store some living room essentials. For you who have a home with limited space, this type of shelving is good to provide extra storage space without taking the space on the flooring.

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Use blending color

For those who are not willing enough to install any features just to hide the TV, the simplest way above all is to camouflage it with the color that surrounds it. For instance, painting one side of the walls in your living room black will easily hide the TV when it’s turned off. It’s a very easy and affordable solution to get the job done.

Use art TV

There are some TVs that come with a feature to display artwork when you don’t use it to watch any programs or movies. It offers the ability to show any digital artwork that you can choose to beautify the decor. You will not have to worry to have an ugly black TV screen that may ruin the overall look of the room.

Use folding screens

Another convenient way to conceal a TV without using any machine is to use folding screens. You can easily unfold the screens quickly and close them back whenever you need to use the TV. The screens can consist of some panels referring to the size of your TV.

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