How to Modernize Your Home’s Window Spaces

When you’re modernizing your home, you might think about renovating the staircase, changing the colors of your walls, or replacing the carpets. But you might not give a second thought to your window spaces.

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You’d be surprised at the difference modernizing your window areas can make to the appearance of your home. The windows are often one of the first things that people notice when they walk into a room (even if this is subconscious).

How to Modernize Your Home’s Window Areas

Refreshing your window spaces is easier than you might think. Here are some great ways to modernize the windows in your home.

  1. Modern the shades

 Something as simple as changing your shades can be enough to completely transform a window space. Nowadays, there’s an endless selection of colors, designs, and styles available so you won’t struggle to find shades that meet your needs.

Shades enhance the aesthetics of your home and also increase your privacy. You can prevent passers-by from being able to see inside your home, keeping your belongings nice and safe.

You can take things one step further and purchase motorized shades, as offered by Supreme Shades. Motorized shades work using a remote control or voice activation so you can adjust your shades without moving a muscle!

  1. Paint the walls and skirting boards

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 Painting is another simple yet highly effective renovation technique that you can use to modernize your window space. A simple lick of paint can breathe a fresh wave of life into each room and it takes just a couple of hours to do.

Consider using a neutral color, such as white, beige, or cream to brighten up the space. This also enables you to accessorize with colorful accents without making your windows look too overbearing.

Use a matte color for the walls and add a coating of course to the skirting areas around the window to create depth. If you don’t feel confident in painting the window space yourself, hire a professional to do the job. It’s worth hiring a painter to make sure your windows look as good as possible. 

  1. Add some greenery to the area

 Greenery can add character to your window space. Whether you use standing plants, hanging baskets, or small succulents on the window sill, you can bring nature indoors.

Studies have shown that adding greenery to your home can boost your mood and make you feel more relaxed. Adding plants and flowers to the window area of each room will create a calming atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests.

Make sure you don’t make the area look cluttered and overbearing by adding too many plants and flowers. Choose just a couple of plants to spice up the area without blocking out all of the natural light flowing in through the window.

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