Sectionals For Small Living Rooms | Merax Contemporary Sofa Review

Nowadays the size of the house we have is not a big matter. No matter how small or big the size of the house is, if we can create the best concept our house, it will become a comfortable place to live in.

Having the small house is not a bad idea at all. A small house means we have a smaller living room too. But, we always have to improve it to be the comfortable place no matter what the reason is.

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One thing we should note if we have the small living room is we should be able to choose the smaller furniture. Actually choosing the suitable furniture for the small living room is not a difficult thing. As long as we have enough budget, we can add anything to the living room even it is small.

One furniture we can add to the living room for the comfortability improvement is sectional. Sectional is a spot for the family to gather and having the quality time in the living room. No problem if you have the small living room now, you still can have the sectional that’s gonna make your living room more comfortable.

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There are so many models of sectional for the living room, and here we have a review of the sectional for the small living room. The product that we reviewed is Merax Contemporary Sofa.

Merax Contemporary Sofa Review


Merax Contemporary Sofa
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This Merax Contemporary Sofa comes in calming simple design. It has the beautiful beige pillow and cushion which are mixed with the black base and legs. Its flexible ottoman is able to move base on your preference conveniently due to its light weight.

The sectional is going to make your living room more beautiful thus comfortable for the seating or sleeping spot. It is so charming.

Ergonomics / Comfortable

The overstuffed cushions are the main reason for this sectional ergonomic point. They feel so fluffy and relaxing to enjoy. The construction is quite firm, but it’s not really a big deal.

You also get five pillows and ottoman which surely enhance the comfortability of this product.  The sectional also has arms for your relaxing time while watching the television. It can be the very cozy spot for your relaxing time.


To clean this kind of sectional, first, you should remove the pillows and clean them. Then you can clean the base and the ottoman. To protect it from the stain, use the stain shield spray.

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Merax Contemporary Sofa
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This Merax Contemporary Sofa is one of the most durable sectional product. The hard plastic for the legs is a feels so reliable. If you add this sectional to your living room, you can experience the new thing about using the sectional with the hard plastic base.


If you intend to add this sectional to your living room, you don’t have to prepare for lots of budgets. The price of this Merax Contemporary Sofa is $359.99. It is so affordable, right?


Product TypeSectional Sofa Chaise
Set Includes1 Sofa, 1 Armchair, 1 Ottoman, and 5 pillows
MaterialPVC and Hard Plastic
DimmensionL80.7” x W55.51” x H29.92
Arm TypeTrack Arms
Weight103.4 lbs.

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It is so safe to say that the product is durable, adorable, comfortable, and affordable. Don’t ever feel doubt to choose this one to your top list furniture purchase plan.

The firm construction and quite a tricky assembly may be some issues, but it’s not a big deal at all. Its small size makes the sectional more suitable for a small living room.

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