Sectionals For Small Living Rooms | Mimi Sleeper Sectional Review

The size of the house you have sometimes affect your hobby of improving it. You can’t really apply the furniture or accessories that you like because you have such a limited space.

It is kind a complicated matter to think about, this problem is also appropriate for the living room. You can’t buy the furniture you like because of such circumstance. It seems like your hobby has a limit.

Mimi Sleeper Sectional
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You still can add the furniture that you like to your small living room but on a condition, you have to add the smaller furniture. Choosing the smaller furniture is not actually a difficult way to improve your living room.

An important thing to have in the living room is a sectional, you can add the sectional for your maximum comfort. You can use it to have the quality times with your family, friends or guests. It is very comfortable, useful and even can beautify the living room.

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For your reference in choosing the best sectional for the living room, we recommend you a product which offers the comfortable seating and fabulous contemporary style. The product is Mimi Sleeper Sectional by Sofas to Go, and here we have reviewed the item for your reference.

Mimi Sleeper Sectional Review


Mimi Sleeper Sectional
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This transformable sectional is a great product for the small living room. It has the simple design which can be transformed into the sleeping spot. The gray color with legs espresso finish is the best combination to create a modern and minimalist look.


When you get this product to your home, you can also get the sleeping spot. This is the main ergonomic point for this Mimi Sleeper Sectional. This Mimi Sleeper Sectional is really a great product which provides the comfortable spot and the beautiful appearance.

However, the fabric is not really that soft, but it’s not a big deal.


Clean this sectional with the regular methods that you always do for your sofa. You can use the steam cleaner, if you don’t have one, you can use the microfiber cloth with dish soap mixture. Protect the Mimi Sleeper Sectional from the stain by using the stain shield spray.

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Mimi Sleeper Sectional
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This Mimi Sleeper Sectional is remarkably durable, we can tell from its great construction and good-quality polyester blend. The leg of the chair is made of hardwood, it can be a long last sectional in your living room. Therefore, you don’t  have to worry about the durability of this great sectional for small living room.


The price for this Mimi Sleeper Sectional is about $1,969.99. It may sound pricey yet it’s still reasonable for its quality.

The material perhaps is the main aspect that makes the price is quite higher than the other sectional for the small living room with similar design and style.

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Product Type Sofa and Chaise
Set Includes 1 Sofa and 1 Chaise
Material Polyester Blend and  Wood
Dimmension 35” H x 109” W x 71” D
Arm Type Track Arms
Weight 289 pounds
Color Gray
Style Contemporary

Well then, this Mimi Sleeper Sectional is surely a good product that you can really consider to buy. Its quite expensive price tag may be not a problem for you if you make the quality becomes your first criteria.

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