Renovations to Consider Before Reselling Your House

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Are you thinking of moving out soon? Have you thought of making additional earnings by reselling your current house? If you’ve wondered whether you should try selling the home as-is or have renovations done. The short answer is that having some renovations can definitely put you at an advantage. People would choose to buy a house that still manages to look brand new instead of one that’s worn down. Plus, you could even increase your house’s value. 

With that consideration, it’s essential to think about which parts of your house need renovating and what restorations you should do. You don’t necessarily have to go overboard, as your buyers might still want to make changes on their own once they purchase your house, but there are some areas that you can work on before putting the house up for sale. Read on to identify what renovations you can consider before reselling your home. 

Apply a fresh coat of paint

fresh paint

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Finding faded paint colours and visible scratches on the walls make the house look old and shabby, making the place less appealing for buyers. You can solve this by looking for a professional painting service or having a DIY project to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. 

Having fresh paint makes your house look clean and brand new. At the minimum, you can focus on painting your house’s walls, but if you’re willing, you can also repaint the door and trim. It might seem expensive to have this painting job for your entire house, but your investment will return as this would increase your chances of finding a buyer. You can also increase your house’s value by having these newly painted rooms instead of sticking with your old ones. 

Renovate the bathroom


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A dirty or unkempt bathroom is enough to discourage buyers from choosing your house. Because of its function, the bathroom usually gets pretty nasty quickly, but for the same reason, it should be kept clean. You wouldn’t want a bathroom to look like it hasn’t been taken care of for a while before selling your house. 

You can start by doing a deep clean on this room. If you can’t do it on your own, it’s best to hire a professional cleaner. If the stuff in there needs more than cleaning, like broken toilets or close-to-breaking showers, it’s best to consider getting them repaired or replacing them entirely. You can also change the wallpaper if the bathroom walls aren’t very pleasant anymore.

Renovate the kitchen 

renovate kitchen

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Another room that might need some renovation is the kitchen. Just like the bathroom, the kitchen is a high-traffic area, meaning it might be more run-down compared to the other rooms inside your house. Since the kitchen is a significant part that buyers look into, investing in renovating this part of your home also boosts your chances of having a sale and increasing the home value. 

One of the things you can do is modernise your counters by replacing the countertops. Choose a different material like granite or engineered stone. You can also change the backsplash or have them installed if you don’t already have them on your kitchen walls. Of course, your buyers would also appreciate any upgrade in kitchen appliances, so if you’re up for it, you can install new models of stoves or replace the sink. 

Upgrade the garage door

garage door

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Upgrading your house’s garage door is another renovation you might want to consider. A well-made garage door that suits your house’s style contributes to its overall aesthetic, making it look more attractive. It also gives buyers an added sense of security. Overall, having a new and improved garage door can encourage homeowners to choose your house more than having an old and fragile one. 

Improve the house lighting

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While this might not seem like such a big deal when it comes to renovation and is often overlooked, improving the lighting can still contribute to how marketable the house is. If rooms or parts of your home are too dim, you can add more lighting to brighten up a room, making it more pleasing to the eyes. For example, instead of using a single light for the entire kitchen, you can better arrange a couple of light installations to brighten up this whole part of your house. You can also replace old light fixtures with newer styles to make the house look more modern. 

Update the house windows

house window update

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Another aspect of your house that’s worth updating is the windows. If the windowsills have gotten rusty or have experienced some breakage over the years, replacing them with new material can help improve the appeal of your house. Just make sure that the new windows still match the house trim and colours. 

If you’ve got window treatments, it’s also best to replace them if they look used and no longer watch mell with the rest of your house’s renovations. For example, if the window shutters look like they’re about to break, you wouldn’t want them near the newly painted walls or replaced windows. Decide on the new kind of window treatment you’re willing to get and install new ones too. 

Replace the house siding

house siding

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Given that the house siding is exposed to different materials and temperatures, they’re bound to get damaged after a while. It wouldn’t matter how much work you put into making your interior better if the exterior cannot reflect these changes. With that, it’s best to replace the house siding as old damaged sidings can make your house unappealing to buyers. 

You can choose the material that best suits your budget and house’s style, including vinyl, aluminium, wood, and others. So while it may be a bit costly, you’d still get your money’s worth when you invest in this renovation. 

Finally, once you’ve done the major refurbishing, all that’s left to do is clear your house of clutter. Having these changes done before you resell your home would help you find more potential buyers and can help you sell the house for a higher price. Considering your budget and time, hopefully, these tips can help you get started with your house renovations. 

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