20 Best Classiest DIY Vanity Trays For Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

The existence of vanity in a bathroom becomes more common today. It starts to be an inseparable feature of a bathroom which provides lots of benefits for the homeowners.

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First, a vanity enhances the function of a bathroom, it gives more space to store your toiletries and makeups. Then, you can dress up yourself right after you’ve done your cozy shower.

As a bonus, a vanity also gives a more fashionable and chic touch to the bathroom decor. It brings the overall look of a bathroom into a whole new style.

Those main benefits will create a bathroom which looks and feels so inviting, Therefore, many homeowners always include vanity into their shopping list when they remodel their bathroom.

As you may have known that vanity consists of some parts which complete each other. The cabinet, sink, and mirror are some main things which should be installed on every bathroom vanity.

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Furthermore, there are some accessories which actually not really necessary to have yet will make a vanity become more exhilarating to enjoy. The sconces and tray, for instance, they will make your vanity feel more enjoyable to use.

A vanity tray may seem like a simple thing, but once you place one on your bathroom vanity, it will provide a more organized space to store your cosmetics and toiletries. It then creates a classy and neat look for your bathroom vanity.

The good news is, you should not always buy the vanity trays for bathroom with expensive price tags in some marketplaces. There are hundreds of inspiring vanity trays for bathroom that you just can build at your home easily and cheaply.

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Here, we share you some classiestA�vanity trays for bathroom that you’ll surely love. They are so tempting and you must one to build for your own.

Let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

DIY Vanity Trays For Bathroom Ideas

DIY Mirror Vanity Tray

A superbly creative vanity trays for bathroom which will definitely enhance your vanity’s look. It’s a glam-looking DIY vanity trays for bathroom which is so easy and cheap to make.

Vanity Trays For Bathroom 1

Things that you’ll need to prepare are a rectangular mirror, frame, drawer pulls, and spray paint. The materials are easily available and the steps are very simple.

DIY Matches Vanity Tray

If you want to add some unique touch to your bathroom vanity, this adorable vanity trays for bathroom is so inspiring to try. The design is so creative and will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Vanity Trays For Bathroom 2-min

The surprising thing is you can easily create one at your home. By just using the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, some matches, and a plain table, this project can be done in no time.

DIY Frame Vanity Tray

An old frame is such an ‘easy’ material when you have a plan to create your own vanity trays for bathroom. By adding some other cheap materials you can have a beautiful tray with a very small effort.

vanity trays for bathroom 1-min

Here, a frame in classic style is turned into a gorgeous vanity trays for bathroom in a shabby chic look. Notice that unique block accent in the middle of the frame which made of the styrofoam, make it look creatively mesmerizing.

DIY Chevron Vanity Tray

Adding a Chevron touch to any room’s decor is always a good idea. It will create an admirable cheerful look that enhances the attractiveness of the decoration.

vanity trays for bathroom 2-min

This beautiful vanity trays for bathroom is designed in such style which is totally worth to copy. You can use a cover of a shoes box, cover it with red fabric, then create the chevron pattern by using the gold glitter.

The color is so admirable and looks so chic to decorate your bathroom.

DIY Hexagon Vanity Tray

The superbly stunning vanity trays for bathroom in hexagon style with a leather cover. It’s a nice inspiration for you who want to add a minimalist yet glamorous touch to your bathroom decor.

vanity trays for bathroom 3-min

Things that you’ll need to prepare are craft card and leatherette as the main materials. Look at the color combination which looks femininely stylish.

DIY Marble Vanity Tray

This one can be a beautiful pair for you who have a bathroom vanity with marble countertop. The vanity trays for bathroom which is made of the marble tile and cabinet pulls.

vanity trays for bathroom 4-min

Yeap, you’ll just need to purchase a marble tile with any colors that suit your vanity, then stick a cabinet pulls with a ceramic glue. Don’t forget to add some small things like copper tube caps as the base for the tray.

DIY Old Frame Vanity Tray

A beautiful pink vanity trays for bathroom which is made of an old frame that you easily at home. Perhaps, this is such an effortless DIY project to enhance the beauty of your bathroom in literally no time.

vanity trays for bathroom 5-min

You’ll just need to insert a pink colored paper into the frame and voila! your simply gorgeous vanity trays for bathroom is set. Placing a small ceramic pot with the pinkish rose on top of it is surely a great idea to make it look way much prettier.

DIY White and Gold Vanity Tray

Adding something white to every room’s decor is never a bad idea. It will give a catchy bright touch that will enhance the beauty of the room’s overall look.

vanity trays for bathroom 6-min

This vanity trays for bathroom is totally worth to try with its minimalist look. The materials that you’ll need to prepare are a white plastic tray with flat bottom or acrylic board and decorative brass corners.

DIY Glam Vanity Tray

Another mesmerizing vanity trays for bathroom design with a mirror that you can try to make at home. It looks so beautiful to add a glamorous nuance to your bathroom decor.

vanity trays for bathroom 7-min

Here, the glass candle holder is used as the base of the tray which makes it so admirable. Then, a flat mirror with the faux diamond accent is stuck onto the candle holder. It’s so simple to build but the result is totally stunning.

DIY Round Lace Vanity Tray

An old round tray that looks so boring can be turned into an attractive vanity trays for bathroom with a little bit of creative touch. This idea is so inspiring to create such thing by yourself.

vanity trays for bathroom 8-min

The round tray is covered with white lace and the red one to line it. It’s truly a beautiful try that worth to add to your bathroom decor.

DIY Gold Vanity Tray

A transparent acrylic box obviously looks too plain to add to a room’s decor. Making it look more beautiful to become a vanity trays for bathroom is surely a great idea.

vanity trays for bathroom 9-min

This one is a mesmerizing inspiration which uses a very small effort and budget. You just need to stick some gold glitter on the bottom of the box and attach the cabinet bumpers on each of its corners.

DIY Round Floral Vanity Tray

A pretty round vanity trays for bathroom which is effortless to make. Its floral pattern will surely give another beauty to your bathroom’s decor in an instant.

vanity trays for bathroom 8-min

You’ll just need to prepare a round tray or wood panel and a floral craft paper. Cover the tray with the paper then add the liner if you need to.

DIY Pixel Mirror Vanity Tray

This one is not an ordinary mirror vanity trays for bathroom which look more distinctive to give another style to your bathroom decor. It comes with the pixel-like design which is stunningly adorable.

vanity trays for bathroom 11-min

The frame is again used as the main material of this vanity trays for bathroom idea which is finished in gold. Then, you will need to cut mirror into some small squares and stick it on the frame.

DIY Elephant Vanity Tray

Another unique vanity trays for bathroom that will bring the overall look of your bathroom into a whole new word. It’s actually a simple mirror tray which is enhanced with some surprising accents that make it look smartly catchy.

vanity trays for bathroom 12-min

The elephant figurines are spray painted with silver finish and accented with the diamond wrap. Then, the elephants are stuck on the bottom of the frameless flat mirror. The result is surprisingly awesome!

DIY Diamond Vanity Tray

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for sure, so adding a bathroom accessory to create a gorgeous decor is surely a great idea. This vanity trays for bathroom is definitely a creative inspiration to try.

vanity trays for bathroom 13-min

There lots of diamond accents which makes the tray look so stunning. You’ll need to use a glass that you can get from a photo frame, diamond wrap, and faux diamonds.

To make it look more attractive you can build a two-tier tray in which you’ll need two flat glasses with different dimensions.

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DIY Round Diamond Vanity Tray

Again, a stunning yet simple vanity trays for bathroom with the diamond accent that you can include to your top list. This one is so easy and cheap to make just by yourself.

vanity trays for bathroom 14-min

Prepare a floral foam ring, round mirror, diamond wrap, and mirror effect spray paint. The tray looks so glamorous to decorate your bathroom’s decor in a very stunning way.

DIY Chanel Vanity Tray

For you, the Chanel fans, this beautiful vanity trays for bathroom is a must-have accessory that you can add to the room’s decor. It won’t take lots of bucks and elbow grease to have this one home.

vanity trays for bathroom 15-min

Go grab an old frame and spray-paint it with the gold finish to make it look catchier. Then, prepare craft paper with leopard pattern and glittery silver color.

For sure, this tray will add a superb fashionable look to your beautiful bathroom.

A�DIY Round Vanity Tray with Base

A beautiful round vanity trays for bathroom which looks so dazzling with it the diamond accent. The design makes it luxuriously attractive to put on your stylish bathroom vanity.

vanity trays for bathroom 16-min

Then, a candle holder in pedestal style is made for its base which enhances its beauty and function at the same time. This DIYA�vanity trays for bathroom is so affordable and simple to make at home.

DIY Marbled Paper Vanity Tray

If using a marble tile is too tricky for you, this vanity trays for bathroom will answer your need of having marble tray for your vanity. It still looks so beautiful and the process is much simpler.

vanity trays for bathroom 17-min

The main materials that you will need to prepare are only a rectangular tray and marbled paper. You can just print out a paper with such look pr purchase one at the nearby store.

DIY 3-Tier Vanity Tray

Choosing a tiered tray to put on your bathroom’s vanity is always a good idea to try. Besides its beautiful look, this kind of vanity trays for bathroom also provides more space to put your toiletries.

vanity trays for bathroom 18-min

This stunning 3-tier vanity tray can be easily made at home by using some easily available materials. Just prepare some glasses and plates in different sizes.

Finish them with the spray paint as you wish, and start to stack them!

DIY Mirror Vanity Tray with Ring Accent

An effortles vanit trays for bathroom which is surely worth to try. You just need to purchase a square mirror and 1.5″ book rings, then it’s ready to go.

Stick the rings on the side of the mirror, they will act as the liner which makes it look like a real tray. There’s no spray-painting or cutting step here, so it’s such a piece of cake project to try.

20 Best Classiest DIY Vanity Trays For Bathroom Ideas Youll Love

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So those are some inspiringA�DIY Vanity Trays For Bathroom Ideas that you can copy. You just have to choose the one which matches well your existing bathroom vanity.

Placing the Vanity Trays For Bathroom is always a good idea to enhance the function and look of your vanity. Plus, when you can make it easily and cheaply by your own, there is no reason to say no.

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