Burgundy Curtains For Living Room | Weathermate Pair Curtain Review

Improving the living room can be in any form, the improvement depends on the thing we need. If you want to make the comfortable seat you can add the chair, if you need the space you can add the storage bench or such.

One of the important things in the living room is the darkening thing. Yes, we mean, you will need the curtains.

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The curtain is going to raise up the living room atmosphere, especially by its color. It also can make the living room more colorful and more comfortable in the day and night because of its function.

The curtain also can reduce the noise from outside, so you can do some activity in the living room at night without any disturbs. It will be very helpful and will make your living room more decorative too.

If you intend to add the curtain to your living room, here we recommend you a product. It is Weathermate Pair Curtain in Burgundy by Thermalogic. If you are the red or burgundy lover you will surely love this curtain.

This curtain is a great product for the room darkening with great looks inside the living room. So here we give you some information about the product. Let’s check it out!

Weathermate Pair Curtain Review

Weathermate Pair Curtain
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The design of this Weathermate Pair Curtain in Burgundy is quite simple which comes in the modern style. Its burgundy look is very vibrant and dazzling just like what is shown in the picture. The product will be very suitable for the modern living room especially the one with the calming color of the wall like white, gray, or beige.

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The material which builds this Weathermate Pair Curtain in Burgundy is cotton. It is 100% cotton face and 100% acrylic back which has a quite great quality. Its thermal insulation warms you in the winter and cools the temperature around the room during the summer.


To maintain this curtain it is easy, you can use the machine wash with cold water. But you should not use the chlorine bleach, it will damage the color for sure. You should dry the curtain with line dry method. Such an easy treatment, isn’t it?

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The cotton and the acrylic as the construction of this curtain gives the great durability. As long as you treat the product well, you can display it in the living room for a long time.


You can get this Weathermate Pair Curtain in Burgundy by Thermalogic by spending about $49.99. Quite pricey, yet such a nice price for the great modern curtain.


Dimmension80″ W x 54″ L
Care InstructionDo not Bleach

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So overall, the Weathermate Pair Curtain in Burgundy by Thermalogic is surely recommended to buy. Well, you just have to decide whether will make it yours or not. Keep improving the living room!

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