3 Piece Living Room Table Sets | Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set Review

The living room is a great spot for us to have the quality time with our friends, guests, and family. Making the living room as a wonderful place is a very brilliant idea. Why? The reason is that the wonderful living room will make people want to stay longer inside.

The great quality living room should feature the good quality furniture and accessories inside. By having the good quality furniture and accessories, we can enhance the atmosphere of our living room to be more inviting and comforting.

Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set
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Adding the sofa for more comforts, changing the color for the more refreshing look, or placing the new accessory for the more decorative appearance. One of the great furniture for the good quality living room is the table sets. The table set is a nice decoration for living room while also provides the function for your convenience.

If you have a plan to add the table sets for the living room, especially the 3 piece one, here we have a review of the product by Latitude Run which is the Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set. It is a great product for your living room better which has a very great quality, you can add the new look to your living room and also make it way more stylish. Here it is the review for your reference!

Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set


The design of this table set is very stylish with its contemporary style. You will totally love that inset glass table top and those unique legs of this table. It would be a great idea to match this table set with the rustic decorations or calming living room nuance.

If you are a wood furniture lover, you will love this coffee table set for your wooden style living room. The stylish appearance of the Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set is going to enhance the overall layout of the living room beautifully.

The downside of the table is that the height of the coffee table is not really like other standard coffee table that you mostly find. It’s a bit higher, quite odds to match with other furniture.

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This Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set comes with the wood frame and legs with clear glass top. The wood construction type is the solid wood with rectangle shape in dark brown finish. For the table top, this product uses transparent glass for a bit shiny touch.

Once you touch the table, you’d know that it has such a sturdy construction. You can also get a quite spacious storage underneath the tabletop to put some magazines.

The installation is not really hard, yet the instruction is not presented clearly. It may become such an obstacle, and you’ll need more times to put the table together.


This product is an easy-to-clean table set, you don’t have to waste your time to take care of this table set. For cleaning the table, just use the wet cloth and a dry one to wipe up the glass and the wood base.

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The Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set has solid wood as the base, it is very sturdy and it guarantees the product durability for years. You can display the set in the living room for a long time without worrying of chips and cracks.


The Woodrow 3 Piece Table Set by Latitude is offered at $227.99 at Wayfair. It is such a good quality table set with under $250 price tag. It is not a big problem for your limited budget to get this stylish furniture to make the living room look greater.


Set Includes 1 Coffee Table & 2 End Tables
Dimension Coffee Table: 19.88” H x 48” W x 24” D

End Table: 24” H x 24” W x 24” D

Weight 67 pounds
Material Wood & Glass
Style Ccntemporary

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Overall, this product would not disappoint you. It is gonna make your living room looks much greater especially if your living room is the rustic styled one. Its affordable price also will make you want to bring this to your house sooner. The unclear instruction and improper table height are not really a big issue though.

Keep improving the living room!

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