9 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Improving Your Home On A Budget

9 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Improving Your Home On A Budget

Living an eco-friendly life can be challenging. It takes commitment, time, and a true desire to succeed. What it doesn’t take is a huge amount of money. People often think sustainable living is just too expensive for them, but that isn’t the case. With a little planning, and a few creative ideas, you can be living green in no time.

 Take It Apart And Put It Together In A New Way

If you plan on getting rid of anything, take it apart and see if you can use it in a new way. Save the pieces of flooring, tile, cabinet, or whatever else you might be planning to toss out and see if you can come up with a new use for it. Can you take the doors off of that cabinet and turn it into a unique bookcase? If you can, you’ve managed to recycle and save yourself some money at the same time.

  1. Repaint, Refinish, Redo

Do you need new furniture or do you just need your furniture to have a new look? You’d be amazed how changing the aesthetic of an item can change its whole feel. Try painting that headboard a fun color before you get rid of it and see if it changes your mind.

  1. Make A Powerful Change

Consider switching to solar power. Community solar projects, also known as solar farms, are on the rise and they’re making it easier than ever before to have an eco-friendly home. It’s the cleanest form of energy, and it’ll reduce your electric bill. There’s no installation and you only pay for what you use, so deciding to sign up on the Choose Solar site is a real win-win.

  1. Use Paints That Are Low In VOCs

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. They’re chemicals that are bad for you, your family, and the environment. So when picking out the paint to spruce up the walls or repaint the furniture, make sure it says low or no VOC.

  1. Get Energy-Efficient

Energy-efficient appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers are a must for reducing harm to the planet and saving you money. For an extra eco boost, consider getting an energy-efficient air purifier to keep the air in your home extra clean and fresh.

  1. Get A Rescue

If you need any furniture, doorknobs, or fixtures, try visiting your local antique shop or yard sale. A lot of treasures can be rescued from the resell bins. It’ll be cheaper than buying it new, and you’ll be saving the item from potentially ending up in a landfill. Extend the lives of objects whenever possible to avoid excessive waste.

  1. Install Faucet Aerators

These cheap, round, plumbing tools screw on to the end of your faucet to create a consistent, splash-free stream. This will keep you from wasting water without lowering your water pressure. They can lower your home’s water usage by up to 50%.

  1. Keep It Natural

Use natural textiles like wool, organic cotton, and silk. Natural fibers contain fewer toxins and chemicals, are usually biodegradable, and take less water to produce than synthetic fibers.

  1. Buy Recyclable

If you have to buy new, make sure it’s recyclable. If you only bring objects into your home that can be recycled, resold, or given away, it’s sure not to end up in a landfill anytime soon. Always look for a responsible way to get rid of items you no longer need.

  Start with these nine ideas, and then add a few of your own. You know your home better than anyone else. Take a good look around and decide what you can improve on to get to the level of eco-friendly you want to be.

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