30+ Incredibly Stylish Blue Living Room Inspirations for Soothing Decor

Choosing the color for your living room can be quite confusing since there are tons of options available for you to choose from. It can be tricky to pick the best color that may or may not suit your needs and taste.

Each color has its own characteristic which will create a particular vibe in your living room. In other words, color has certain effects which suggest our psychological side to feel something.

Blue can be the good color that you can choose to dominate your living room since it can give the soothing and relaxing vibe to your decoration. It will really well to give your living room a very comfortable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

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Here, we have picked the best blue living room ideas that will totally blow your mind with their stunningly harmonious look. They are absolutely worth to copy when you are about to redecorate your very own living room.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of blue living room ideas!

Best Blue Living Room Ideas

Gloomy Blue Living Room

blue living room 1-min

A gorgeous living room which fully dominated by deep glossy blue, except for the ceiling which is finished in rustic gray. That combination creates a gloomy yet relaxing atmosphere around the room.

The decorative rugs in brown and some ethnic throw pillows enhance the rustic vibe of this living room in a very beautiful way.

Sky Blue Living Room

blue living room 2-min

The combination of light blue and white in this living room gives a very comforting vibe. It reminds you of the beauty of the bright sky that you can try to opt for your own living room.

Then, the juts area rugs and unique driftwood table give the beautiful natural touches which make the room feel much fresher.

Textured Navy Living Room

blue living room 3-min

Colorized by the navy with a little bit of texture, this living room looks so stylish in a more distinctive way. The espresso finish of the room’s furniture gives a nice elegant touch which matches very well with its navy overall look.

Moreover, the vintage colorful wall arts decorate one side of the wall to make the room look more cheerful.

Festive Blue Living Room

blue living room 4-min

Looking for a living room which looks superbly decorative? Well, this idea is the one that you can’t miss to add to your inspiration list.

From wall to ceiling, the attractively decorative wallpaper in an ethnic pattern takes over which create a uniquely stunning decor. To avoid uninviting look, the spacious space and large window are provided for this room.

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Navy and Brown Living Room

blue living room 5-min

It seems like the combination navy and brown is everyone’s favorite since it can create a very mesmerizing classy look. Here, the walls are painted in matte navy which complements the brown wood flooring gorgeously.

A light brown sofa is then chosen as the focal point which brightens up and neutralizes the room at the same time.

Rustic Soft Blue Living Room

blue living room 6-min

A warmly soothing living room with soft blue as its main color and paired with the unfinished wood flooring. The chairs in the similar color to the wall are the centerpiece which harmonizes the overall look of the room nicely.

Narrow Blue Living Room

blue living room 7-min

For you who have a limited space in your living room, blue can always be a good color option that you can choose. It makes a small room look brighter and wider in a more colorful look than those neutral shades.

This idea shows a stylish way to decorate a small living room with light blue. The room looks decorative and relaxing at once.

Baby Blue Living Room

blue living room 8-min

This one is a simple living room which is colorized by the softest shade of blue which can be a good alternative to create a bright living room instead of choosing white. A light gray area rug is placed in the center of the room which even brightens it up.

Warm Blue Living Room

blue living room 9-min

Orange can pop up the color attractively, and it can be a good pair to complement blue. In this idea, orange ottomans and sofa’s cushion are used to decorate a room with navy overall look stylishly.

Decoratively Earthy Living Room

blue living room 10-min

The sofas with floral patterned fabric, lots of indoor plants and brown area rug add a very exhilarating natural nuance to this deep blue living room. It can be a good inspiration to create a decorative yet relaxing blue living room.

Glam Blue Living Room

blue living room 11-min

At the first sight, you will instantly notice the factor that makes this living room looks so awesome. Yes, those decorative mirrors in the gold finish are made as the focal point of the room which brings its style to a whole new level.

Then, the velvety brown sofa and vibrant blue ottoman enhance the classiness of this living room perfectly.

Rich Blue Living Room

blue living room 12-min

A unique living room which blends various patterns in one decoration cleverly. The bamboo pattern of the wall is paired with the chevron flooring in the similar blue and white finish, creating an overwhelming yet stunning look that all the guests will be amazed about.

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Gallery Blue Living Room

blue living room 13-min

Tons of wall art decorate this living room with mate blue color beautifully. They give a decorative look to the room without making it look stuffy at all since the number of furniture is minimized.

Greyish Blue Living Room

blue living room 14-min

It’s so safe to say that this gorgeous living room has one of the best color combinations which creates a very relaxing atmosphere. The matte deep blue and light grey are mixed very well which is very inviting to enjoy.

Classic Blue Living Room

blue living room 15-min

The vintage furniture, accessories, and decor items in this living room create a very beautiful classic decor that you can steal. Then, the flow of shades of blue around the room pops up a very gorgeous gradation.

Floral Blue Living Room

blue living room 16-min

For you who want to have a more feminine blue living room, this idea is one of the best inspirations. The stunning sofas with floral blue and white become the main furniture which harmonizes the soft blue walls around the room.

Then, the purple floral rug adds another color while some real flowers freshen the atmosphere beautifully.

Dusty Blue Living Room

blue living room 32-min

Dusty blue is chosen to colorize this beautiful living room with a traditional decoration. It looks so soft and soothing to the eye, gorgeously complementing the wood elements inside.

Teal Living Room

blue living room 17-min

Teal is another color option that you can use to create a blue living room, it looks more greenish which pops up a more cheerful vibe. In this idea, teal colorizes all the major walls while neutral big sofa calms the nuance of the room.

Then, two brown chairs with those indoor plants bring earthy touches to its decoration.

Decorative Navy Living Room

blue living room 18-min

Since navy is quite deep and gloomy, it may not really fit for you who love something more decorative. The trick is, you can make other parts of the room as catchy as possible to complement navy.

Here, the outstanding striped flooring perfectly enhances the attractiveness of the room alongside those festive wall arts.

Powder Blue Living Room

blue living room 19-min

Another bright blue living room which is definitely tempting to steal and this one is colorized by the chich soft blue. To harmonize the look, decorative area rug in a similar color and velvety grey sofa completes the room stylishly.

Moreover, a unique orange wall art adds a more colorful touch and warms up the nuance of the room very well.

Beige and Blue Living Room

blue living room 20-min

Muted beige an deep matte blue is combined awesomely in this living room, creating a calm decoration that makes the room look so inviting. A floor-to-ceiling glass window is then installed to keep it bright and allow a joyful view of the outdoor surrounding.

Spring Blue Living Room

blue living room 21-min

A yellow sofa in this blue living room simply gives a more attractive touch and exhilarating feel. The white chair, table, and area rug let the color of the yellow sofa popped up perfectly.

Teal and Wood Living Room

blue living room 31-min

An eclectic living room with deep teal walls and rustic wood flooring which looks stylishly natural. The big windows next to the grey sofa brighten up the room optimally and help the outdoor view gives a refreshing vibe to the room.

Beige and Bright Blue Living Room

blue living room 22-min

In this living room, beige is used to neutralize the overwhelming combination of bright blue and white in a very beautiful way. Therefore, the room looks vibrant and relaxing at once.

Scandinavian Blue Living Room

blue living room 30-min

A Scandinavian decoration is mostly characterized by lots of decorative linen, organic element, and vintage touch. This living room has all those looks which make it so inspiring to copy.

Those two velvety navy sofas, a vintage festive area rug, wood flooring, and fireplace create a stylish, warm, and comfortable living room very well.

Soft Coastal Living Room

blue living room 23-min

A gorgeous living room with the very soft blue color and off-white furniture which will mesmerize everyone. The exposed wood beams, sheer curtain, and indoor plants that style it up with the coastal nance.

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Muted Navy and Brown Living Room

blue living room 24-min

A tufted brown sofa becomes a nice complement in this living room with muted navy and gray look. It creates a very elegant touch to a neutral room.

Pretty Blue Living Room

blue living room 25-min

The catchy pink chairs and throw pillows in this soft blue living room cheer up the atmosphere around very well. With those neutral and earthy elements, pink becomes the only color that popped up fabulously inside the room.

 Glam Navy Living Room

blue living room 26-min

An elegantly classy living room with the deep and rustic overall look and brightens up by the white ceiling. A huge white crystal chandelier then adds a very dramatic touch.

Textured Navy Living Room

blue living room 27-min

A jute rug, bamboo blind, and festive drape give rich textures to this glowing navy living room. It has a simply awesome combination of modern and natural touch at one decoration.

In addition, this idea can be a good reference for you who are about to style up your tiny living room.

Catchy Warm Living Room

blue living room 28-min

A very attractive living room with the vibrant geometric blue rug, milky blue chairs, and giant bookcases. Then, a simple rustic fireplace is added which warms up the nuance and add another style to the room.

Notice the huge mirror wall behind the fireplace which makes this living room so unique.

Greenish Blue Living Room

blue living room 29-min

A velvety green chair is made as an outstanding focal point in this navy living room. It looks contrasting to the overall decoration of the room but still gives a distinctive attractiveness.

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Blue Living Room-min

So those are some inspiring blue living room ideas that you can use as the reference when are about to redecorate your very own living room with the stylish and comforting color. They smartly blend all the elements of the room to create a mesmerizing decoration that makes them so tempting to copy

Pick the best idea that really suits your taste, needs, and the existing layout of your living room, then decorate it properly. Keep in mind to always create a gorgeously harmonious decoration that everyone would love to enjoy.

Blue is always a good color option to choose which will never fail to create a stunning and joyful living room. It’s also a beautiful shade that that has tons of positive psychological effect, so you will always have a comfortable living room no matter how time goes by.

Well, happy redecorating your beloved living room now!

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