30 Genius Green Living Room Ideas Of 2017 For Your Ultimate Inspiration

The living room should be the very enjoyable spot for any activities for the homeowners. While you spend time in the living room, every second has to be very great and very joyful. That is one of the reasons why we should keep making the living room more comfortable and look attractive.

The attractive living room can be so inviting to have activities inside even after just seeing for a second. Imagine how great it is to have that kind of living room. It will be a real best spot ever inside the house.

Green Living Room
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There are too many ways of improving the living room such as adding the super comfortable pieces, applying a specific theme, and matching the color. The last one sounds easy to do, you can always try to choose that way.

Matching the color of the furniture and accessories in the living room can create one harmony and giving the atmosphere of the effect of the color you put into. One of the best advantages of applying this idea is you can express the color you really love as your living room color.

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When you pick the color for the living room, you should pick the right one for the atmosphere it will bring inside. Generally, people choose the bright color for the house and each room’s color. Bright color can make the living room have a positive atmosphere and widen the impression.

One of the favorite colors for the living room or even the whole house is green. It is time to makeover your living room or applying the new color to your plain living room which is not improved yet.

The green living room is also considered as the latest interior idea that becomes more and more popular this year. Then here, we will give you the living room decor ideas. How to put the sofa, picking the green as the background, and harmonizing the furniture color.

We have summarized the best green living room ideas which will be very special for you the green lovers. Now your living room will be more decorative and look fresh with green color. So here are the ideas for you, keep improving the living room!

30 Most Genius Green Living Room Ideas Of 2017

Green Sectional as Focal Point

Green Living Room
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White living room always looks interesting to be improved. If you have this kind of living room, you can add some green furniture to make it look fresher. Here, the green sectional is placed as the focal point which creates a beautiful greeny living room.

Wooden tables and some natural compliment like vases with the greenery can be useful to increase the natural and refreshing atmosphere around the room. You don’t need to make your living room full of the useless stuff to make it look wider.

The huge window that directly faces to the natural surrounding idea makes this living room becomes more and more outstanding. Trees and other green stuff outside make the living room feels so comfortable as nature.

You can start to create the design plan to make this idea comes real. This is such a nice living room looks, it has the natural nuance inside.

Matte Green Walls

Green Living Room
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A nice sleek living room that uses the matte green scheme to decorate its focal walls. This idea is a perfect combination of white and green.

The attractive living room is always the one with unique decoration. Here, the white round chairs with futuristic design are chosen to bring the new things to the living room.

White can match the green perfectly, so those furniture flow really well with the overall look of the room.  For the more living atmosphere, put the greenery, it will make the atmosphere of green stronger.

You can make this idea as your reference to build the perfect modern green living room. You also can copy the decoration if you won’t add other ideas to the living room. This decoration can work well on the large living room.

Decorative Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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Yellowish green (or so called Chartreuse) does not always look bad for the living room wall color, so is this idea. It can be the perfect color for the living room with a more decorative concept. It looks so beautiful moreover if the sunlight comes through the window.

You will need some ‘real green’ additions for supporting the color. You need the same colored rug, curtain, chair and more accessories. Here, the sofa color is in cream white to calm the vibrant green nuance around the room. Then, the green colored pillows add a nice decorative look.

As always, green giving the natural atmosphere to the living room, even stronger when you add some greenery as the complement. You can note this idea as your reference of the green living room. This is a nice decoration for the small living room.

Decorative Green Wall

Green Living Room
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Would you love to put the large wallpaper inside the living room? The green wall with tree trunk wallpapers can be the great combination. This idea can inspire you to add the green as the wall color and put the large tree wallpaper as the complement inside.

This kind of living room may look too much if you put too many stuff inside, but you can minimalize the stuff that you will put to your living room.

Grey is the secondary color of the room which blends nicely with the green nuance. Then, the dark green sofa or sectional can harmonize the view inside.

The cream rug neutralize the overall look very well and give a warm touch around. Adding some colorful pillows will be a great idea too, those will comfort you to have a rest in the living room.

Another completion for this idea is the round table with glass table top. For other accessories, you will need the table lamp to illuminate the living room at night and other supporting accessories. Note this one as your reference for your small living room.

Sleek Green Living Room Ideas

Green Living Room
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A simple living room without too many accessories can be an attracting one. If you like the simple living room decoration, you can copy this idea and create your own.

Make a plan of the simple living room with green color is not difficult. Green wall with white furniture always become the spotlight. It is simple, inviting and comes with natural atmosphere. For the large living room, you can add more furniture.

The choice of glossy white flooring is very brilliant to create a glamorous touch to the room’s layout. You can also add some rugs to create a more decorative look.

This idea is easy to copy and easy to apply too. You will have an amazing living room with simple decoration but attracting so much. Add this one to your note or your living room improvement plan.

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Contemporary Gray and Green Living Room Ideas

Green Living Room
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Some colors exist to become the matching color with the others. Green is one of the colors which can match the other when it is mixed up.

This idea is about mixing the green with other colors. The bright green wall as the base tones up the atmosphere and gives a wide impression around.

Then, gray in the middle of the green wall gives the unique combination that looks refreshing. You can also apply other furniture for the decoration.

About the furniture, there are no too many pieces of furniture to apply this idea. Just apply the furniture which is useful and can increase the beautiful point of the living room.

You can add the white sofa, small coffee table, white vase, and some colorful pillows. Those will make the view more decorative in a much simpler way. A simple thing will not always look boring, as this kind of living room decoration, it still attracting and looks enjoyable.

Textured Emerald Green Wall

Green Living Room
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Green emerald is a wonderful color, even for the wall of the living room. You can apply the green emerald to your living room for the more luxurious looks.

The other accessories you can use is the glass table for the living room, that will instantly enhance the room’s overall look. You can also add the arm chair, green sofa, and white rug to complete the perfect look. Adding some greenery also very recommended to keep the natural feels inside.

The room is so attracting, you can copy the idea if you really like the green emerald color. It is really great to have the calm color inside with natural and luxurious sense at once. Some green emerald furniture can also easy to find now, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

Green Wall and Decorative Flooring

Green Living Room
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Putting green as the background of the living room with decorative flooring is such a good idea. It will make the living room has the natural touch and calm the atmosphere.

Make your quality time with your family has more quality, you can complete the room with the suitable additions. Some people love to have the fireplace inside the living room, it can be an enjoyable spot that is very useful if you are in the cold weather.

In this idea, you can see the wide living room with long sofa, accented rug, glass table, the candle holder and so many decorative stuff. If you love to collect the accessories for the living room, this idea may be your reference to copy.

Green Decor on White Room

Green Living Room
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The wide living room is awesome, you can put so many furniture and accessories inside. Here, green is used only in some furniture and accessories to give a more colorful touch.

The use of black and gray is very great which add a neutral yet attractive look to combine with green. Adding the gray sofa inside the green living room will be a nice combination. Then, the green curtain and rug will complete it well.

A fireplace also can make the living room has a superb character. So if you have the large space inside the living room, it is very recommended to have one fireplace.

Applying the rustic wooden flooring will make this kind of living room looks more natural and refreshing. Imagine that you have this kind of living room, it’s really great, isn’t it?

Green and Brown living Room

Green Living Room
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The minimalistic living room is always going to be a cozy spot for us around the house. Some homeowners love to make their living room as simple as they can.

They put some useful stuff only inside. It will make the living room wider and look simple without too many stuff which will disturb us while having the activity. Even if you have the small living room you still can make it look wider with only applying the stuff you need.

Putting the bright color can make the living room look wider, especially without too many stuff. Green is one of the recommended colors to make the living room look wider. Make the minimalistic living room can also save for your money, you don’t have to buy the useless stuff just to make your living room look full.

Brown is another nice scheme to combine with green. You will get a nice sweet layout once you combine them together in one room.

Green wall with a small table for work and the small sofa is surely enough for the cozy living room. A chair can be the best compliment for the idea if you intend to make your living room as the same one.

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Green and Pink Living Room

Green Living Room
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Pink is a joyful color which can create the cheerful atmosphere, have you been thinking of combining pink and green? For sure, it will be a lovely combination.

The green living room that you have is not always about the full green color, applying the green furniture and accessories is enough. Here, the green sofa is used to give a greenish touch to the room. Then, the big vibrant green painting emphasizes the green atmosphere in this pink room.

Green sofa in the pink wall living room can be the spotlight and really attracting. Small table, vases, table lamp and cute portable stools are the best addition to this idea. It looks like will suitable for a small living room but you can also try in the big living room.

Lime Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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The sweet vibrant living room in lime green as its focal walls. The bright color in the living room can always boost up the mood better.

The best furniture and accessories arrangement in the living room can be an important thing to note. The combination of the single sofa, stool, and the ottoman surprisingly provide a nice cozy spot in this living room.

The colorful curtain and white furniture suits well inside the lime green living room. The best part of the idea is you can add other furniture with different bright color, it will always match the wall color. Note this idea to try and to develop by your own creativity!

White and Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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The modern green living room ideas are really popular. Adding the latest model of furniture and accessories are really necessary to make this idea more wonderful.

This genius living room idea is using the modern style. The bright green wall is used to give a more vibrant touch to those white tile, wall, and ceiling. Modern furniture surely gives the futuristic atmosphere around and it should match each other. The idea is best applied to the small living room.

You can see the colorful pillows, those are giving a more wonderful touch. Notice that contrasting red chair which beautifully bring the room to another style.

This idea is really recommended and will be nice to try. It will be the best if you also have the big window to make the great light to the living room.

Green Sofa in Gray Room

Green Living Room
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If you like the luxurious living room but need the green to color to cheer up the room, gray is a great color to make the best combination with green. The genius idea comes with the gray wall and some colorful furniture and accessories that contrastingly match each other.

The complement of the idea is the green sofa, glass table, and rustic cabinet, also some accessories such as a green vase with flowers and small paint. The accented rug gives the beautiful decorative accent too. Some other unique accessories will make this kind of green living room idea perfect.

You can try to mix green with gray for the living room if you want to copy the idea.

Bluish Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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If you are looking for something that looks less green, then the bluish green color scheme may suit your need. You can add other green accessories to make it perfect.

The minimalist living room style always makes an eye catching scenery. Therefore, the living room that you dream about is not always a complicated one.

Look at the simple arrangement of the idea. Just a sectional sofa in white, some colorful pillows, a long table in brown, a white rug, a large floor lamp, and other complements.

It is such a perfect idea for you who love the minimalist look. Too many furniture or accessories inside will be complicated sometimes.

Classic Emerald Living Room

Green Living Room
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Nothing better than having the green emerald living room, it is definitely elegant and fresh. Plus, if you love the classic style it can be a perfect living room.

This idea is applying the classic interior layout with the emerald green wall. It is really elegant with some classic style furniture and accessories also with the perfect corner to put the L shape sofa. It’s also perfect with two medium size window to make the sunlight goes inside.

You can see the compliments of the green living room that enhance its classic nuance like the Victorian cabinet, the wooden table with the natural finish, the table lamp, some colorful paints, and other complement accessories. The decorative rustic floor also flows well with the other decor.

Glamorous Emerald Living Room

Green Living Room
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There is no limit about the creation of making the emerald green living room. The genius green living room idea which is really popular and becomes a trend.

Emerald green is such a luxurious color which can make the living room looks glamorous. But, the color can’t stand alone without other accessories that support the color.

The glamorous living room should have the glamorous furniture inside. Here, some compliments perfect the look stylishly such as the white large sofa, two arm chair in gray, a big white table, green rug with the accent, table lamp with white shade, light sconces, mirror with silver frame and the others.

It is a perfect living room so far. You can copy the idea if you like the elegant looks and the luxurious style.

 Dark Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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If most people love the bright color for their house, some of them may love the dark one, so they applicate it to the green living room. One of the genius ideas of the green living room is combined with gray, the dark one exactly. It can give the big impact to the living room.

Here, dark gray and dark green will match each other creating an elegant masculine impression, so don’t be afraid to try to mix these colors.

The idea is simple, it is just a small room with the dark green sofa, square table, and gray floor. It has some additional, but not too many accessories, that’s why it is called a simple decoration of the living room. The minimalist living room is always eye catching and look comfortable.

Brown and Lime Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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Here, the green is applied in the accessory and furniture that become the focal points of the room. The lime green drapes and sofa cushions vibrantly decorate this beige and brown living room. Then, the pale green rug gives another colorful touch to the flooring.

The 3 colors combination is kind of unexpected, but surprisingly create such a unique living room layout that you have to include to your top list. Go copy the idea and you will get the eye catching living room. What a great living room color.

Red and Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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Lime green could be one of your favorite choice of green living room ideas for sure. So many homeowners pick the lime green as their living room color. It is because lime green is giving the fresh nuance and can be easily matched with other color schemes.

It is a brightest green color. So people are loving this color to be their main color in the house and living room.

Here, to complete the living room idea, the sofas in white, a table from metal, wall table for books, the red curtains, and rug, and greenery beautifully enhance the style of the room.

It will be perfect if the floor color is natural wood color. You need to have the large window too for the better looks of your living room.

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Rustic Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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Nowadays, rustic style is a popular one, you can easily find many houses in rustic style. But, whatever style you put into the living room, it should always get an improvement, and choosing green as the color of the rustic living room is not a bad idea.

Green will match any of living room style, for the rustic style put a bit faded green so it will look gorgeously rustic too. The wooden furniture and accessories surely make the rustic style character become stronger.

Rustic style is always close to the wooden furniture and accessories, so the color of the furniture should be in the natural finish. It is a great combination of the natural wood color in the green wall.

You can add the grenery and rustic drapes too for more natural and shady sense inside the living room. A great thing to try.

Teal and White Living Room

Green Living Room
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Teal is the combination of blue and green, but the green gives the stronger character than blue. Having the teal color living room is one of the green living room ideas.

The character of green in teal is dominating, it will make the living room look cool and fresh. It is such a lovely color with the soft look. Teal as the wall color will give positive atmosphere and cool nuance, it can be a good reference and new experience.

Complete the same look with the idea with the teal sofa, blue arm chair, white rug, red side table or mini cabinet, glass table, and vase with the red rose. It looks so nice and beautiful, and also eye catching.

This kind of living room will make us want to stay  longer inside because of its positive nuance.

Shades of Green and Blue Living Room

Green Living Room
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The combination between green and blue is calming the atmosphere of the living room. How nice it is to see two natural colors which give the positive energy and relaxing to the eyes.

It will be great if you have the large window to let the sun light illuminating the living room naturally. This is a new experience for you to try to apply in the living room. Go copy the decoration for the cooling atmosphere of the living room.

The furniture you need for this kind of decoration is simple. There are no many pieces of furniture, it is a minimalist decoration. Just put a green sofa, two chairs in blue, color the wall with green or teal, then add the long table, and you need the table vase too. You can also put the greenery for the air freshener.

Pale Green and White Living Room

Green Living Room
image source

Feel the new atmosphere with this green living room decoration. It is a combination of pale green, white and gray, creating a lovely pastel look to the room’s layout.

The pale green can make your eyes in relax, unlike those vibrant green schemes. So it is very suitable for the living room which is the spot for us to have some activities and resting. It can be a genius green living room idea.

You can complete this kind of living room with some furniture and accessories such as green sofa, green chair, a white chair with the accent, rainbow rug, and greeneries for the fresh look and atmosphere.

It is such a nice living room decoration to have. You will get the comfortable living room with the positive atmosphere around.

Yellow and Green Living Room

Green Living Room
image source

One of the color which can match green is yellow, it is a cheerful color which can give the living room a nice atmosphere and nuance. Therefore, combining yellow with green will be a great idea.

To have this kind of living room we should choose the furniture carefully to make it look flow beautifully side by side. This one is a genius idea because the green portion is balanced with yellow. You can try to apply such decoration to your living room, especially a smaller one.

Copy the decoration with the furniture and accessories such as green sofa, brown chair, white table, colorful pillows, vase with flowers, table lamp, yellow accented rug, and other accessories.

Yellow has some characteristic, it is good for the living room, it will give the warmth, inspiration and positive energy. It is the happiest color ever, so just try to apply the idea to your lovely living room.

Earthy Green Living Room

Green Living Room
image source

Living room with contemporary style is really great. Applying the style to the living room can give many advantages, one of it is you can add the furniture with both classic or modern style freely.

Then giving the green as the wall color is a genius idea. The decoration of the idea is simple, just some of furniture and accessories with modern and classic style. Such a great thing to try to apply.

Complete the living room with this idea with white modern sofa, classic wooden table, a gray long chair, green rug, and other wooden accessories. This decoration will look well on the wooden floor, creating a stunning earthy look.

Just copy the decoration to your large living room for the new experience of having the green living room.

BW in Green Living Room

Green Living Room
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Some furniture look better in black. It is a mysterious color, but it can make the living room look more outstanding if you match it with the proper color.

Adding the black furniture to the green living room can increase the beautiful point of the room perfectly. It is not a bad combination, you can try the combination and see the result, which is a genius idea.

Black will match well with green especially the bright one, so is this idea, this is wonderful a combination of the green and white wall with black furniture.

If you are going to copy the idea, paint the wall with half white and green, then install the green curtain. The rest is adding some black furniture such as sofa and cabinet.

The idea can be perfect and look well on the wooden floor. You also can complete the idea with other additional stuff for a more decorative look.

Magenta and Green Living Room

Green Living Room
image source

The bright color will bring a joyful atmosphere to the house, especially to the living room where people usually have the activities there. It is a really genius idea to put the bright color inside like lime green.

Lime great is such a popular color to put in the living room, it seems to become a special color to boost up the living room, so it feels not boring and looks fresh thus natural.

If you intend to copy the idea, all you need is the magenta sofa, and the other accessories are in lime green too. The pink sofa will increase the room beautiful looks, it also makes the room look more colorful especially the one with the accent.

The other accessories to make the idea perfect is the red glass table, the purple rug, and some additionals. But still the spotlight is the pink sofa because it is so big, it becomes the main attracting furniture which is eye catching.

Orange and Green Living Room

Green Living Room
image source

Green is a natural color, it will be suitable for the living room wall. How about combining it with orange? Orage is such a fun color, it is inspiring us to be active or we can say that orange is giving a positive atmosphere.

Green and orange can be the perfect combination, both are giving the positive sense and giving the bright vision.

This idea can be a nice thing to try to your living room. The curtains are in green, it is beautiful, it covers the large windows which let the sun light coming through the living room.

The layout is completed by the cream sofa and arm chair, the gray rug, the modern table and some green stuff in orange wall. There are vases too for the greenery which is giving the natural feels and freshening the air. What a great idea of the green living room to try.

Rustic White and Green Living Room

Green Living Room
image source

Wide living room always becomes a great thing to have. You can add so many furniture and accessories without being afraid of the available space.

Green can be the suitable color for your wide living room, especially the emerald one which always looks elegant. Green is a fresh color for the living room and it can relax your eyes. If you love green why not apply it to your living room?

This one is a rustic living room style which is a good looking green living room idea. It looks so elegant and natural. A sofa, an arm chair,  glass table, table lamp and vase with flower are such a nice additions to complete the idea.

You may need a large window too for making it look perfect and look brighter. Such a nice living room.

Green Psychology

Green is one of the major colors which brings the natural sense. You can see green in the park, hill, or the place with so many trees and flowers. That’s why green can make the living room more comfortable and the air around feel fresh.

Green also good for eyes relaxation. It is a recommended color for the house. Any time you see something with green color, you know it is alive, right?

Green can be a symbol of the renewal and growth. It is the most color you see in the natural environment. So green is the color of spring, the season where everything comes to life and begin to grow. It can be a color of balance, calm and harmony too.

The psychological effects of green color to the house are similar to blue. Green is symbolized as a calm and clear thing. It is very restful to the eye and gives us a lot of natural nuances. The best way to use green in the living room decoration is to combine it with several colors, green can match other colors and suitable for every color too.

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Those are the 30+ Most Genius Green Living Room Ideas Of 2017. You can try to copy one of those to your living room for the new nuance and new experience of having the green living room.

Green as living room color is really recommended, it is calming and make the atmosphere around positive. You can compare it to other colors, which one better to bring the natural nuance to the living room. Make your living room as the best spot in the house to do activities.

Adding green is a great thing to make the living room more colorful and more living as the natural environment. You can add the furniture and accessories in green too for more natural nuance. One of the great things about green is green can pair up other colors too. It can work well with orange, blue, yellow, red, and even dark gray.

There are several green types too if you like the bright green you can choose the lime green, it is popular. And if you love the dark color, you can use the dark green or the emerald green with its luxurious touches. So just try to apply it to your living room.

Keep your living room improved well!

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