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6 Ways How to Light a Living Room with No Overhead Lighting

By Sandy Wells •  Updated: 08/21/20 •  4 min read

When it comes to lighting, we will all agree that it’s one of the important features that every home has to have and every homeowner has to install. It’s because you don’t want to have a dark house like a haunted house that will scare your family members and the coming guest, especially for a living room. A living room is a spot where you gather around with your family so you will definitely need a good lighting feature to illuminate the whole area.

However, the problem arises when you rent an old house or a small apartment that doesn’t have space left for installing lighting cables or just simply because the owner wants to save more budget for other features. In this case, you will have to challenge your own creativity to keep your living room both bright and still beautiful.

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Below we have prepared some additional lighting fixtures that you can use to replace the overhead lighting.


The simplest way to illuminate your living room is by adding standing lamps on each side of the sofa. However, sometimes this kind of lighting fixture only brings specific lights to a certain spot which means that you have to put another fixture on the other side if you have another set of furniture.


If you love to create a warm, relaxing, calming, or romantic vibe you will be interested in using LED lights. It’s because most of the LED fixtures have dimmer lights that can bring a warmer and softer atmosphere lime this vertical standing LED lightings.

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Again, we can’t divide furniture and aesthetic point separately because the shape, color, and material of the lighting fixture will affect the overall look of the living room. Another standing lamp with a shade that surrounds the main bulb brings dimmer lights.


The ‘less is more’ saying is probably quite tricky when you decide to use a simple corner standing lamp because it will only bring limited lights to limited space. This kind of lighting works mostly as a decorative instead of the main.

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Those who want to bring more focus lighting, wall sconces can be a good choice. Just like this idea, you can install wall sconces above each chair to light the space and also work as a decorative item. However, you might want to spend more to provide another sconce if you have a sofa.


Choosing fairy or string lights is probably the last option you want to choose because it might not enough to brighten up the whole living room. This lighting will serve best as a decoration to add a beautiful accent to the room instead of the main light because some of them may not too bright enough.

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Now you will just have to choose the one that you like based on the size of your living room and start illuminating your living room immediately!