30+ Brightly Outstanding Living Room Lighting Ideas To Steal

Light holds such a very important role in creating a beautiful living room decoration. It will determine whether you will have an inviting living room for everyone or not.

You should always have to provide the proper amount of light to brighten up your living room. Commonly, a living room consists of 3 lighting types which are:

  • Primary light which brightens up the whole room.
  • Zone light which supports the light in a particular area (if you have a big living room)
  • Decor light which illuminates a certain object in the room to highlight it among other items.

However, as the time goes by, there are lots of living room lighting innovations invented by home experts or simply by casual homeowners. They are created to make a living room look more adorable and feel so comfortable to stay.

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Here, we have picked tons of inspiring living room lighting ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference. They will show you how to brightens up your living room in a very smart and beautiful way.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of best living room lighting ideas!

Best Living Room Lighting Ideas

Numerous Chandeliers

living room lighting ideas 1-min

For a spacious living room, using one chandelier (especially as the main light source is surely not a wise idea. Here, 4 chandeliers in similar designs are installed right above the sitting area. They create a very warming light day and night.

Maximum Natural Light

living room lighting ideas 2-min

The glass window is one of the common options when you want to have a bright living room which is created by the natural light. But if it’s not enough, you can choose the glass ceiling if the window is not enough.

The glass ceiling will allow the sunlight to directly brighten up the room during the sunny day.

Optimal Lighting

living room lighting ideas 3-min

Basically, this living room already looks beautifully bright with its all-white walls, minimalist furniture, and glossy wood flooring. Then, a chandelier is used to illuminate the whole room, with the help of classic floor light to make the sitting area loos much brighter, and twin sconces highlight the fireplace area which is the main focal point of the room.

In addition, a huge window also lets the natural light to come through the room which helps a lot during the sunny days.

Matching Table Lamps

living room lighting ideas 4-min

Placing lots of table lamps can be a good idea to help your living room look brighter, but you have to arrange them as gorgeous as possible. This living room lighting ideas shows how to choose the right table lamps and place them in proper spots.

Two matching lights in chrome are placed on the cabinets which complement the mirrors very well. Then, a grey lamp on the working table matches the sofa design.

Natural and Hidden

living room lighting ideas 5-min

In this living room lighting ideas, the recessed lighting is used, so you don’t find any ‘obvious’ fixture which creates a simple minimalist layout. The huge glass window in the corner of the room works really well to give a brighter nuance since it has the less amount of lighting.

Giant Chandelier

living room lighting ideas 6-min


Obviously, the chandelier in this living room lighting ideas is made as an outstanding focal point which will catch everyone’s attention. Again, the window is used as the primary large source during the day and the blind is installed to filter the sun exposure.

Complete Lighting

living room lighting ideas 7-min

A living room lighting ideas which is cluttered with lots of lighting types to make it look as bright as possible. A beautifully distinctive chandelier dominates the room while three matching table lamps are spread around the room, and a floor table completes the lighting group in this living room beautifully.

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Wall-Mount Task Lighting

living room lighting ideas 8-min

If you are thinking about what kind of lighting type which is best for an additional one, the task light can be the right answer. Place a unique light next to the sofa, and you will have a very attractive living room that will stun all the coming guests.

Tons of Windows

living room lighting ideas 9-min

A dazzlingly fabulous living room which has lots of huge glass windows as its primary lighting. They really make the room look so amazing since all the elements of the room perfectly reflect the natural light that comes through the windows.

Dramatic Chandelier

living room lighting ideas 10-min

A single d=chandelier can bring such a significant change to a living room décor just like this idea shows. A stunningly attractive crystal chandelier works so perfectly as the centerpiece of the room which brightens it up properly.

Ceiling Light

living room lighting ideas 11-min

Installing a dimming light in your living room’s ceiling can be a simple way to provide a nice ambient illumination that will never to enhance it decoration. It will emphasize the detail of your living room décor and adds a more sophisticated feel.

Track Lighting

living room lighting ideas 33-min

Track lighting is a type of fixture which can do lots of extra jobs as an secondary lighting of a living room. It can work to brighten up a particular are in your living room, highlight some particular décor items, or simply to help the primary lighting to light up the whole room.

Thorough Chandelier

living room lighting ideas 18-min

This kind of chandelier will give a proper ambient light to the main points of your living room. It spreads up the light much better which can work well to support the main lighting or provide a dimming light throughout the whole room.

Numerous Pot Lights

living room lighting ideas 15-min

During the sunny days, lots of glass windows and doors in this living room are enough to provide an adequate lighting, but in the night those pot lights will handle the job. It’s a good living room lighting ideas that you can steal for sure.

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Calming Light

living room lighting ideas 16-min

An all-white living room with twin simple chandeliers as its primary light source. Then, a striking floor lamp provides a brighter impression of the main sitting area. Furthermore, the huge window with a sheer curtain reflects the light from the floor lamp beautifully.

Arc Floor Lamp

living room lighting ideas 17-min

If you want to keep the ceiling of your living room without any accent, an arc floor lamp is a very considerable lighting feature that you can pick. It will provide a good amount of light especially in brighten up a particular area of the room.

Protruding Sconces

living room lighting ideas 18-min

A unique contemporary sconce in protruding design which doesn’t only work as an accent light (lie most sconces do) but as a task light as well. The sconce is adjustable so you can use it to brighten up every area as you wish.

Dazzling Ceiling

living room lighting ideas 19-min

This living room lighting ideas is very inspiring to steal, in which it uses the glossy white finish for its ceiling which supports the recessed pot lights to reflect their light much better. It creates a very airy atmosphere that everyone would surely love to enjoy.

Distinctive Lighting

living room lighting ideas 20-min

Here, a huge chandelier (or hanging light) works as the main lighting source which takes over all the view of the room. Then, a track lighting right above the wall art will move your attention immediately.

In addition, a group of candles and fireplace brightens up the flooring area in a distinctively beautiful way.

Built-in Lighting

living room lighting ideas 21-min

The gorgeous accent lights which are built inside the floating shelves in this living room lighting ideas give a very beautiful dazzling look. They sparkle up the décor of the room and help the main source of the light.

Lots of Accent Lights

living room lighting ideas 22-min

One lantern and four sconces give a very gorgeous touch which matches well with the classic vibe of this living room. Since the room is has lotc of huge stuff, it’s so reasonable to install lots of accents light which help a lot not to make the room feel uninviting.

Multiple Corner Light

living room lighting ideas 23-min

The design of this corner floor lamp provides a nice amount of lighting in some directions in the sitting area. It’s such a nice living room lighting ideas which is a great choice for this library-like decoration.

Furthermore, some sconces are also installed on the bookcases to highlight that it’s indeed the focal point of the room.

Ceiling Window

living room lighting ideas 24-min

Another living room lighting ideas which uses the glass window on its ceiling to let the natural light come through from the above direction. In the sunny days, this window adequately spread the light to the whole room as an alternative to a chandelier or ceiling light.

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Double Side Lights

living room lighting ideas 25-min

Brightens up the main sitting area of your living room by placing some table lights just like this idea shows. Two lights on the sides table close to the main sofa lighten and warm up the area perfectly in a very simple way.

Reflect the Light

living room lighting ideas 26-min

Mirrors can be the stunning elements which optimally reflect the light of your living room. If you have an extra budget, installing some huge mirror panels on one side of the room is a very great idea that you can try.

Starry Room

living room lighting ideas 27-min

A stunning contemporary chandelier becomes the centerpiece of the room which works to provide the ambient light in this living room. Then, numerous glass windows allow the natural light to brighten up the room, give a joyful view and pop up other colors at the same time.

Accent Mirror

living room lighting ideas 28-min

Another inspiring living room lighting ideas with the use of mirror and this one has a more decorative kind of mirror to enhance the room’s brightness. The mirror is installed among the windows which create a bigger impression to the whole room.

Fabric Lantern

living room lighting ideas 29-min

A simply admirable chandelier with the paper lantern ras its additional light source which gives a very stylish touch to this living room. The light that the lamp spars out is the soft one which gives a warm feel and soothing look for an all-white decoration.

In addition, a floor lamp behind the main sofa supports the chandelier in lighting up the sitting area in this living room lighting ideas.

Warm Recessed Light

living room lighting ideas 30-min

Installing the dimming light right above the fireplace can create a very warming atmosphere just like this living room shows. It really flows well with the wood flooring, indoor plants, and cozy furniture.

Mirror Gallery

living room lighting ideas 31-min

Instead of installing a huge mirror, you can decorate one side of the wall in your living room with lots of decorative mirrors. Here, the catchy gold mirrors decorate a navy wall which adds a festively bright nuance uniquely.

Ceiling Fan with Light

living room lighting ideas 32-min

The ceiling fans with light is a 2-in1 fixture that you can consider to purchase. They cool down the temperature of your living room and adds some lights which support the main lighting source.

There are lots of tempting ceiling fan with light products available on the market so you can always find the one that suits your living room décor.

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So those are some inspiring living room lighting ideas that you can use as the reference when are about to brighten up your very own living room with the right furniture and decor items choice. They smartly choose the lighting elements of the room to create a dazzling and comforting decoration that makes them so inspiring to copy.

Pick the best lighting idea that really suits your taste, needs, and the existing layout of your living room, then decorate it properly. Keep in mind to always create a gorgeously harmonious decoration that everyone would love to enjoy.

As one of the essential parts of a living room, you have to provide the lighting as proper as possible. It should relate both to the aesthetical and atmospherical sides.

Well, happy redecorating your beloved living room now!

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