25+ Awesomely Mesmerizing Living Room Theater Ideas to Steal

A theater-like living room? Oh yes, please!

It totally sounds like a great idea when you hear the living room theater because you can enjoy it as exhilarating as possible. You will have an absolutely amazing living room that will surely amaze everyone.

Since the living room is a spot in a house where all the coming guests and family members gather around and do lots of activities, turning it into a small theater is a great decorating way to try. It will bring the comfort and style of your living room to a whole new level.

Therefore, if you want to remodel the decoration of your living room, choosing the theater style is a very considerable thought to try. It’s a very mesmerizing decorating theme that never fails to make it look and feel inviting.

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For your reference, we have picked the best living room theater ideas that you can use for the ultimate inspiration to enhance the awesomeness of your very own living room. They perfectly blend all the elements of the room which make them so worth to add to your inspiration list.

Mesmerizing Living Room Theater Ideas

Low-Ceiling Living Room Theater

living room theater 1-min

Perhaps the high-ceiling of a real theater can be quite intimidating which may or may not be applicable to a living room. So here, the ceiling is built quite low to create a more intimate vibe.

Moreover, the deep L-shaped sectional and chairs provide a comfortably close sitting area for everyone.

All-White Living Room Thater

living room theater 2-min

A dazzlingly beautiful living room with an all-white decoration with a very inviting atmosphere. For the sitting area, a single long sofa is chosen with the minimalist ottomans to enhance the room’s comfort.

The only color which colorizes the room is black which makes it look so modern in a very awesome way.

Classy Living Room Theater

living room theater 3-min

Love something classic? This idea can be one of the best references to copy with its glamorously vintage decorating style.

The combination of the brown leather sofas with the classic pillar an ceiling create a very captivating look. Even more, the screen is also completed with the red drape which surely brings a superb theater nuance.

Lounge Living Room Theater

Providing various kinds of sitting in a living room theater is totally a great idea t make it so enjoyable. Here, the sofa is completed with ottomans which can turn it into a cozy lounger,

Small Living Room Theater

Who says that you can’t have a theater decoration when you have a narrow living room? Well, this idea shows how to bring the theater enjoyment to a living room with limited space perfectly.

In fact, the living room is completely decorated with the sectionals, coffee table, and cabinet to provide maximum comfort. Moreover, the decorative drape is added which makes the room look way more attractive.

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Neutral Living Room Theater

The gorgeous living room which is dominated by grey. It’s a great inspiration for you who love a neutral overall look which is beautifully soothing to the eye.

Warm Living Room Theater

At the first glance, you can really feel the warming atmosphere of this living room due to its color combination. The rustic brown colorizes the wall and ceiling while the purple sofa and espresso console become the focal point of the room.

In addition, the wall sconces with the yellow light then make the room feel much warmer.

Modern Rustic Living Room

living room theater 8-min

Rustic decoration always pops up such a refreshing and comforting nuance in a more distinctive way. In this idea, the velvety U-shaped sectional and fury rug add a more inviting atmosphere to the room gorgeously.

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Complete Living Room Theater

living room theater 9-min

This kind of living room will give a superb exhilarating feel with its complete feature. The bar is built next to the theater section of the room which doesn’t only add an extra sitting area but also more enjoyment that all the coming guests will love to be around.

Bold Living Room Theater

living room theater 10-min


Another beautiful living room which is dominated by the shades of black which works for you who love the masculine decoration. Then, the wood flooring gives a refreshing touch to the overall look.

Elegant Earthy Living Room Theater

living room theater 11-min

The combination of light gray and deep wood look of this living room creates a minimalist and natural look that sparks ut a very joyful vibe. Two lounge seats and one sofa are enough to provide the comforting sitting area.

Ancient Living Room Theater

living room theater 12-min

This ancient-inspired decoration is one of the perfect options for you who want a more distinctive living room. It uses rocks as the main element in decorating the room which creates a stunning layout.

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Woody Living Room Theater


Dominated by weathered wood, this living room looks so mesmerizing with its rustic look. Then, the beige sofa and lounger give a very nice harmonious nuance which makes the room become so perfect.

Brownish Living Room Theater

living room theater 14-min

The beautiful living room with the white and brown domination that is so worth to add to your inspiration list. It’s a gorgeous color mixture that you can try for sure.

Simple Spacious Living Room Theater

living room theater 15-min

If you want an airier living room, decreasing the amount of the furniture can be an easy alternative to do. Here, the L-shaped sectional is the only joyful piece of furniture which is enough to be the sitting area around the room.

Chic Cozy Living Room Theater

living room theater 16-min

The comfortable living room with the fluffy modern furniture which makes it look and feel so inviting. Moreover, the room is designed narrowly so it offers a more intimate movie time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Classic Monochrome Living Room

This one is a gorgeous living room theater with the black and white decoration in a more classic style. The marble console, vintage leather chairs, and an accented ceiling decorate the room which creates an elegant nuance.

Scandinavian Living Room Theater

living room theater 18-min

The superbly unique living room which is inspired by the Scandinavian decorating style. Lots of decorative linen, natural main elements (rock, wood, leather), classic theater style, and rustic sofa perfectly create a very attractive room in a very distinctive way.

Pillowy Living Room Theater

living room theater 19-min

Another inspiring living room which uses the minimum use of furniture to create a more spacious space, and here, lots of pillows are provided. The pillows work as the additional sitting area to the two velvety sofas.

Small Minimalist Living Room

living room theater 20-min

The simple living room theater with the small construction which looks so inspiring to copy. Though it’s built narrowly, the features inside the room are so enough to provide the great comfort for everyone which include the fury rug, velvet sofa, and the fireplace.

Dazzling Living Room Theater

living room theater 21-min

In this living room, two-piece theater sofa in white faux leather design is made as the focal point in a dark black overall decoration. It makes the sofa look so outstanding and brighten up the room gorgeously.

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Stylish Modern Living Room Theater

living room theater 22-min

The chic living room which is dominated by the neutral shade and brighten up by the glass ceiling beautifully. To colorize the room, big photograph with the pop art style and cute colorful throw pillows decorate one side of the room.

Old-Fashioned Living Room Theater

living room theater 23-min

The inspiration of this living room is taken from the beauty of classic decorating style. The decorative ceiling, rustic tv console, vintage sofa, and pillars are the main elements which decorate the room stunningly.

Stylish Small Living Room Theater

living room theater 24-min

Just need a living room with theater feature for two? Well, you definitely have to add this idea to your inspiration list. Here, two loungers are used to provide the cozy sitting spot for a couple stylishly.

The white wood panel flooring adds a chic natural touch to the modern decoration of the room which is so tempting to copy.

Warm Wood Living Room Theater

living room theater 25-min

Dominating your living room with wood is never a bad idea to create a cozy and gorgeous decoration. In this idea, the flooring, wall, and ceiling are made of wood which makes the room feel warm naturally.

Backless Living Room Theater

living room theater 26-min

Yes, you can’t find the sitting spot with back in this living room since it chooses the chic ottomans instead of the common couches or sofas. It makes the room look attractive and airy at the same time without decreasing its comforting atmosphere at all.

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