25+ Fantastic Victorian Living Room Ideas Designed by Incredible Artists

Victorian living room totally sounds amazing to enhance the gorgeousness of your home sweet home. It will surely bring the style of your place to a whole new level.

The glamorous colors, luxurious furniture, beautiful ornament, stunning patterns, and catchy textures are some basic characteristics that Victorian decor has. Such combination is – without a doubt- will create a very mesmerizing decor that every single guest will be stunned about.

So Victorian is surely one of the best styles that you can choose to make your home look as wonderful as possible. In fact, it was meant to show-off the high social status when it was first created back in the Victorian era.

There is no better place except the living room when you want to bring the Victorian look to your home. It’s the spot where everyone gathers around and do lots of activities, so you can showcase your amazing Victorian decor.

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Here, we have picked the best Victorian living room ideas that you can use as our ultimate reference to glamorize your beloved living room. They are designed by the experts and home designers that make them so worth to add to your inspiration list.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of Victorian living room ideas!

Best Victorian Living Room

Elegant in Black

victorian living room 1-min


Dominated by black, this Victorian living room designed by TMS Architects look elegantly captivating. The wallpaper with the black background and gold classic pattern harmonizes all the elements of the room which are mostly finished in shades of brown, black and gold.

To emphasize the Victorian vibes, some classic paintings and even sculpture decorate the room gorgeously.

Contemporary and Classic

victorian living room 2-min


This Victorian living room from Alison Gibb via Amara shows that a single catchy furniture can give a dramatic touch to a neutral decor. Then, the accent on the ceiling, classic sconce, and some vintage decor items tell us that the room is indeed decorated in Victorian style.

Warmly Bright

victorian living room 3-min


Beige is a perfect color option when you want to create a bright and warm living room and this idea designed by Marina Klima from Klima Design Group, uses the shade perfectly. All the walls are colorized by the soft beige which complements the furniture in shades of brown very well.

The decorative drapes then give a more texture and glamorous touch at the same time.

Decoratively Blushing

victorian living room 4-min


A beautiful Victorian living room spotted in Massachusets Mansion with a pinkish look that fits for you who are looking for a more feminine decor. Those velvety deep pink chair and sofa bring the vibrant contrasting touch to the room which complements the beige wallpaper with pink roses pattern.

Moreover, the white decorative ceiling and wood flooring work really well to brighten and freshen the room’s atmosphere.

Dazzling White

victorian living room 5-min


An all-white decoration is always an everyone’s favorite since it gives a beautiful look and comforting nuance. Here, white colorizes the walls, ceiling and even the windows which create a very beautiful harmonious look.

Then, the sofa set in white with brown accent matches fabulously with the walls and flooring. Again, the wall arts with gold fame enhance the glam of the room.

Vibrantly Unique

victorian living room 6-min


Super bright yellow distinctively colorizes the walls of the Victorian living room owned by Tamara Salman via The Guardian. Even more, the vibrant pink lounger and red area rug enhance the attractiveness of the room.

You can see how the ceiling’s accent, work arts, and fireplace bring the style of the room to a whole new level.

Simply Modern

victorian living room 7-min


This one can be a good inspiration for you who want a Victorian living room with a more modern vibe. Basically, those vintage wall arts are the main factor which adds a classic touch to the room with a modern furniture and color combination.

Furthermore, the whitewashed wood flooring brightens up the decor while also gives a more traditional nuance in a very stylish way.

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Pastel Yellow Decor

victorian living room 18-min


Another Victorian living room with beautifully distinctive color combination to add to your reference list and this one comes with pastel yellow and white. Of course, the decor looks really bright and feels so exhilarating to enjoy.

To balance the look, an earthy wood flooring is chosen smartly. Then, the classic furniture, antique drapes, and crystal chandelier complete the room which creates a simple yet admirable Victorian decor.

Neutral Vibe

victorian living room 8-min


Coloring a Victorian living room with neutral shades can be a good idea to create a gorgeous decor which looks so soothing to the eye. Here, the sofa set with a glamorous ornament in grey becomes the main focal point inside a room with white and earthy overall look.

Some teal throw pillows simply give another touch which beautifies the room’s decor while still keep the calmness of the room.

Classy Rustic

victorian living room 9-min


Petter Zimmerman Architects designed this awesome Victorian living room with a strong rustic character. Bare concrete wall, exposed wood beams, weathered chairs, classic fireplace, and antique chandelier are the factors which bring the superb rustic nuance to this living room.

Furthermore, the bold magenta area rug adds another style to the decoration of the room uniquely.

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Boho Chic

victorian living room 10-min


A catchy living room which combines the Victorian and Boho style in one decoration. An ethnic decorative chair and yellow tufted ottoman add a unique touch which also attractively complement the antique crystal chandelier and floor lamp.

The room is designed by Vintage Chandelier and Interior Design which can be a good inspiration for you who want an attractive monochrome decor.

Decoratively Off-White

victorian living room 11-min


Instead of the pure white, an off-white can be a nice alternative to create a room with a much warmer vibe. In this Victorian living room, such color takes over the decor which makes it look brightly elegant.

Then, the gray wallpaper adds a decorative touch which matches the overall look of the room. Some indoor plants also complete the decor which complements the rug beautifully.

Brightly Chic

victorian living room 12-min


The combination of an all-white look and wood touch always creates a gorgeous decor. It’s of course so applicable to a Victorian living room just like this idea from Brooklyn Townhouse shows. Beside those matching furniture, a bright blue sofa with lots of festive throw pillows give a more contrasting touch.

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Stylish in Navy

victorian living room 13-min


Navy is absolutely one of the most stylish colors that you can always choose to decorate a living room. Here, the color dominates the room which is applied both to the walls and pieces of furniture.

Then, a red decorative rug and drapes ads a catchy festive touch which makes the room look way more attractive.

Modern Monochrome

victorian living room 14-min


You don’t really need to fill your living room with tons of classic elements, but one piece of furniture is just enough. This stylish living room designed by the Kitre Republic simply uses a loveseat in antique design among those modern and contemporary elements.

It’s such a great inspiration to blend classic and modern style in one living room’s decoration.

Softly Colorful

victorian living room 15-min


Since delicate ornament is one of the basic characteristics of a Victorian decor, you can always put lots of them inside. In this idea, the cabinet is decorated with yellow accent, the furniture is full of texture and wallpaper behind the TV console beautify the room beautifully.

The room’s white overall look and plenty of light sources let all the elements go well side by side.

Gold Beauty

victorian living room 16-min


Of course, gold is a top answer when it comes to glamorizing a deco which fits perfectly fir the Victorian decor. This living room shows a gorgeous mixture of gold elements in a pure all-white decoration which is so inspiring to copy.

The tall gold drapes, gold mirror, and chandelier give a very glamorous touch while the olive sofa simply gives another chic color.

Pewter Blue

victorian living room 17-min


A stylish Victorian living room designed by McGrath II with the pewter blue dominant color which looks brightly fabulous. To keep the room soothing brightness, the furniture in light brown and white match the wall very well.

Them the black wood table and navy fireplace lid add a bolder touch which balances the color of the decor.

Victorian Living Room-min

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Well, those are some inspiring Victorian living room ideas that we have picked for your inspiration. You can use them as the reference when you are about to make your home look more glamorous than ever.

Choose the best Victorian living room idea that really suits your needs and taste, and brings the decor to your beloved living room. Well, happy creating your own Victorian living room now!

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