Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Creepy Eyeballs Tutorial

October is coming, and it’s surely a great time to start thinking about what kind of Halloween decor that you are going to put in your house. You must have begun to browse some unique and – obviously – spooky stuff to decorate your property.

The front yard is indeed the spot that we can’t leave behind when it comes to the Halloween decor. This is the like the first place to show off the spooky and creepy stuff that we have set for the Halloween day.

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The more spooky the decor you have during the Halloween week, the more attractive the entire house will look like. Therefore, you’ll need to be well-prepared in decorating your house this last October.

It doesn’t always mean that you have to spend lots of bucks to create an interesting Halloween decor, there are so many fun DIY Halloween decor tutorials that you can find that provide some easy and cheap project to try.

Here, we share you one of the easiest and cheapest DIY Halloween decors to decorate your front yard. This is the DIY Creepy Eyeballs that are originally created by southnorthsouth.net. The project is definitely simple and you can make it in no time!

You’ll need a little bit of creativity to draw the eyes as spooky as possible by the using the markers. make sure that the eyes will terrify all the coming guests!

Keep scrolling for the complete tutorial then!

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DIY Creepy Eyeballs Tutorial

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Things that you’ll need to prepare:A�

  1. Battery-operated push round closet lights

  2. Permanent marker assorted colors or just red, yellow, or black markers
  3. Used cloth or tissue

Steps that you’ll need to do:

  1. Clean up the push round closet light, just wipe with a tissue just to remove some dust or stains.

  2. Then draw the eyes by using the markers. You can use the red for the vein then yellow, blue or black and red or orange for the cornea part.
  3. Make sure that you don’t make any mistakes in drawing the eyes to avoid the stains from the markers.
  4. Voila! You have your own DIY creepy eyeballs set!

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You can place this decor among the bushes in your front or backyard to freak the people out or it will be great to hang above the window or door to create make the eyes look like watching us.

This is surely a piece of cake DIY project that you can try at home without costing you lots of money and time. The kids would also love to volunteer in the project and you can let them draw their own creepy balls’ imagination.

Of course, this DIY creepy eyeballs will be a nice complement to put next to the floating ghost or above the ghost candy bowl that will surely enhance its spooky appearance!

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Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Creepy Eyeballs Tutorial

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Have fun to do your DIY creepy eyeballs project and happy Halloween day!

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