How to Unlock a Bedroom Door from the Outside | 4 Quick Ways

We are sure that every homeowner has had this experience where their children or themselves are locked inside a room without a key. Well, it’s a normal thing to happen once – or maybe a few times – in our lives. We know that the morning rush can be very hectic and make us leave something inside.

When you need to enter the bedroom but have no key available, those action movies that use a few tricks might inspire you to get your bedroom unlocked with items that you can find easily. On this page, we have prepared some options that you can try to open your bedroom easily before calling a locksmith.

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We’re here to give you simple tricks on how to pick a bedroom door from the outside by using household items.



How to Unlock a Bedroom Door from The Outside 1

This is probably one of the well-known tools that many people use to open a locked door. Before using it, please make sure that you use non-confidential cards like identification, credit, and debit card. A grocery membership, loyalty, library, and stiff business card can be a good choice to use.

  • Start this step from above the door handle by sliding the card into the gap between the frame and the door.
  • Tilt it towards the knob and bend it to slide.
  • Lean on the door while wiggling the card back and forth until the door unlocks.

You can also refer to these steps if you will use a knife but please be careful when using this tool. We would recommend using a butter knife, spreader, or something that doesn’t have a sharp blade.

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How to Unlock a Bedroom Door from The Outside 2

This trick is also one of the widely use tricks that you may have seen numerous times in movies. To be able to use this tip, you can use hairpins, heavy-duty paperclips, or other stiff bits of wire.

  • Bend the clip or pin apart to make a long and straight piece of metal.
  • If the lock is a push-button type, insert it directly into the hole until you feel some resistance, then push.
  • For a twisting type, you have to insert the pin into the keyhole and twist the knob while wiggling the pin at the same time until it catches on something, then apply pressure. To open a twist-lock, you should sweep the item both clockwise and counter-clockwise until the lock releases.
  • You should hear a click that indicates the door is unlocked.

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How to Unlock a Bedroom Door from The Outside 3

The last trick is your last hope if the tricks above get you nothing. You may want to consider the time that you need to do this step.

  • For most privacy doors, the knob is held by two screws that are visible outside.
  • By using a screwdriver, undo these screws.
  • Once the screws are loosened, place the screwdriver into the lock of the door handle and twist it gently to release the lock.
  • Apply some pressure to the knob by pulling on the loosened screws.
  • In some cases, the screws are hidden behind a decorative collar. If this is the case, remove them first by inserting a clip into the small hole of the collar or gently pry the collar with a flathead screwdriver.

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How to Unlock a Bedroom Door from The Outside 4

This method works on doors with “privacy handles,” locked by pushing a button in the door handle. What you have to do is:

  • Look for a tiny hole in the doorknob.
  • Push an eyeglasses screwdriver, a paper clip hammered flat, or a very small butter knife into this hole.
  • Push it straight through as far as you can.
  • Turn or twist it until it catches a groove and the lock clicks open.

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Please note that this guide is only applicable to daily life where you are not in a rush and can still think ‘clear’ with calm. We hope that this guide can be helpful and useful information for you so that you can save slightly more than calling a locksmith.

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